A Guide to the Aram Saroyan Papers, undated, 1950-1977

Saroyan (Aram) Papers

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A Guide to the Aram Saroyan Papers
Saroyan, Aram
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undated, 1950-1977
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Aram Saroyan was born in 1943, the son of famous American writer and playwright William Saroyan. In addition to several volumes of poetry, Saroyan has published several autobiographical novels, including The Street, in addition to a critical study of beat poet Lew Welch and a biography of his father.
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[Item description, #:#], Aram Saroyan Papers.  Archives & Special Collections at the Thomas J. Dodd Research Center,  University of Connecticut Libraries.

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Collection purchased from Aram Saroyan in 1978.

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The collection is open and available for research.

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[Item description, #:#], Aram Saroyan Papers.  Archives & Special Collections at the Thomas J. Dodd Research Center,  University of Connecticut Libraries.

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  • Poems
  • Audiocassettes
  • Personal papers
  • Manuscripts (document genre)
  • Correspondence

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  • California (state)
  • Bolinas (Calif.)

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  • Saroyan, Aram


  • Twentieth century.
  • Oral interpretation of poetry
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  • American poetry
  • American literature
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  • Poetry -- Editing
  • Novelists

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Aram Saroyan was born 25 September 1943, the son of playwright  William Saroyan and  Carol (Marcus) Saroyan, later  Carol Matthau. He attended high school at the  Trinity School in New York City. He attended college at the  University of Chicago,  New York University, and  Columbia University, but never completed a college degree. In the late 1960s Saroyan experimented with marijuana and began to develop a career as a poet. Director  Mike Nichols wanted to cast Saroyan in the lead of his movie  The Graduate, but Saroyan walked away from the part in order to focus on his writing. His life experiences at this time are described in his novel,  The Street.

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Scope and Content

This collection begins Saroyan's incoming correspondence for the years 1975-1977. Note that much of this correspondence consists of returned manuscript submissions, and thus numerous fair copies of Saroyan's own poems and reviews can be found within the correspondence. Notable correspondents include: Donald Allen,  Richard Avedon,  Ed Dorn,  Gerald Hausman,  Dick Higgins,  David Kherdian,  Kenneth Koch,  Timothy Leary,  Gerard Malanga, Carol and  Walter Matthau,  Rod McKuen,  Joel Oppenheimer,  George Plimpton,  Charles Plymell,  William Saroyan,  Gary Snyder,  Anne Waldman, and  Philip Whalen. Note that a small portion of the personal correspondence is addressed to Saroyan's wife and children rather than to Saroyan himself.

At the end of the correspondence is a set of audio recordings made by Saroyan. One tape consists of a Lew Welch interview (probably copied from someone else) and Saroyan's own tapings of talks with  Joanne Kyger,  Magda Cregg,  Gary Snyder and  Philip Whalen.

The second box of the collection includes photocopies of Saroyan's periodical publications from 1975-1977, both prose and poetry. Most of this box is taken up by Saroyan's manuscripts and drafts from this period. Manuscript holdings include a good deal of poetry, and complete drafts of the volume O My Generation and Other Poems. The collection also contains all of Saroyan's materials for his book on  Lew Welch, including large excerpts from a typescript of Welch's correspondence. Some of Saroyan's miscellaneous personal papers can be found at the end of the collection.

Original copies of newspapers and periodicals in which Saroyan's work appears were included with the donation, but only copies of Saroyan's articles were preserved. In addition, original copies of a Rolling Stone issue featuring  Richard Avedon (RS224, October 21, 1976) and a  California Living newspaper supplement (  San Francisco Examiner, June 12, 1977) that only briefly mentions Saroyan were removed from the collection.

