A Guide to the Hoffman Family Papers

A Guide to the Hoffman Family Papers

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A Guide to the Hoffman Family Papers
Hoffman Family.
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The principal members of the Hoffman family present in the collection are John and Florence Hoffman; Abbie, Jack, and Phyllis, their children; Rose Shanberg, Florence's sister; and Anita Hoffman, Abbie's second wife. Other family members that appear in the collection include Joan Hoffman, Jack's wife; Sheila, Andrew, and Ilya "Amy" Hoffman, Abbie's first wife and children; america, Abbie and Anita's son; and Johanna Lawrenson, Abbie's common-law wife.
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Finding aid prepared by Ryan K. Thompson and Geoff Traugh. (July 2002)
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[Item, Folder #], Hoffman Family Papers. Archives and Special Collections, Thomas J. Dodd Research Center at the University of Connecticut Libraries.

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Acquisition Information

The collection in its entirety was donated by Jack Hoffman.

Access Restrictions

The collection is open and available for research.

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[Item, Folder #], Hoffman Family Papers. Archives and Special Collections, Thomas J. Dodd Research Center at the University of Connecticut Libraries.

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  • Correspondence

Personal Name(s)

  • Hoffman, Abbot Howard.


  • Chicago Seven Trial (Illinois : 1969-1970)
  • Political activists

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Abbot Howard Hoffman ("Abbie") was born November 30, 1936 in  Worcester, Massachusetts. He studied psychology with  Abraham Maslow at  Brandeis University, where he graduated in 1959 with a B.A. He then completed a year of graduate work at the  University of California at Berkeley. His growing participation in the various counter-culture movements led to his arrest and subsequent trial as a member of the Chicago 7 following the 1968 riots at the Democratic National Convention. He co-founded the Yippie movement and was a vocal activist for civil rights, ending the Vietnam War, and other social movements. Following his arrest for selling cocaine in 1973, he jumped bail and spent the next seven years as a fugitive, sometimes traveling abroad while continuing to write and protest before reemerging in 1980. After serving a brief jail term, Abbie continued to write both articles and books, work with community groups in organizing local protests, and visit campuses to speak with students about taking civil and political action until his death in April of 1989.

Abbie Hoffman authored numerous articles and books. His works include: Revolution for the Hell of It, 1968,  Woodstock Nation, 1969,  Steal This Book, 1971,  Vote (co-authored with  Jerry Rubin and  Ed Sanders), 1972,  To America with Love (co-written with  Anita Hoffman), 1976,  Soon to be a Major Motion Picture, 1980,  Square Dancing in the Ice Age, 1982,  Steal this Urine Test (co-authored with  Jonathon Silvers), 1987,  Preserving Disorder: The Faking of the President (co-written with  Jonathon Silvers), 1988, and  The Best of Abbie Hoffman (co-edited with  Daniel Simon), 1989.

Jack Hoffman was born September 13, 1939 in  Worcester, Massachusetts. Following two years of service with the U.S. Army Medical Corps, Jack took over the family business,  Worcester Medical Supply Co., from his father. Jack participated in various demonstrations and campaigned actively for the election of  Eugene McCarthy in 1968 and  Shirley Chisholm in 1972.

Anita Hoffman, who became Abbie's second wife on June 8, 1967, accompanied Abbie during many of his protests and demonstrations but was left behind to care for their son, america, when Abbie jumped bail in 1974. In 1976 she published a series of letters they exchanged to keep in touch entitled "To America with Love."

Rose Shanberg, Abbie and Jack's maternal aunt, left a diary describing her struggles as a young college student and the effect of her brother Abraham's untimely death.

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Scope and Content

The correspondence consists mainly of letters either from or to Abbie, Jack, or Florence, their mother. Also included are numerous sympathy cards to the Hoffman family following Abbie's death. While the family papers contain items of the family's private side, it also includes evidence of their participation in political campaigns and research for books and articles. The collection of written work focuses on Abbie's work and his life. The bulk of the collection consists of copies of government records, newspaper stories, and magazine articles. Both the New York City Police Department and the  Federal Bureau of Investigation maintained extensive records of  Abbie Hoffman's activities. In addition to numerous news articles about Abbie, there is substantial coverage of the 1988 presidential elections. Artifacts include awards, political pins and posters, and clothing Abbie often wore for speeches, demonstrations, or on his book covers. Audio/visual material include two cassettes with friends and supporters reading Abbie Hoffman's work, a reel of Abbie Hoffman's interview with  Connie Chung, and various 16mm films of Hoffman family vacations and events. Most of the photographs are family photographs taken from scrapbooks.

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Related Materials

Separated Material

The following newspapers and magazines were originally part of the collection. Where possible, pertinent articles were photocopied and placed within the collection before the originals were removed. Most of the issues are stored in their entirety either on microform at the Homer Babbidge Library (HBL) or within the Alternative Press Collection kept in the Thomas J. Dodd Research Center. Copies of the Atlanta Journal-Constitution,  Campaigns & Elections,  Chicago History,  High Times,  National Lampoon,  New York Post,  New York Press,  Parade,  People,  Philadelphia Intelligencer/Record,  Saturday Night,  USA Today are available through interlibrary loan on microform.

For information on specific issues of these titles originally held in the collection, please contact the curator.

Abbie Hoffman at Vanderbilt 1999-0106.vr2

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Becker, Theodore and Anthony Dodson. Live this Book: Abbie Hoffman's Philosophy for a Free and Green America.  Chicago, IL: Noble Press, 1991.Hoffman, Jack and Daniel Simon. Run, Run, Run: The Lives of Abbie Hoffman.  New York, NY: G. P. Putnam's Sons, 1994. Jezer, Marty. Abbie Hoffman, American Rebel.  New Brunswick, NJ: Rutgers University Press, 1992. Raskin, Jonah and Eric Foner. For the Hell of It: The Life and Times of Abbie Hoffman.  CA: University California Press, 1997.Sloman, Larry. Steal this Dream: Abbie Hoffman and the Counterculture Revolution Against America.  New York, NY: Bantam Books, 1998.

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Collection Inventory

Series I: Correspondence, undated, 1971-1995 


CBS Re-Creation Correspondence, 1989-1990 


FBI --  Jack Hoffman Correspondence, 1990-1991 


"Steal This Urine Test" Correspondence, undated 


Correspondence to Abbie Hoffman, 1982-1989 


Correspondence from Abbie Hoffman, undated 


Correspondence from Abbie Hoffman, 1966-1988 


Correspondence to Florence Hoffman, undated,-1989 


Correspondence to Jack Hoffman, undated-1989 


Correspondence to Jack Hoffman, 1990-1994 


Correspondence from Jack Hoffman, undated-1992 


Other Correspondence, undated 


Other Correspondence, 1971-1995 


Sympathy Cards (1), 1989 


Sympathy Cards (2), 1989 


Sympathy Cards (3), 1989 


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Series II: Family Papers, undated, 1953-1994 


Abbie Hoffman Webpage, undated 


Autopsy of Abbie Hoffman, 1989 


Crayon Cards, undated 


Ephemera. Includes facsimile of American flag donated by Jon Howard, signed by  David Dellinger,  Abbie Hoffman,  Allen Ginsberg, and  William S. Burroughs , undated 


Financial Records, undated 


"Flip the Bird" Calender, 1994 


Legal Documents (1), undated 


Legal Documents (2), undated 


Notebook. Black vinyl 1981 Monthly Minder. 8 pgs., 1985-1986 


Notebook. Blue-green vinyl book with gold leaf. Book of Memories which contains names of friends and relatives who attended Abbie's funeral services, undated 


Newsletters, undated 


1972 Chisholm Campaign, 1972 


Political Pamphlets, undated 


Post Cards, Ad Cards, undated 


Résumés Jack Hoffman, 1989-1991 


School Records of Abbie Hoffman, 1953-1955 


Speaking Schedules for Abbie Hoffman, 1987-1988 


Book Excerpts, undated 


CIA Trial Papers, 1987 


1988 Election Notes, 1988 


"The Gulf War: A Study of the Media..." Lewis, Jhally, Morgan, 1991 


Indices, undated 


Prozac Studies (1), 1988-1990 


Prozac Studies (2), 1988-1990 


Prozac Studies (3), 1988-1990 


Manic-Depressive Research, 1987-1990 


Marriage Law Research, 1990 


Reagan-Bush Hostage Deal Research, 1988-1991 


Riots Research, undated 


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Series III: Written Materials, undated, 1933-1996 


