Charles Olson Research Collection

The Charles Olson Research Collection features a wide range of materials covering such diverse topics as the Life and Works of Herman Melville, Black Mountain College, the Beat Generation, the Office of Wartime Information, and the Literary and Cultural Revolution of the 1960's. Correspondents of note include T.S. Eliot, Allen Ginsberg, LeRoi Jones, and Ezra Pound. The collection includes Olson's prose and poetry, correspondence with more than 1500 individuals, documents and ephemera from Olson's personal life, family papers, photographs, newspapers, atlases, books, journals and records from Black Mountain College. The bulk of the collection dates from Olson's lifetime, 1910-1970. However, as the Archives and Special Collections continued collecting donations from friends, acquaintances and family members after Olson's death, some items in the collection date from after Olson's death.
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