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Collection Inventory

Series I: Correspondence, 1975-1977 


A (assorted), 1975-1977 


Allen, Donald, 1975-1977 

Ashbery, John, 1977 

Avedon, Richard, 1975-1977 

B (assorted), 1975-1977 

Balakian, Nona, 1975-1977 

Berkson, Bill, 1975-1977 

Bockris, Victor, 1975-1977 

Brann, Helen, 1975 

Britton, Burt, 1975 

Brownstein, Michael, 1975 

C (assorted), 1975-1977 

D (assorted), 1975-1977 

Davies, Alan, 1975-1976 

Dorn, Ed, 1976 

E (assorted), 1975-1977 

F (assorted), 1975-1977 

G (assorted), 1975-1977 

H (assorted), 1975-1977 

Hausman, Gerald, 1975-1976 

Hearst, William, III, 1975 

Higgins, Dick, 1975-1976 

Hitzig, Karen, 1975 

I, J (assorted), 1975-1977 

K (assorted), 1975-1977 

Kherdian, David, 1975-1977 

Koch, Kenneth, 1975 

Kostelanetz, Richard, 1975 

L (assorted), 1975-1977 

Lapate, Phillip, 1977 

Laughlin, James, 1975-1976 

Leary, Timothy, 1975 

Leonard, John, 1975 

Lyons, Sylvia, 1975 

M (assorted), 1975-1977 

Malanga, Gerard, 1976 

Matthau, Carol, 1975 

Matthau, Carol and Walter, 1976 

Matthau, Carol and Walter, 1977 

McClanahan, Grant and Pauli, 1975-1977 

McKuen, Rod, 1975-1976 

Moss, Howard, 1975-1977 

N (assorted), 1975-1977 

Oppenheimer, Joel, 1977 

Owen, Maureen, 1976-1977 

P (assorted), 1975-1977 

Plimpton, George, 1975-1976 

Plymell, Charles, 1975-1976 

R (assorted), 1975-1977 

Raworth, Tom, 1974-1976 

S (assorted), 1975-1977 

Saroyan, William, 1976-1977 

Saroyan Family, 1974-1975 

Saroyan Family, 1976-1977 

Schjeldahl, Peter, 1975-1976 

Sklena, Vincent, and  Middleton, F., 1975-1976 

Snyder, Gary, 1976-1977 

T (assorted), 1975-1977 

V (assorted), 1975-1977 

W (assorted), 1975-1977 

Waldman, Anne, 1975-1976 

Whalen, Philip, 1975-1976 

Wylie, Andrew, 1975-1977 

Y (assorted), 1975-1977 

Z (assorted), 1975-1976 

Unknown, 1975-1977 

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Series II: Audio cassettes, 1969-1977 


Use of audio cassettes requires production of listening copies.


Lew Welch interviewed by  David Meltzer, 1969 


Lew Welch interview, part two, 1969 

Philip Whalen and  Magda Cregg, 1976 

Audio   1978-0004_cd1 (rc)
Audio   1978-0004/ac1
Digital Object

Philip Whalen and Magda Cregg,: 1976


Philip Whalen and  Magda Cregg (2nd tape), 1976 


Gary Snyder at  Jack Hogan's House, 1977 

Talk with Gary Snyder and  Jack Hogan cont'd., 1977 

Interview with Joanne Kryger about  Lew Welch, 1977 

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Series III: Publications, undated, 1950-1977 


Photocopy of Saroyan's Personal Bibliography for 1975-1977, ca. 1977 


Copies of Saroyan's Periodical Print Publications, 1975-1977   (13 items),

Copies of Saroyan's Periodical Poetry Publications, 1975-1977   (5 items),

Fair Copy/ Typescript of O My Generation and Other Poems, undated 

Fair Copy Poems: “Poetry Written Down in th Dark,” “Timing,” “Troubador,” “Day,” “Poet” undated 

Fair Copy Poems - Various titles, 1975-1977 

MS poem - “For Armenak Saroyan, My Grandfather”, undated 

MS poem - “The Transparent Man”, 1977 

MS poem with typescript - “Poem” (“What makes my little son”), 1977 

MS poem with typescript - “Spring”, 1977 

MS poem with typescript - “The House”, 1977 

MS poem with typescript - “Up in the Loft”, 1977 

MS poem - “For Gailyn”, undated 

MS poem - “The Gift”, 1976 

MS poem - “When the Heart Melts”, 1976 

MS poem - “Sonnet” (“I remember the evenings...”), 1977 

MS poem - “Sonnet” (“I sing the subtle beauty...”), 1976 

MS poem - “The Facts”, 1976 

MS poem - “Domestic Scene”, undated 

MS poem - “Winter Midnight”, 1977 

MS typescript - The Wisdom of the Heart, 1977 

MS typescript - How to be an American Poet, 1977 

MS typescript - Ciciero on Main Street, undated 

MS typescript - Hello and High, undated 

MS reviews - Golden Gate and  Archetype West, undated 

MS reviews - Above the Treeline and Death College, undated 

MS review - Portraits, undated 

Photocopy of MS - A Letter to My Father and Our Unborn Child, ca.1977 

Photocopy of MS fair copy -- A Letter to My Father and Our Unborn Child, ca.1977 

MS typescript - How to Start a Family..., undated 

MS draft - How to Start a Family and Not Go Permanently Crazy, undated 

MS typescript - An Interview with Walter Matthau, undated 

MS typescript - Lew Welch, undated 

MS typescript - Lew Welch, undated 

Typed Copy of Lew Welch and the American Heart, with marginal notes by  Donald Allen, undated 

Lew Welch materials - outline and notes, undated 

Partial MS and typed drafts of Lew Welch, undated 

Notes and typed draft of Lew Welch and the American Heart, undated 

MS typescript -- Lew Welch and the American Heart, undated 

Handwritten MS for Lew Welch book, undated 

Publications pertaining to Lew Welch, 1956-1976 

Photocopy of The Writing of Gertrude Stein (thesis by  Lew Welch), 1950 

Photocopy of Poems and Remarks by  Lew Welch 1950 

Photocopy of I, Leo, by  Lew Welch undated 

Copies of Lew Welch's letters (typescript fair copies), 1950-1957 

Copies of Lew Welch's letters, vol. II (typescript fair copies), 1958-1961 

Copies of Lew Welch's letters, vol. III (typescript fair copies), 1962-1971 

Saroyan's contract with the William Morris Agency, 1975 

Trinity School (N.Y.) Publications, 1975-1977 

Folded posters - “His Holiness Dudjom Rinpoche”, undated 

Flyers for Poetry Readings involving Saroyan, ca. 1975-77 

Gift from William Anthony - “French Poets” cartoon, undated 

Various promotional materials, catalogs ca. 1977   (3 items),


Posters, undated 


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