Advertisements, undated 


Book Covers, undated 


Abbie Hoffman 


"Abbie Hoffman? Leaving the Movement?" Article Abbie Hoffman, 1971 


"Abbie Hoffman's Fugitive Life" Article Abbie Hoffman, undated 


"Abbie Hoffman's Plains Speaking" Article Abbie Hoffman, 1977 


"America on $0 a Day" Article Abbie Hoffman, 1971 


"Border Crossings" Article Abbie Hoffman, 1979 


"Did You Hear the One..." Article Abbie Hoffman, 1977 


"The Eyes of Conkrite" Essay Abbie Hoffman, 1973 


"The Great Gourmet Rip-Off" Essay Abbie Hoffman, 1981 


"How Clifford Irving Stole..." Article Abbie Hoffman, 1972 


"How Clifford Irving Stole..." Article Abbie Hoffman, 1984 


"I Confess" Article Abbie Hoffman, 1979 


"I Remember Papa" Drafts Abbie Hoffman, 1976 


"Letter From Abbie Hoffman" Article Abbie Hoffman, 1968 


"Loch Ness Nellie..." Article Abbie Hoffman, 1976 


"Love Letters From the Underground" Article Abbie and Anita Hoffman, 1976 


"My Life on the Lam" Article Abbie Hoffman, 1977 


National Student Convention Speech Abbie Hoffman, undated 


"1978: Part of the World..." Article Abbie Hoffman, 1978 


"Nuclear Waste Upstate" Essay Abbie Hoffman, 1982 


"Origens and Rebuttal" Essay Abbie Hoffman, undated 


"President Jimmy: The Outside Story" Article Abbie Hoffman, 1977 


"Reefer Madness" Essay Abbie Hoffman, 1987 


"Shoot-Out in Tinseltown" Article Abbie Hoffman, 1976 


"Steal This Author" Article Abbie Hoffman, 1974 


"Too Soon the Hero" Article Abbie Hoffman, 1977 


"The Underground Odyssey..." Article Abbie Hoffman, 1982 


Untitled Essays Abbie Hoffman, undated 


"Village of the Bomb" Article Abbie Hoffman, 1977 


Soon to be a Major Motion Picture Draft, undated 


Steal This Urine Test Research, undated 


Steal This Urine Test Notes, undated 


Steal This Urine Test Drafts, undated 


Anita Hoffman 


"Life Without Abbie" Article Anita Hoffman, 1974 


"What Six Nice People..." Article Anita Hoffman, 1977 


Jack Hoffman 


Abbie: One Step Ahead Draft Jack Hoffman, undated 


Abbie: Three Steps Ahead Draft Jack Hoffman, undated 


A Brother's Story Book Proposal Letters, undated 


A Brother's Story Notes (1), undated 


A Brother's Story Notes (2), undated 


A Brother's Story Chapter Outline Proposals, undated 


A Brother's Story Chapter Outline Drafts, undated 


A Brother's Story Sample Chapter Drafts, undated 


A Brother's Story Front Matter, undated 


Dear Abbie Draft Jack Hoffman and  Andrea Fine, 1989 


"Life of Jack Hoffman" Essay Jack Hoffman, undated 


Three Moves Ahead... Draft Jack Hoffman and  Andrea Fine, 1989 


Rose Shanberg 


Diary (1) Rose Shanberg, 1933-1935 


Diary (2) Rose Shanberg, 1933-1935 


Other Authors 


"Abbie! A Celebration" Program Outline, 1989 


Abbie Hoffman: Prophet from Worcester (2) Manuscripts  Michael Boover, 1993 


Abbie Hoffman: American Road Story Manuscripts  Al Giordano, undated 


"Abbie, I'm Glad I Knew Ye" Essay, undated 


American Rebel: A Political Biography... (2) Manuscripts  Marty Jeezer, 1989 


"Author's Kit" Jeremy P. Tarcher, Inc., undated 


"The Baptism of Brandeis" Article Jon Landau, 1969 


Barnyard Epithet...  J. Anthony Lukas, 1970 


Best of Abbie Hoffman (1) Manuscript  Daniel Simon, 1989 


Best of Abbie Hoffman (2) Manuscript  Daniel Simon, 1989 


Best of Abbie Hoffman (3) Manuscript  Daniel Simon, 1989 


Best of Abbie Hoffman (4) Manuscript  Daniel Simon, 1989 


Book Reviews, undated-1992 


CBS Re-Creation Script, 1989 


"Conspiracy: The Trial of the Chicago 8" Outline HBO Showcase, 1987 


"Dear Abbie!! A Celebration..." Program Notes Ram's Horn Productions, 1990 


"In Hiding-An Interview with Abbie Hoffman" Transcript Ron Rosenbaum, 1975 


"Interviews: Abbie Hoffman" Interview John Schultz, 1989 


Jewish Mothers' Hall of Fame Excerpt  Fred Bernstein, 1986 


Jonah Raskin Title Pages (2) Signed by  Abbie Hoffman, undated 


"The Last Yippie" Interview and Article Howard Goodman, 1994 


Live This Book Manuscript Becker and Dodson, 1991 


"Making of a Yippie" Draft Nancy Shapiro, undated 


Motion Will Be Denied Excerpt  John Schultz, 1972 


"The Movie Isn't Over Yet" Article John Schultz, 1989 


New Hope: Life and Times of Abbie Hoffman (2) Drafts  Jonah Raskin, 1996 


"Revolution for the Smell of It" Interview Steve Kraus, undated 


Typed Notes Tony Dodson, undated 


Underground Chapter and Reviews  Jonah Raskin, 1978 


"Urine Testing and the Fourth Amendment" Draft Kevin Zeese, undated 


Yippies' Anti-War Propaganda (1), undated 


Yippies' Anti-War Propaganda (2), undated 


Yippies' Anti-War Propaganda (3), undated 


Yippies' Anti-War Propaganda (4), undated 


Collected Written Works 


Brandeis 1958 Yearbook, 1958 


Catalog of Out-Of-Print Yiddish Books.  Amherst, MA:  National Yiddish Book Center, Spring 1988



Epstein, Jason. "The Trial of  Bobby Seale." Reprint,

The New York Review of Books.,  1969.


Fulton, Kenneth, ed.  Democrats in Convention, 1972.,  Democratic National Convention Committee, 1972.



Hollander, Nicole.  "Mercy, it's the revolution and I'm in my bathrobe."



Jezer, Marty, ed. "Tactics and Strategies for the Peace Movement: Where Do We Go From Here?"  A.J. Muste Memorial Institute Discussion Series ., no. 1.  1985.



Learning Alliance. ,  (September 1994-February 1995).



Life: John F. Kennedy Memorial Edition.  1963.



"The Year in Pictures." Life: Special Report 1973. ,  1974.



"The Magazine." The Creative Writing Class of Danvers Alternative High School. 


Manville, Nancy, ed.  Hair: The American Tribal-Love Rock Musical. Natoma Productions, 1968.



National Lampoon. Vol. 1, no. 7. (October, 1970). Photocopy found in collection. (see box 8, folder 177) 


1989 Danvers Alternative High School Yearbook. (Cover features dedication to Abbie Hoffman). 


Odyssey: Creative Alternatives in Criminal Justice.  (Fall 1990).



Odyssey: Creative Alternatives in Criminal Justice.  (Spring 1992).



Robert P. Walker Enterprises. (lecture agency advertisment booklet features  Jack Hoffman). 


Sane World/Freeze Focus. Winter 1987, vol. 26, no. 4, p. 1-16. Annotated copy found in collection. (see box 8, folder 195) 


Street Guide Greater Worcester.  Boston:  Interstate Publishing Co., 1961..



Tierney, Tom  Ronald Reagan: Paper Dolls in Full Color,  New York:  Dover Publications, Inc., 1984.



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Series IV: Government Documents, undated, 1965-1980 


Article Index (1), undated 


Article Index (2), undated 


FBI Document Requests, undated 

General note

[1. list of files along with notes of files marked for destruction (no date); 2. Jack Hoffman request from  FBI with  FBI note of deleted pages (1991)]


NYCPD File, undated 

General note

[1. Alonso Russell appointed to Board of Director of  Operation Breakthrough, list of names of New Haven residents (presumably linked to  Operation Breakthrough); 2. news articles -  New York Times and  New York Daily News, five men arrested for bombing plot in New Haven - linked to  Operation Breakthrough; 3.  New York Civil Liberties Union (  NYCLU) complaint concerning police brutality at the 1967 demonstration against Secretary of State  Dean Rusk with personal testimonies, Hoffman's testimony focuses on police brutality after his arrest; 4. news articles -  Columbia University Spectator,  Students for a Democratic Society (  SDS) involvement in demonstration against Secretary of State  Dean Rusk; 5. NYPD surveillance notes for the April 1968  MOBE anti-war demonstration; 6. police report with an accompanying description of the meeting and specifics for the April 1968  MOBE anti-war demonstration; 7. NYCPD list of participating organizations and signs present at the protest; 8.  National Black Anti-War Anti-Draft Union letter in support of the demonstration; 9. letter to marchers concerning procedure and plans for the demonstration from the organizers; 10. "Mother Do Not Allow Your Son to Die in  Vietnam" - NYCPD notes anti-imperialist Puerto Rican nationalist organization; 11. list of organizers, names of  SDS leaders (  Ted Gold,  Mark Rudd,  Jeff Gordon,  Jeff Jones); 12. note of a confirmation at the Dumas Hotel in New York City; 13. note containing list of the names of organizers (  Tom Hayden,  Jeff Gordon, etc.); 14.  Anti-Complicity Movement newsletter; 15. anti-war flyers (student and general); 16.  5th Avenue Peace Committee document on themes of the demonstration; 17. April 27th anti-war demonstration flyers and April 26th international student-faculty strike flyers, May Day; 18. Student  Mobilization Committee to End the War in Vietnam (  MOBE) document containing strike endorsements from all over the world; 19. news article -  Student Mobilizer Vol. 2 No. 2 March 1st; student strike and anti-war march April 26th-27th


Police Reports (1), undated 

General note

[1. unidentified agent or agency, report on the March on the Pentagon October 22, 1967; 2. police report on the March on the Pentagon with a list of radicals, includes Jerry Rubin but not  Abbie Hoffman; 3.  Solutions to Employment Problems (  STEP) from  National Association of Manufacturers (  NAM), "Dimensions of the Problem" program for addressing high school dropouts and unemployment; 4.  NYCLU report on March 22nd  YIP-in at Grand Central Station in New York City, complaints of police brutality; 5. unidentified agent or agency (probably NYCPD); police notes, mentions  East Side Service Organization (  ESSO), a social service agency for young drop-outs, mainly hippies; 6. unidentified agent or agency (probably NYCPD); report on  Youth International Party (  YIP) with a list of common activities; 7. unidentified agent or agency (probably NYCPD), police notes on  YIP tactics; 8. NYCPD, police account of a  YIP demonstration on August 22nd 1967 (photographs); 9. Commanding Officer, Bureau of Social Services to Commanding Officer Information Unit, request for information regarding licenses; 9.  Lansing, Michigan PD to NYCPD; information regarding a stolen registration]


Police Reports (2), undated 

General note

[1. police profiles of YIP activists (late 1967 or 1968); 2. letters to NYCPD concerning police brutality at the Rusk demonstration; 3. NYCPD arrest report from the demonstration against Rusk, black-out, contains Hoffman's name; 4. letters to NYCPD concerning police brutality at Rusk demonstration from the  NYCLU; 5. NYCPD report concerning  Operation Breakthrough; 6. NYCPD chronological report on Hoffman's activities; 7. NYCPD document from April 27 demonstration calls for photo and audio surveillance, includes section on Hoffman; 8. letter to NYCPD concerning police brutality at  Columbia University; 9. NYCPD file on  SDS actions in fall 1968, Hoffman mentioned as organizer; 10.  5th Avenue Vietnam Peace Parade Committee newsletter containing a GI's protest letter; 11. NYCPD report on a  YIP counter-recruitment demonstration 1968; 12.  Society of African American Policemen commendation letter to the  Nation Of Islam; 13. miscellaneous paper mentions  Dave Delligener and  Foley Spruce; 14. Assigned to Commanding Officer Bureau of Special Services, NYCPD report on a Crazies demonstration against the  New York Times; 15. NYCPD document concerning security for the Waldorf Astoria June 1969; 16. Commanding Officer Bureau of Special Services to Chief Inspector, NYCPD report of demonstration and arrest of Hoffman April 7th 1969; 17. unidentified agent or agency, report on the new  MOBE meeting, includes Hoffman; 18. list of registrations; 19. NYCPD file photos of Hoffman 1970; 20. NYCPD report of the  Progressive Labor Party (  PLP) faction of  SDS demonstration March 24 1970 in which they denounce Hoffman; 21. NYCPD report on a  YIP Be-In March 26 1970, looking for Hoffman; 22. NYCPD document lists Hoffman's activities; 23. NYCPD report on  5th Avenue People's Peace Committee protest for the Chicago 7 (Dellinger et. al.); 24. NYCPD document on the cocaine arrest; 25. NYCPD document notes Hoffman as a fugitive]


Government, undated 

General note

[1. New York City FBI, orders to Boston  FBI to investigate Hoffman; 2. Washington Field Office  FBI, report on Hoffman appearance at  Georgetown University (?) Symposium; 3. Chicago  FBI, document Chicago 7 (Dellinger et. al.) contempt of court sentencing procedure; 4. Chicago  FBI, document concerning Hoffman contempt of court charge; 5. unidentified agent or agency, report of Hoffman's conduct at O'Hare airport; 6. unidentified agent or agency, report of Hoffman's speech at  Washington State University concerning the Chicago 7 (Dellinger et. al.) trial; 7. unidentified agent or agency,  FBI report of Hoffman's speech at  Mid-Peninsula Free University; 8. New York City  FBI, leads and orders to Boston  FBI concerning Hoffman fugitive investigation]


Government, 1965 

General note

[1. unidentified agent or agency, Hoffman is looking for a place to sleep]


Government, 1967 

General note

[1. appendix from Hoffman's profile - Black Panther Party (  BPP) and  SDS; 2. New York City  FBI, document details Hoffman's activities, "Death of Money"; 3. New York City  FBI, document details Hoffman's activities in  YIP; 4. New York City  FBI, document summarizes arrests; 5. Chicago  FBI, Hoffman's activities in 1968, focuses on plans for trip to Prague; 6. unidentified agent or agency, report of interview with a witness of the  Democratic National Convention (  DNC) protests in 1968]


Government, 1968 (1) 

General note

[1. New York City FBI, report on  YMCA camp for the  Democratic National Convention; 2. New York City  FBI, report on  SDS,  East Side Service Organization (  ESSO),  Liberation News Service (  LNS), press conference for National  Mobilization Committee to End the War in Vietnam,  Socialist Scholars Conference, Close the Pentagon March; 3. New York City  FBI, Chicago 7,  Revolution for the Hell of It, Rubin,  Congress on Racial Equality (  CORE) and  Student Non-Violent Coordinating Committee (  SNCC) mentioned; 4. New York City  FBI, report on  Steal This Book, Yip-Out,  YIP to defend  Colorado students, May 24 1968 demonstration at St. Marks (  FBI report), Festival of Life, Yip-In plans for the DNC, illegal travel to  Vietnam in:  World from the Left; 5. Chicago  FBI to Director, Hoffman's "revolutionary statement" sent to the Washington Field Office  FBI; 6. news articles -  New York Daily News,  Washington Daily News,  New York Times, flag desecration; 7. Boston  FBI to New York City  FBI and Director  FBI, under surveillance at Sheila's home in November 1968 in  Cambridge, MA; 8. Chicago  FBI to Director  FBI, charged with concealed weapon - new hearing to charges dismissed; 9. New York City  FBI, demonstration at  HUAC with information on  SDS and  YIP activities; 10. appendix -  Militant Labor Forum,  National Committee to Abolish HUAC,  National Emergency Civil Liberties Committee,  National Lawyers Guild,  Socialist Workers' Party,  SDS,  Du Bois Club (  CPUSA); 11. cover sheet on information on National  MOBE in preparation for a press conference 9/27/68, information to be distributed to 108th Military Intelligence Group, Second OSI District, NISO, Secret Service, United States Attorney Southern District New York, United States Attorney Eastern District New York]


Government, 1968 (2) 

General note

[1. Chicago FBI, document details Hoffman's activities at the  DNC, plans for Prague, quotes from demonstrations and speeches, and information about his arrest at O'Hare Airport for a concealed weapon; 2. Chicago  FBI to New York  FBI and Director  FBI, arrested crime aboard aircraft, carrying a concealed weapon; 3. Chicago  FBI, Hoffman conviction in ant-riot law case; 4. Chicago  FBI, report on an interview with Hoffman in the  Chicago American; 5. New York City  FBI, report on Yip-Out and general activities of Hoffman and Rubin; 6. unidentified agent or agency, Region 1, 113th Military Intelligence Group reports on Hoffman and others conducting police brutality training in Lincoln Park and Chicago PD details further Hoffman activity Lincoln Park; 7. New York  FBI Hoffman interviewed by the  FBI about  YIP plans for the  DNC; 8. unidentified agent or agency, Hoffman plans to come to Chicago without a permit, appears on WIND radio; 9. unidentified agent or agency, transcript of appearance on  John Madigan's "At Random" Show May 11th-12th 1968; 10. New York City  FBI, Hoffman proclaims he is dedicated to the overthrow of the United States government on "At Random"; 11. New York City  FBI to Director  FBI, COINTELPRO - profile of typical  New Leftist (  NL), NL organizations in New York City with list of leaders (Rudd, Rosen, Rubin, Hoffman, Jones, etc.), distribution of false letter from 'concerned alumni' about  SDS activities, students arrested during  Columbia University uprising to have postcard mailed to parents advertising a drug party, flyers printed with "worst of the hippy set" to disrupt  SDS, mentions articles in  Associated Press that slander  Mark Rudd, news article -  Guardian by  Mark Rudd; 12. New York  FBI to Director  FBI, COINTELPRO - prepare anonymous mailing to ridicule Hoffman, continue counterintelligence against  SDS and widen split, disrupt Student Mobilization Committee, widen split in  Liberation News Service, create split between black power movement and  NL, false leaflets distributed to discredit  Columbia University and Fordham  SDS, letter to  Life Magazine against  Paul Krassner editor of the  Realist; 13. New York City  FBI to Director  FBI, report on Hoffman's activities at  Columbia University; 14. New York City  FBI, Hoffman arrested during clearing of buildings during  Columbia University student strike; 15. New York City  FBI, summary report of Hoffman]


Government, 1968 (3) 

General note

[1. New York City FBI to Director, basic information on Hoffman - second sheet has alterations to the profile; 2. Chicago  FBI, detail  YIP intentions at the  DNC with underground paper articles and speeches from Hoffman; 3. Chicago  FBI, description of events at the  DNC; 4. Chicago  FBI, witness account of  DNC; 5. news article -  Chicago Daily News, The Yippies are Coming; 6. Chicago  FBI, Hoffman on WIND radio; 7. Chicago  FBI, arrest for obscenity by Chicago PD; 8. Chicago  FBI, speech in the Chicago Park; 9. Chicago  FBI, surveillance reports from the  DNC; 10. Chicago  FBI, interviews surrounding the Chicago 7 (et. al.) case; 11. appendix -  SDS; 12. San Francisco  FBI to Director  FBI, COINTELPRO - new left photo list, notes on meeting, cover sheet; 13. unidentified agent or agency to New York City  FBI, arrest author of interview with Hoffman; 14. New York City  FBI to Director  FBI, disseminate information to 108th MI Group, Second OSI district, NISO, Secret Service, U.S. Attorney Southern District New York, U.S. Attorney Eastern District New York, Washington Field Office; 15. appendix -  National Emergency Civil Liberties Committee; 16. unidentified agent or agency, document details the death of  Dean Johnson during the  DNC 9-18-68; 17. Director  FBI to New York City  FBI, request for  Village Voice article 9-19-68; 18. Chicago  FBI to Director  FBI, Hoffman arrested in Chicago for concealed weapon aboard an airplane 9-19-68 -- Director  FBI to New York City  FBI and Boston  FBI, information concerning Chicago  FBI letter; 19. New York City  FBI to Director  FBI, document concerning civil liberties violations at an anti-HUAC demonstration; 20. Director  FBI to Secret Service, Hoffman profile; 21. San Francisco  FBI to Director  FBI, San Francisco  FBI is informed of surveillance at  DNC; 22. New York City  FBI, Hoffman "My Life to Live" in  New York Free Press and  Liberation News Service; 23. New York City  FBI,  YIP and  Up Against the Wall Motherfucker plans for the  DNC, detailed description of  DNC events; 24. appendix -  Guardian,  National Lawyers Guild,  SDS; 25.  FBI document - Hoffman summary, includes information on Diggers,  SDS,  DNC,  Columbia University strike,  HUAC,  Black Panther Party (  BPP),  MOBE]


Government, 1968 (4) 

General note

[1. Chicago FBI to New York City  FBI and Director  FBI, concealed weapon incident report; 2. New Haven  FBI to Director  FBI, summary of concealed weapon incident; 3. Chicago  FBI, summary of concealed weapon incident, Hoffman's Prague plans; 4. New York City  FBI, interview with Hoffman concerning  DNC along with his official record, profile with record of pre-1960 incidents; 5. Chicago  FBI; document details Hoffman's activities at the  DNC, plans for Prague, quotes from demonstrations and speeches, and information about his arrest at O'Hare Airport for a concealed weapon; 5. Boston  FBI, Hoffman profile; 6. New York City  FBI, surveillance at  NMC meeting; 7. New York City  FBI to Director  FBI, distribution of false leaflet, list of activities of the  Youth Service Agency and Operation Hippie; 8. New York  FBI to Director  FBI, Hoffman's connections to the  Youth Service Agency, ties to  YIP and the  Columbia University student strike; 9. Attorney General to Director  FBI,  DNC and revolutionary statement]


Government, 1969 (1) 

General note

[1. Chicago FBI, transcript of Chicago 7 (Dellinger et. al.) press conference at the Federal Building in Chicago 11-13-69; 2. news article -  Liberation Magazine, review of  Revolution for the Hell of It; 3. Philadelphia  FBI to Director  FBI, alerted informants but unable to locate Hoffman's speeches; 4. Chicago  FBI, transcript of appearance on "At Random"; 5. Detroit  FBI to Director  FBI, cover of television transcripts; 6. Boston  FBI to Director  FBI, report of speeches at  Harvard University,  Brandeis University, and Concord - report on funding for  Steal this Book; 7. appendix -  BPP,  Liberation Magazine,  Militant Labor Forum,  National Emergency Civil Liberties Committee,  National Lawyers Guild,  Progressive Labor Party (PLP),  SDS; 8. news article,  Los Angeles Free Press review of  Revolution for the Hell of It; 9. Chicago  FBI, report on  YIP Chicago 7 (Dellinger et.al.) press conference at Federal Building 11-12-69; 10. New York City  FBI, spelling variations on Hoffman's name; 11. New Haven  FBI, report of speeches at  University of Hartford with a news article from  Hard Times; 12. Director  FBI to Washington Field Office (WFO)  FBI, Hoffman at Concord; 13. Chicago  FBI to Director  FBI, transcript of appearance on the  Irv Kupcinet Show]


Government, 1969 (2) 

General note

[1. Minneapolis FBI, transcript from appearance at  North Dakota State University; 2. Cincinnati  FBI, notes from appearance at  Rio Grande College; 3. Chicago  FBI, Alexandria  FBI, Richmond  FBI, Director  FBI, concealed weapon aboard an aircraft documents - Hoffman interview with  FBI - profile summary; 4. New York City  FBI to Director  FBI, document on  Revolution for the Hell of It; 5. Chicago  FBI to Director  FBI, tapes from Lipton (  Lost Angeles Free Press); 6. Chicago  FBI, report on  YIP Chicago 7 (Dellinger et. al.) press conference at Federal Building 11-12-69; 7. appendix -  National Emergency Civil Liberties Committee,  National Lawyers Guild]


Government, 1969 (3) 

General note

[1. New York City FBI, administrative report concerning New Haven  FBI, Chicago  FBI, New York City  FBI, Washington DC  FBI, Boston  FBI; 2. Milwaukee  FBI, San Francisco  FBI, Baltimore  FBI, college visit reports; 3. Chicago  FBI to Director, report on "impromptu press conference" held at O'Hare Airport; 4. New Haven  FBI, report on speech at unidentified university; 5. Seattle  FBI, report and transcript of speech at  Gonzaga University; 6. Buffalo  FBI to Chicago  FBI, Hoffman present at  State University of New York at Buffalo for symposium on drugs; 6. New York City  FBI, document on Hoffman's appearance on "At Random"; 7. New York City  FBI, Hoffman is arrested on weapons and narcotics charges, news article -  New York Daily News; 8. Detroit  FBI, transcript of appearance on  Lou Gordon Show, appendix -  BPP,  SDS, and Minutemen; 9. Chicago  FBI, report on Chicago 7 (Dellinger et. al.) press conference at Federal Building 12-22-68]


Government, 1969 (4) 

General note

[1. Indianapolis FBI, report on speech at  St. Joseph's University, with transcript; 2. Chicago  FBI to Director  FBI and New York City  FBI and WFO  FBI, report on ties between  SDS and Chicago 7 (Dellinger, et. al.); 3. Cleveland  FBI, transcript of Hoffman's appearance on  Allen Douglas Show; 4. Cincinnati  FBI, report on request for Hoffman to speak at  Antioch College; 5. appendix -  Student Non-Violent Coordinating Committee (  SNCC),  BPP,  National Emergency Civil Liberties Committee]


Government, 1969 (5) 

General note

[1. Chicago FBI. transcript of Chicago 7 (Dellinger et. al.) press conference at Blackstone Hotel 9-22-69; 2. Cincinnati  FBI, transcript of  Rio Grande College speech; 3. Philadelphia  FBI to Director  FBI, report on  Woodstock Nation and  Army Field Manual; 4. Chicago  FBI, transcript of Chicago 7 (Dellinger et. al.) press conference at the Federal Building 10-2-69; 5. Chicago  FBI, transcript  National Lawyer's Guild speech on Chicago 7 (Dellinger et. al.) 10-17-69; 6. New York City  FBI, report on Hoffman's financing from book royalties and speeches; 7. New York City  FBI to Chicago  FBI, Newark  FBI, Washington Field Office  FBI via Washington DC  FBI, Director  FBI, Domestic Intelligence Division, protests in  Washington DC, interview with reporter with the  Star Ledger (Newark) reporter]


Government, 1970 (1) 

General note

[1. Chicago FBI, Rubin and  Dave Dellinger (Dellinger et. al.) found guilty of conspiracy; 2. SAS, excerpts from speech at Moorhead; 3. New York City  FBI, Hoffman and  SDS at a Panther 21 protest; 4. New York City  FBI, news article on Hoffman's monetary gains from  New York Post; 5. Kansas City  FBI, document on preparing for speech at Kansas University - speech cancelled after arrest for blowing his nose in the American flag; 6. Attorney General to Director  FBI, appeal of flag desecration conviction; 7. Chicago  FBI, charges on concealed weapon aboard an aircraft are dropped; 8. Cleveland  FBI, surveillance on 11/20/70; 9. unidentified agent or agency, speech on Political Repression at Pittsburg University; 10.  FBI profile - biography, activities, public appearances, writings, revolutionary statements, appendix - BPP, Liberation Magazine, Militant Labor Forum, SDS, PLP, Youth Against War and Fascism (  YAWF),  World Workers Party (  WWP),  National Emergency Civil Liberties Committee; 11. Chicago  FBI,  Washington, DC FBI, New York City  FBI, Hoffman's future plans]


Government, 1970 (2) 

General note

[1. Chicago FBI, Hoffman asks permission to travel to  Canada; 2. Kansas City  FBI, appearance at  Kansas State University is in doubt; 3. New York City  FBI, Hoffman returns to New York on 12/17/70 as a self-employed writer; 4. news article -  New York Post, Rubin and Hoffman dispute within  YIP; 5. unidentified agent or agency, speech at  University of Maryland with  Rennie Davis, flyers and information on court martial of soldier also appearing, appendix  SDS and  PLP; 6.  FBI, news articles, clash with students at  University of Houston and  Rice University, information on college lectures; 7. New York City  FBI, transcript of Hoffman on the  David Frost Show, appendix -  BPP; 8. New York City  FBI to Chicago  FBI and Director  FBI, notes on speech at  St. John's University; 9.  R.L. Shackelford to  C.D. Brennan, COINTELPRO, exacerbate split between Rubin and Hoffman, flyer; 10. Chicago  FBI to New York City  FBI, testimony at Chicago 7 trial; 11. Chicago  FBI, Hoffman wants to go to  Cuba; 12. Alexandria  FBI to Director  FBI, Hoffman arrives at airport; 13. Chicago  FBI, transcript of Chicago 7 (Dellinger et. al.) news conference at the Federal Building 2-5-70; 14. San Antonio  FBI to Director  FBI, COINTELPRO,  FBI agents attempt to prevent lecture at  University of Texas by distributing harmful information; 15. COINTELPRO, want to disrupt  BPP,  SDS, Hoffman sent to 108 Military Intelligence Group, Naval Investigation Service Office, Office of Special Investigation in United States Air Force, United States Attorney General South District New York and United States Attorney General East District of New York, Secret Service]


Government, 1970 (3) 

General note

[1. Chicago FBI to Director  FBI, Hoffman and Rubin to  Europe, Hoffman profile; 2. Chicago  FBI to Director, message concerning Hoffman to Legat in Ottawa; 3. New York City  FBI,  CBS censors Hoffman's shirt, transcript from  Merv Giffin with news articles; 4. Chicago  FBI, Hoffman to serve 15 day sentence for contempt of court; 5. Minneapolis  FBI,  Moorhead College speech coversheet; 6. Chicago  FBI, verdict and interview with news article  New York Times; 7. Chicago  FBI, lawyer conference; 8. Chicago  FBI, Rubin and Hoffman in New Haven in support of  Bobby Seale; 9. Director  FBI, Hoffman full file (two copies)]


Government, 1970 (4) 

General note

[1. Albany FBI, surveillance at  Skidmore College, appendix -  BPP and  SNCC; 2. Secret Service, search for Hoffman 4/24/70; 3. New York City  FBI, flight to Rome; 4. New Haven  FBI to Director  FBI, notes from appearance at  Trinity University; 5. Director  FBI, document from profile states Hoffman is emotionally unstable; 6. unidentified agent or agency, Rubin and Hoffman motion to court for travel to  Europe; 7. New York City  FBI, biography, summary of appearances and actions from 5-5-70 to 10-25-70; 8. San Diego  FBI, speech at  San Diego State College transcript]


Government, 1970 (5) 

General note

[1. Denver FBI to Chicago  FBI and Director  FBI, speech at  Colorado State University with transcript; 2. unidentified agent or agency, news articles -  Quicksilver Times,  Hatchet (  George Washington University),  American University,  Evening Star, general information concerning  DNC, marches, etc.; 3. Chicago  FBI, indictment papers for Chicago 7 (Dellinger et. al.); 4. Chicago  FBI, Hoffman guilty of 23 criminal counts of contempt, with transcript]


Government, 1971 (1) 

General note

[1. Oklahoma City to New Orleans FBI, New York City  FBI, San Francisco  FBI, and Director  FBI; Hoffman leaves Oklahoma for  Washington, DC; 2. Director  FBI to New Orleans  FBI, prepare for Hoffman,  Washington, DC FBI to Chicago  FBI, New York City  FBI, and Director  FBI, Hoffman's indictment; 3. Oklahoma City to Director, transcript of speech at Oklahoma University about plans for protest in  Washington, DC and People's Peace Treaty; 4. New York City  FBI, Hoffman arrested in for inter-state riot following  Washington, DC protests; 5. New York City  FBI to Chicago  FBI and Director  FBI, notes of speech at  Mamaroneck High School in New York City; 6. San Juan  FBI, Hoffman requests permission to travel to  Virgin Islands; 7. unidentified agent or agency, May Day protests; 8. New York City  FBI, Hoffman has his nose broken at  Washington, DC protest and repaired in New York City; 9. unidentified agent or agency to Secret Service in New York City, Hoffman writes  I Quit in  Virgin Islands; 10. Cleveland  FBI to Director  FBI, Hoffman at  Kent State University, summary of speech with surveillance; 11. unidentified agent or agency, Weiner - "Pirate Editions Rip-off" (possibly COINTELPRO document); 12. Chicago  FBI to Director  FBI, Hoffman to travel to  Canada for speaking tour and book deal; 13. New York City  FBI, biography 1-22-71 to 5-13-71]


Government, 1971 (2) 

General note

[1. Chicago FBI to Director  FBI, Hoffman approved to travel to  Europe; 2. Director  FBI, document claims Hoffman is emotionally unstable; 3. New York City  FBI to Washington Field Office  FBI, all new leftists are armed and dangerous; 4. Assistant Attorney General Internal Security Division to Director  FBI, electronic surveillance of Hoffman requested; 5. Chicago  FBI, transcript of Hoffman appearance on Underground News 5-14-71; 6. New York City  FBI, transcript of Hoffman appearance on  Paul Benzaquin Show 7-30-71; 7. news article -  Washington Post, court overturns flag desecration conviction; 8. Cleveland  FBI, surveillance chart 9-13-71; 9. Oklahoma City  FBI to Director  FBI, press conference in Oklahoma City about  Washington, DC protests and People's Peace Treaty; 10. Oklahoma City  FBI, transcript from speech at Oklahoma University; 11. Oklahoma City  FBI, travel plans to  Washington, DC; 12. New York City  FBI to Chicago  FBI and Director  FBI, report on  Steal This Book; 13. Attorney General to Director, arrest on 5-5-71 for inter-state riot; 14. news article -  New York Post, Hoffman's arrest on riot charges; 15. New York City  FBI to Director  FBI, Chicago  FBI, Omaha  FBI, St. Louis  FBI, Washington Field Office  FBI, arrest documents; 16. New York City  FBI, news article -  New York Post, Hoffman breaks nose; 17. Cleveland  FBI, transcript from appearance on  Alan Douglas Show; 18. San Francisco  FBI to Director  FBI, travel information from Oklahoma City, discusses interviews with stewardesses; 19. Oklahoma City  FBI, surveillance at airport; 20. Director to Legat Ottawa, travel to  Canada is barred, biography with a focus on  Canada; 21. New York City  FBI, summary of trial proceedings in inter-state riot case; 22. New York City  FBI, Hoffman retires from politics in Jamaica]


Government, 1971 (3) 

General note

[1. Chicago FBI to Director  FBI, transcript of appearance on  Howard Miller Show; 2. Chicago  FBI to Director  FBI, Chicago will look into 1/28/69 conviction; 3. Milwaukee  FBI to Director  FBI, Hoffman will appearance at Lawrence University with  Young Lords,  SDS, and  BPP; 4. Philadelphia  FBI to Director  FBI, transcript of appearance at Political Repression Conference at Pittsburg University, copies sent to Army Intelligence, Secret Service, OSI, United States Attorney Pittsburg, NISO Pittsburg; 5. unidentified agent or agency, surveillance of Hoffman in  Virgin Islands, changes name to  Frank Edward Crosetti; 6. New York City  FBI, biography on Hoffman with corrections from  Washington, DC FBI and updated to reflect time in  Virgin Islands]


Government, 1971 (4) 

General note

[1. San Francisco FBI to Director  FBI, Los Angeles  FBI, San Diego  FBI, New York City  FBI, Hoffman met with his lawyer  Michael Kennedy, said he is hot and will avoid meetings with people; 2. Chicago  FBI to Director  FBI, transcript from appearance on  Howard Miller Show; 3. unidentified agent or agency, short article on Hoffman; 4. New York City  FBI, biography, business deals with  Steal This Book; 5. Director  FBI to Chicago  FBI, Cleveland  FBI, Los Angeles  FBI, New York City  FBI, Salt Lake City  FBI, San Francisco  FBI, Washington Field Office  FBI, Attorney General requests surveillance of Hoffman; 6. Chicago  FBI, appearance on Kup's Show; 7. Washington Field Office  FBI to Director  FBI, New York City  FBI, Chicago  FBI, Hoffman posts bail for inter-state riot charges; 8. New York City  FBI, Rubin turns himself in for charge stemming from  Washington, DC protests; 9. New York City  FBI,  Anita Hoffman statement; 10. New York City  FBI to Director  FBI, document black-out; 11. Oklahoma City  FBI, travel plans for  Washington, DC; 12. New York City  FBI to Director  FBI, San Francisco  FBI, Washington Field Office, administrative concerns; 13.  Washington, DC Field Office to Director  FBI, Chicago  FBI, New York City  FBI, trial proceedings for inter-state riot case; 14. Director  FBI to  Washington, DC Field Office, travel plans to  Washington, DC; 15. Legat Ottawa to Director  FBI, cover sheet; 16.  Washington, DC Field Office, investigation of hotel location; 17. New York City  FBI, transcript form appearance on Free Time; 18. New York City  FBI, biography with notes from appearance on Free Time and at  Florida State University, news article -  Time Magazine Chicago 7 reunion; 19.  Washington, DC Field Office, report on bail from New York City  FBI; 20. Chicago  FBI to Director for New York City  FBI, San Juan  FBI, Legat Caracas, Legat London, and Legat Paris, travel information in  Virgin Islands; 21. Chicago  FBI, news article -  Time Magazine Bobby Seale's birthday; 22. Chicago  FBI, San Juan  FBI, New York  FBI, information on travel in  Virgin Islands]


Government, 1971 (5) 

General note

[1. unidentified agent or agency, speech in Oklahoma in violation of anti-riot statute; 2. New York City  FBI, biography, news article -  East Village Other on  Steal This Book; 3. unidentified agent or agency to United States Attorney  Washington, DC, May Day demonstration; 4.  Washington, DC Field Office  FBI, cover sheet denotes investigations in New Orleans, New York City, San Francisco, Washington, DC Field Office, and a Department of Justice request; 5. New York City  FBI to Director  FBI, news article -  East Village Other on  Revolution for the Hell of It; 6.  A.W. Gray to  E.S. Miller, some surveillance prior to and during May Day demonstration was illegal; 7.  Washington, DC Field Office  FBI, interview with doctor who treated Hoffman; 8.  Washington, DC Field Office  FBI, charge against Hoffman; 9.  Washington, DC Field Office  FBI, trying to establish Hoffman was actually arrested during the  Washington, DC demonstration; 10.  Washington, DC Field Office  FBI, one interview at construction site, three interviews at typewriter company, one interview at auto dealership, one interview with resident; 11. New York City  FBI, interview with  Time Magazine photographer for unpublished photographs; 12.  Washington, DC Field Office  FBI, advising on arraignment of Hoffman; 13. New York City  FBI, news article -  East Village Other appeal for Hoffman's innocence; 14. Legat London to Director  FBI, Hoffman to London, report of behavior on flight; 15. Director  FBI, Hoover rejects  Iowa State University's request for information regarding Hoffman; 16.  Washington, DC Field Office  FBI, Iowa State visit cancelled; 17. unidentified agent or agency, Hoffman charged with contempt of court in the Dellinger et. al. case for violating travel restrictions; 18. Legat London to Director  FBI, Hoffman in Northern  Ireland; 19. New York City  FBI, Rubin and Ellsburg found guilty in inter-state riot case; 20. New York City  FBI, notes on speech at  Drew University; 21. Legat Paris to Director  FBI, black-out; 22. Legat London to Director  FBI, black-out; 23. New York Secret Service, basic biography with focus on Free Time appearance and  Florida State University]


Government, 1972 

General note

[1. San Juan FBI to Director  FBI, Hoffman travel in  Virgin Islands; 2. unidentified agent or agency, article on Hoffman in  St. Thomas Daily News; 3. Oklahoma City  FBI, wiretap at Oklahoma University appearance, clip and United States Attorney in  Oklahoma; 4. New York City  FBI, documents concerning demonstration at Democratic and Republican National Conventions in Miami Beach, arrest record; 5. New York City  FBI, biography with  YIP section; 6. Chicago  FBI to Director  FBI, notes on speech at  Marshall University; 7.  Washington, DC Field Office  FBI, charges dismissed in inter-state riot case; 8. New York City  FBI, Hoffman on Today Show about Democratic and Republican National Conventions]


Government, 1973 

General note

[1. unidentified agent or agency, impeachment hearings record from Congressional Record; 2. Shakelford to Miller, Hoffman arrested on cocaine charges; 3. New York City  FBI to Director  FBI, bail issues, Hoffman released; 4. Pittsburg  FBI to Director  FBI, records of  Robert E. Hinerman of  West Virginia; 5. New York City  FBI, cocaine charges with brief biography of Hoffman; 6. Director  FBI, letter from individual concerning  Steal This Book,  FBI response; 7. unidentified agent or agency, letter for Hoffman in  WIN Magazine; 8. New York City  FBI to Director  FBI, report on cocaine charges; 9. unidentified agent or agency, New York Magistrate, court documents; 10. Chicago  FBI, Hoffman has contempt of court charges from Dellinger et. al. thrown out by Judge Gignoux; 11. Drug Enforcement Administration to New York City  FBI, request for Hoffman's full arrest record; 12. news article -  New York Times, Hoffman declared a fugitive; 13. Director  FBI to Legat Mexico City, information concerning Hoffman, New York City  FBI to Director  FBI and Boston  FBI, information concerning Hoffman]


Government, 1974 

General note

[1. New York City FBI to Director  FBI, Hoffman biography; 2. New York City  FBI, surveillance on  Anita Hoffman; 3. New York City  FBI. transcript of appearance on  Dick Cavett Show; 4. Director  FBI, surveillance not leading to any new information; 5. New York City  FBI to Springfield  FBI, information on Stravinsky; 6. New York City  FBI to Chicago  FBI, Chicago to investigate Hoffman's whereabouts; 7. New York City  FBI to Director  FBI, information on Swerdloff and surveillance on associates; 8. Mexico City Legat to Director  FBI and Director  FBI to Boston  FBI and New York City  FBI, black-out; 9. news article -  New York Post, Hoffman seeks dismissal of charges; 10. New York City  FBI to Director  FBI, Hoffman receives no inheritance after father's death; 11. unidentified agent or agency, arrest warrant for Hoffman; 12. Miami  FBI to New York City  FBI, in-law Kushner does not provide information; 13. San Juan  FBI to New York City  FBI, investigate John Smith in St. Thomas; 14. Boston  FBI to New York City  FBI, interview with  Jack Hoffman yields no results, New York City  FBI, report on family; 15. New York City  FBI to Director  FBI, Ramer, co-defendant in case, is re-captured; 16. New York City  FBI, summary of case, Hoffman severes ties with  YIP, investigation of co-defendants and surveillance of  Anita Hoffman; 17. New York City  FBI, tips on Hoffman, surveillance of  Anita Hoffman; 18. El Paso  FBI to Miami  FBI, Pittsburg  FBI, and Director  FBI, Hoffman involved in conspiracy to kill the president; 19. New York City  FBI to Director  FBI, no prosecution in cocaine case until  FBI comes forward with wire-tapping information; 20. Boston  FBI to New York City  FBI and Director  FBI, questions regarding  Mexico; 21. New York City  FBI to Director  FBI, Alexandria  FBI, Chicago  FBI, Detroit  FBI, Houston  FBI, Norfolk  FBI, San Antonio  FBI,  Washington, DC Field Office  FBI, Boston  FBI, Dallas  FBI, El Paso  FBI, Miami  FBI, Richmond  FBI, and San Juan  FBI, information concerning prior arrest on plane and biography]


Government, 1975 

General note

[1. New York City FBI, Hoffman refers to Holbrook in article, begin investigation; 2. New York City  FBI, Hoffman sends hand-written request for his  FBI file; 3. New York City  FBI, news articles from underground press with interviews with Hoffman; 4. Boston  FBI to New York City  FBI, notes on family interviews; 5. San Francisco  FBI to ADIC, New York, sightings in San Francisco; 6. New York City  FBI to San Antonio, investigation leads to  Jeff Shero; 7. New York City  FBI to Newark  FBI, basic charges in cocaine case; 8. New York City  FBI, arrest of  William Jacob Hoffman, no connection; 9. Boston  FBI to New York City  FBI, discussion of inheritance from father; 10. Boston  FBI to New York City  FBI, surveillance of Reshick; 11. New York City  FBI to Director  FBI, news articles "What Makes Abbie Run?", "On Board the Underground Railroad", "Behind the Scenes", Weather Underground; 12. New York City  FBI to Miami  FBI and Newark  FBI, black-out; 13. New York City  FBI to Boston  FBI, tactics for investigation; 14. New York City  FBI to Miami  FBI, photographs of Hoffman; 15. unidentified agent or agency, Hoffman's arrest record; 16. unidentified agent or agency, biography and fingerprints; 17. San Francisco  FBI to New York City  FBI, no information on Ellsburg or Reznick, San Francisco  FBI, Los Angeles  FBI and Jacksonville  FBI follow leads; 18. New Haven  FBI to New York City  FBI, investigation of Cummings; 19. Albany  FBI to Director  FBI, lead points to Total Loss Farm in  Brattleboro, VT]


Government, 1976 

General note

[1. unidentified agent or agency, Rubin letter to Hoffman in New York Times Magazine; 2. New York City  FBI, investigate Drosnin; 3. unidentified agent or agency, interviews at airports, rental car outlets, and  Holiday Inns throughout  Texas looking for an individual who asked for "Cousin Chuck"; 4. San Francisco  FBI to ADIC,  New York, investigate Kelley; 5. Los Angeles  FBI to New York City  FBI, no leads in San Francisco; 6. New York City  FBI, investigate Peterson, Clark, and Kushner; 7. Farrington to McDermott, Hoffman letter to  FBI printed in  New York Times; 8. news article -  New York Post, Rubin "Growing Up"; 9. New York City  FBI,  Anita Hoffman interviewed; 10. Director  FBI to New York City  FBI, suit against NYCPD for illegal surveillance; 11. San Antonio to New York City  FBI,  Jack Hoffman lead in  Mexico; 12. Director  FBI to New York City  FBI, COINTELPRO papers released; 13. Dallas  FBI to New York City  FBI and Chicago  FBI to New York City  FBI and Houston  FBI to New York City  FBI, Hoffman interview in  Playboy Magazine; 14. Las Vegas  FBI to Director  FBI and New York City  FBI, Crosetti does not yield a lead; 15. New York City  FBI, Smith and Camila interviewed; 16. New Orleans to Director  FBI, leads in  Louisiana yield no information]


Government, 1977 

General note

[1. Director FBI to ADIC,  New York, no grand jury probe for publishers involved in Hoffman interviews; 2. ADIC, New York to Director  FBI, requests publisher information for those involved in Hoffman interviews; 3. ADIC, New York to Director  FBI, Hoffman takes tour of  FBI Building and publishes report in  Penthouse; 4. New York City  FBI, surveillance at  Stanley Segal Show; 5. New York City  FBI, biography of Hoffman]


Government, 1978 

General note

[1. Los Angeles FBI to ADIC,  New York, Hoffman in movie according to the  Los Angeles Examiner, summary of interview; 2. unidentified agent or agency,  Buffalo Tribe, Earth Day with flyer and information on pot legalization; 3. Buffalo  FBI to New York City  FBI, Hoffman advertised at Earth Day event but does not appear; 4. New York City  FBI, investigate claims of fight with Hoffman, proves false; 5. Boston  FBI to New York City  FBI, Worchester PD wants picture of Hoffman; 6. New York City  FBI, Hoffman is the travel editor of  Crawdaddy Magazine, moves to contact  Jack Hoffman; 7. Boston  FBI to New York City  FBI, Hoffman has not contacted  Jack Hoffman; 8. unidentified agent or agency to ADIC,  New York, Drosnin writing book,  CBS documentary called "Days of Rage," seek to find if Hoffman is participating; 9. New York City  FBI, rally by  YIP for Hoffman in  New York Post was a ploy; 10. Boston  FBI to New York City  FBI, arrest of an individual who looks like Hoffman; 11. unidentified agent or agency, photographs of Hoffman and other that have been investigated]


Government, 1979 

General note

[1. New York City FBI to Knoxville  FBI, look for Hoffman in Sneedsville, Knoxville finds no productive leads; 2. unidentified agent or agency, Hoffman on  Chris Stanley news article; 3. Newark  FBI to ADIC,  New York, Trantino in prison in  New Jersey; 4. New York City  FBI, interview O'Donoghue, Reichback, and Fenton about a party for Hoffman, Reichback reports that Hoffman may turn himself in; 5. New York City  FBI, interview Selz, Markson, Masterson about movie deal]


Government, 1980 

General note

[1. unidentified agent or agency, Assistant United States Attorney Fitzpatrick dismisses Unlawful Flight to Avoid Prosecution charges; 2. New York City FBI to Albany  FBI and Ottawa Legat, Hoffman to be interviewed by  Barbara Walters, no need to arrest because Hoffman will turn himself in on 9-14-80, Hoffman biography and "Save the River" information]


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News, undated 

General note

[1. Deborah Rankin, "Some Common Mistakes, Old and New," unknown, filing tax returns; 2.  Associated Press, "Drug tests by  NCAA overruled," unknown, judge rejects  NCAA policy on drug testing; 3.  Philip Shenon, "Meese Says U.S. Will Support Drug Tests for New Teachers,"  New York Times, Attorney General  Edward Meese supports mandatory drug tests for teachers; 4. unknown, "Eat Your Way to Youth and Vitality,"  Examiner, power foods to keep you young; 5. uknown, picture of Hoffman from 1961 when he was the manager of  Park Arts Theater in  Worcester, MA, unknown, context unknown; 6.  Bob Greene; "And Now, Here's… Abbie," unknown, production staring Hoffman based on his book  To America With Love; 7.  Rory O'Connor, "(illegible) picks Hoffman's nose,"  The Soho News, illegal survellience during the 1971 May Day demonstrations; 8. unknown, unknown, unknown, short piece on cocaine charges and previous marriage to Anita; 10. unknown, "They still love Jane and Abbie," unknown, short article on the results of the book Woodstock Census: Nationwide Survey of the '60s Generation; 11.  Stew Albert, "God Bless America,"  Crawdaddy, personal reflections on Anita and America following an event; 12. unknown, "Hill-Spencer exchange vows," unknown,  Kathryn Marie Hill and  Kyle Earl Spencer are married; 13.  Mike Royko, "Thou shalt not deprive thy banker," unknown, discusses televanglist  Jimmy Swaggart; 14. unknown, "Passover Recipe," uknown, Russian Borscht; 15.  Associated Press, "Enzyme Therapy Urged In Heart Attack Cases," unkown, enzyme therapy findings; 16. unknown, "Hahnemann Curbs Use Of Solution," unknown, Worcester hospital no longer uses hexachlorophene for washing babies; 17.  Associated Press, "Judge refuses to bar  FAA worker drug tests," unknown,  FAA employees continue to be drug tested; 18. unknown, "Views on rich are world apart,"  USA Today, pie chart of survey on views of sources of wealth; 19.  Sam Meddis, "Jury's still out on  FBI surveillance,"  USA Today, legality of  FBI surveillance; 20.  Sally Ann Stewart, "LSD pops back on the scene,"  USA Today, LSD usage statistics on the rise; 21. unknown, "  FAA stops doing own drug tests,"  USA Today,  FAA stops their drug tests; 22.  Howard W. French, "Battling Drug Use on the Job,"  New York Times, how companies combat drug use; 23. unknown, "Truckers' test: 30‰ took drugs,"  USA Today, drug usage amongst truckers; 24. unknown, "New York City Plans Drug Test In Felony Cases,"  New York Times, New York City plans for drug test program; 25.  Scott Smith; "GW opts to teach rather than test," unknown, George Washington education based anti-drug program; 26.  Sandra Sugawara, "Pentagon contractors expect closer scrutiny," unknown, more oversight on Pentagon contracts; 27.  Associated Press, "Contract for billions in probe," unknown, investigation in Pentagon contracts; 28.  Associated Press, "Meese calls for drug test on suspect's arrest," unknown, Meese wants all people arrested subject to drug tests; 29.  Philip Shabecoff, "U.S. Bars Proposal to Limit Acid Rain,"  New York Times, no agreement on limiting flow of nitrogen oxide pollutant to  Canada; 30.  Paul Della Valle, "Two words say it all:  Jack Tubert," unknown, article on columnist  Jack Tubert; 31.  Mike Zielinski, "  FBI's probe of CISPES exposed,"  Guardian,  FBI surveillance on CISPES; 32.  John C. Agnew, "Fr. Gilgun Heads a Unique Community," unknown, Rev. Gilgun experimental community outside of Worcester; 33.  N.K. Fields, n/a, unknown, letter to the editor claims Hoffman worked for the government; 34. unknown, unknown, unknown, harmful affects of DDT; 35.  Arthur Levin, "Ultimate Specialists: Six fo the Best Doctors In the World," unknown, profile of famous doctors; 36.  Edward Kenney, "Alpha Relaxation Techniques for Self-Improvement," unknown, relaxation techniques; 37.  Abbie Hoffman, "  Abbie Hoffman tenders resignation from the movement," unknown, "retirement letter" from the Movement; 38.  Lee M. Hammel, "Prospect House to Give  Abbie Hoffman Plaque," unknown, Hoffman recognized by organization.]


News, 1936 

General note

[n/a, n/a, New York Times, front page of Monday November 30th 1936 paper.]


News, 1939 

General note

[. n/a, n/a, Worcester Telegram, front page of Wednesday September 13th 1939 paper.]


News, 1945 

General note

[unknown, n/a, unknown, picture of Phyllis Hoffman at four years old with the caption "Waiting for Doom's Day".]


News, 1953 

General note

[n/a, n/a, The Morning Gazette (Worcester), front page of Wednesday June 10th 1953 with coverage of tornado in Western  Massachusetts.]


News, 1959 

General note

[. n/a, " Susan Sandman and  Abbott Hoffman Candidates for Brandeis Degrees," unknown, profile of Hoffman just prior to graduation (two copies).]


News, 1961 

General note

[ Margaret Lincoln, "Art Films Psychologist's Hobby,"  Worcester Telegram, interview with Hoffman concerning his love of film (original with two copies).]


News, 1963 

General note

[n/a, n/a, The Evening Gazette (Worcester), front page of Friday November 22nd 1963 with coverage of the assassination of  John F. Kennedy; 2.  The Evening Gazette (Worcester), Saturday November 23rd 1963.]


News, 1966 

General note

[1. Abbie Hoffman, "  SNCC: The Desecration Of a Delayed Dream,"  Village Voice, Hoffman denounces  SNCC for their ideological shift; 2.  Abbie Hoffman, "Another Look At the Movement,"  Village Voice, Hoffman further denounces  SNCC and discusses the negative reaction he received.]


News, 1967 

General note

[1. Abbott Hoffman, "View From Canal 11th" and "Vencermos!",  The Punch, poetry (two copies); 2.  Abbott Hoffman, "Hallucinations from the Real World,"  The Punch, description of Be-In at Central Park on Easter.]


News, 1968 

General note

[1. unknown, "Yippie Leader (illegible)," unknown, analysis of Hoffman's activities at the Democratic National Convention; 2. unknown, "Ex-City Man Leads Yippies in Chicago," unknown, report of Hoffman's activities at the Democratic National Convention; 3. Walter Bowart, "Casting the Money Throwers From the Temple," unknown, Hoffman throws money onto the Stock Market floor; 4.  James A. Gourgouras, "Heartache Real For Hoffmans,"  Worcester Telegram, feelings of family during and after Democratic National Convention (original with one copy); 5. unknown, unknown, unknown, Bishop  James Pike explains what a Hippie is; 6.  Abbie Hoffman, n/a,  The Punch, letter to the editor asking for excerpts from  Revolution for the Hell of It to be printed in the paper; 7.  Associated Press, "  Abbie Hoffman, Wife Arrested at Hearing," unknown; Hoffman arrested at a anti-HUAC demonstration; 8.  Daniel Greene, "As Yippies Bait System 'It's All a Myth, Man',"   National Observer, Hoffman, Rubin, and the Yippie movement; 9.  Raymod P. Girard, "Brother Defends Abbie's Positions," unknown,  Jack Hoffman defends Hoffman's actions in Chicago; 10. unknown, "Yippie! Was Here," unknown, Hoffman appearance at book signing; 11.  Associated Press, "Yippies Make Scene At Capital Hearings," uknown, anti-HUAC demonstration during hearings; 12.  Frank Dudock, "Hoffman's Book,"  The Punch, discussion of  Revolution for the Hell of It and Yippies.]


News, 1969 

General note

[1. Paul Levine, "(illegible) Urges Yippiedom for Miami," unknown, Hoffman visits Miami during Chicago 7 trial; 2. unknown, "Yippie Leader Freed," unknown, charges dismissed in weapons and drug possession case; 3.  Abbie Hoffman, "The Doctor Revolt,"   WIN Magazine, problems with hospitals and the medical community; 4.  Philip F. Murphy, "  Abbie Hoffman Is Home, City Remains Undaunted,"   Worcester Telegram, Hoffman is back is Worcester after Democratic National Convention; 5. unknown, "Ideas In Action: Revolutionary Gurus,"  Time Magazine, discussion of Guevara, Marcuse, Debray, Fanon, and Mao; 6.  Marty Jezer, "Review of  Revolution for The Hell of It,"  Liberation Magazine, review of Hoffman's book; 7.  J. Anthony Lukas, "Go on Trial Today in Another Round in 1968 Chicago Convention (illegible),"  New York Times, Chicago 7 trial; 8.  Emanuel Perlmutter, "Lawyers' Rally to Assail Jailing,"  New York Times, lawyers protest jailing of two defense attorneys; 9.  Jerry Tallmer, "The Chicago Eight - A Colorful Cast,"  New York Post, description of defendents; 10.  J. Anthony Lukas, "Judge Drops Contempt Citations Against 4 Defending the Chicago 8,"  New York Times, charges against lawyers dropped; 11.  Jerry Tallmer, "2 Jurors at Chicago 8 Trial Get Threat,"  New York Post, two female jurors receive threatening letters; 12.  J. Anthony Lukas, "Judge Orders Arrest of 4 Defense Attorneys as Trial Begins for Leaders of '68 Chicago Demonstrations,"  New York Times, description of first day of hearings; 13.  J. Anthony Lukas, "'Chicago Eight' Challenge the Law on Agitation,"  New York Times, review of legal case against Chicago 8; 14.  Jerry Tallmer, "Chicago Eight Defense Raps Juror's Ouster,"  New York Post, defense angered over dismissal of jurors; 15. unknown, "Jail Dellinger For Outburst," unknown,  Dave Dellinger jailed for courtroom outburst; 16.  Jerry Tallmer, "2 new 'Jerry Rubins' Pop Up at Riot Trial,"  New York Post, others claim to be who the police thought was  Jerry Rubin; 17.  Raymond R. Coffey, "Cop's Memory is Challenged At Chi 8 Trial,"  New York Post, defense examines prosecution's star witness; 18.  Raymond R. Coffey, "Chi 8 Defense Finds Going Hard,"  New York Post, no success in discrediting star witness; 19.  William Barry Furlong, "A controversial trial tests the limits of dissent,"  LIFE Magazine, discussion of Chicago 8 trial; 20.  Raymond R. Coffey, "Chi 8 Ask Recess For Moratorium,"  New York Post, permission for defendents to participate in the anti-war moratorium; 21.  J. Anthony Lukas, "'Party' Disrupts Chicago 8 Court,"  New York Times, party for  Bobby Seale disrupts proceedings; 22.  Tom Wicker, "In The Nation: On Trial in Chicago,"  New York Times, impressions of the trial; 23.  J. Anthony Lukas, "Rubin Surrenders After He Leaves Trial,"  New York Times, Rubin is jailed after leaving courtroom; 24. n/a, n/a,  Sunday Herald Traveler, advertisement for a show in Boston; 25. n/a, n/a, unknown, advertisment for Hoffman speech with  Leonard Weinglass and  Gerald Lefcourt; 26.  John Leonard, "Books of The Times,"  New York Times, reivew of  Counterblast and  The Interior Landscape; 26.   The Worcester Punch, Vol. 3 No. 5 December 1969; 27.  Manasha Bilsey, "The Conspiracy Comes Home: Abbie & Frank,"  The Worcester Punch, interview with Hoffman concerning trial; 28.  J. Anthony Lucas (sic), "Chicago 7 Trial Hears City Aide,"  New York Times, city aide testifies about the plans of violence; 29.  Henrys Resnik, "The Groovy Revolution,"  Saturday Review, reviews of   Woodstock Nation,  The Free People, and  The Making of a Counter Culture; 30.  J. Anthony Lukas, "Judge Is Assailed In Chicago Trial,"  New York Times, Dellinger accuses Hoffman of denying them a fair trial; 31.  Arnold Markowitz, "Radical's Parents Endure Own Trial But Stand By Him,"  Miami Herald,  Rennie Davis' parent support him during trial; 32.  J. Anthony Lukas, "Yippies' Leader Tells the Judge Just What His 'Party' Believes"  New York Times; Hoffman testifies (two copies); 33.  J. Anthony Lukas, "Defendant in Trial of Chicago 7 Calls the Judge 'Very Unfair'",  New York Times, Dellinger accuses Judge Hoffman of being partial along with trial proceedings; 34.  J. Anthony Lukas, "Attorneys Clash on 'Yippie Myths',"  New York Times, Hoffman testifies.]


News, 1970 January - February 

General note

[1. Anthony Lewis, "Breeding Contempt for Law,"  New York Times, editorial in favor of the Chicago 7; 2. unknown, unknown,  New York Times Magazine, summary of trial procedings; 3. unknown, "Federal Judge Sentences Four For Contempt in Chicago Trial,"  New York Times, events during the sentencing for contempt of court; 4. unknown, "Appeals Court Grants Bail to 'Chicago Seven'",  Miami Herald, Hoffman and co-defendents out on bond; 5.  Robert Levey, "Chicago 7 lawyer asks probe,"  Boston Globe, Weinglass request probe into case to determine if it was in contempt of the American judicial system; 6. unknown, "'Chicago Seven' Lawyers Appeal Denial of Bonds,"  Miami Herald, lawyers appeal ruling on bond; 7.  Elliot Cohen, "Judge Hoffman's Brand of Justice," unknown; letter to the editor against Hoffman; 8. unknown, "5 Get Prison Terms In Chicago Riot Case," unknown, sentences and reactions; 9. unknown, "Chicago and the System," unknown, the system proved itself to be fair and the defendents childish; 10. editorial staff; "Repression and The Chicago Eight,"  Ramparts, defense of the Chicago 8 and state repression; 11.  Paul Glusman, "Behind the Chicago Conspiracy Trial,"  Ramparts, analysis of the trial; 12.  J. Anthony Lukas, "Yippie Film on 1968 Convention Is Kept From Jury,"  New York Times, Judge Hoffman declines to allow video of Yippies in trial; 13.  A.H. Weiler, "Yippy For the Yippies," unknown, Hoffman to make a movie; 14.  J. Anthony Lukas, "Chicago 7 Cleared of Plot; 5 Guilty on Second Count,"  New York Times, details of the sentencing; 15.  J. Anthony Lukas, "Disorder Erupts at Chicago Trial After Judge Jails a Defendant for Using a Vulgarity,"  New York Times, Dellinger jailed for vulgarity; 16. unknown; "Davis of Chicago 7 Predicts They'll Be Jailed for Contempt,"  New York Post, Davis reflects on trial; 17. unknown, "Appeal Hinted In the Jailing of Dellinger,"  New York Post, Weinglass to appeal Dellinger's sentence; 18.  Associated Press, "Dellinger Jailed in Chicago Trial," unknown, Dellinger jailed for vulgarity; 19.  J. Anthony Lukas, "Prosecution Says Chicago 7 Planned a Revolution,"  New York Times, the prosecution's final arguments; 20.  J. Anthony Lukas, "Chicago 7 Defense Charges U.S. Concocted Case to Justify Police Violence,"  New York Times, the defense's closing arguments; 21.  J. Anthony Lukas, "Daley on Stand in Chicago Today; Defense Plans an Indictment,"  New York Times, Daley to take the witness stand; 22.  Raymond R. Coffey, "The Chicago Seven: An Unlikely Landmark,"  New York Post Magazine, analysis of the trial; 23.  J. Anthony Lukas, "U.S. Judge Orders Contempt Terms in Chicago Trial,"  New York Times, sentencing of four for contempt of court; 24. combined services, ""entence of 4 of Chi 7 for Contempt,"  Sunday News, report of court following the setencing; 25.  Marty Jezer, "Reviews:  Woodstock Nation,"  WIN Magazine, review of  Woodstock Nation; 26.  J. Anthony Lukas, "'Incredible End to an Incredible Trial',"  New York Times, analysis and reflection on trial; 27.  Pete Hamill, "Chicago Tragedy,"  New York Post Magazine, condemnation of Judge Hoffman; 28.  J. Anthony Lukas, "Kunstler Given Four-Year Term By Chicago Judge,"  New York Times, sentencing for contempt of court by Judge Hoffman (two copies); 29.  Associated Press, "Lawyer for Chicago 7 Gets 4-Year Term for Contempt,"  Long Island Press, contempt of court sentences; 30.  Lee Dembart, "Chicago 7 Jury in Third Day,"  New York Post, jury deliberations; 31.  Harriet Van Horne, "A Pair of Hoffmans,"  New York Post, editorial critical of Hoffman and Judge Hoffman; 32.  United Press International, "Chicago 7 Lawyer Draws Four Years,"  New York Daily News, contempt of court sentences; 33.  Associated Press, "Chicago Jurors Out; Lawyers Sentenced,"  Newsday, contempt of court sentences; 34.  Pete Hamill, "The Chicago Trial,"  New York Post, editorial on Judge Hoffman; 35.  J. Anthony Lukas, "Chicago 7 Cleared of Plot, 5 Guilty on Second Count,"  New York Times, jury verdict; 36.  J. Anthony Lukas, "Jury for Chicago 7 Ends Its Third Day Without a Verdict,"  New York Times, jury deliberations; 37.  Ralph Blumenthal, "New Haven Foils a Bombing Plot,"  New York Times, five arrested for bombing plot in New Haven; 38.  United Press International, "5 of Chicago 7 Guilty on 1 Rap,"  New York Daily News, jury verdict; 39.  United Press International, "'Chicago 7' Acquitted of Conspiracy,"  The Boston Globe, jury verdict; 40.  John Kifner, "Chicago 7 Jurors Tell of Compromise,"  New York Times, information on jury deliberations; 41.  United Press International, "Chicago 7 Attorneys Map Appeal Tactics,"  New York Daily News, defense appeals convictions; 42. unknown, "Chicago 5 Sentenced: 5 Years, $5000 Fines,"  Record American, photograph of Ms. Hoffman and Ms. Rubin outside the courtroom in protest of sentence; 43.  Tom Topor, "Chi Protests Across Country,"  New York Post, protests against sentences; 44.  J. Anthony Lukas, "5 in Chicago Trial Get 5-Year Terms and $5,000 Fines,"  New York Times, sentencing of defendents; 45. (illegible) Times Service, "(illegible) Chicago Trial (illegible) Terms, Fines,"  Worcester Telegram, sentencing of defendents; 46.  Associated Press, "ABA Unit to Probe Court Proceedings,"  Worcester Telegram,  American Bar Association probe into trial; 47.  William Chapman, "'Chicago 5' Draws 5-Year Jail Terms,"  The Boston Globe, sentencing of defendents; 48.  Liberation News Service, "'Sure We're In Contempt',"  The Punch, radical perspective on the Chicago 7 trial; 49. unknown, "The Dissent-Establishment Gap Grows Wider,"  Sunday News, analysis of the trial; 50.  Tom Wicker, "In The Nation: Who Can Question the Government?,"  New York Times, condemnation of Judge Hoffman's conduct in the trial; 51. unknown, "The Chicago Trial: A Loss for All,"  Time Magazine, condemnation of Judge Hoffman's conduct in the trial (original with one copy); 52.  Kay S. Richards, "Chicago 7: A Trial for Jury, Too,"  The Boston Globe, discussion of the jury; 53.  James W. Singer, "Congressional petitions ask '7' bail,"  Chicago Sun-Times, developments after the trial; 54.  John Kifner, "Ex-U.S. Aides Urge Bonds in Chicago,"  New York Times, developments following trial; 55.  Kay S. Richards, "How I Felt Facing The Chicago Seven,"  New York Post, personal reflections on the Chicago 7 trial; 56.  John Kifner, "Supporter of 7 Fight Back Tears,"  New York Times, reaction to verdict; 57.  United Press International, "Federal Prosecutor Criticizes the Chicago 7 Defendants and Their Lawyers,"  New York Times, U.S. Attorney General  James Foran denounces Chicago 7; 58. unknown, "Chicago 7 Protest in Washington Ends With 112 Youths Arrested,"  New York Times, details of protest; 59.  J. Anthony Lukas, "5 In Chicago Trial Get 5-Year Terms and $5,000 Fines,"  New York Times, appeals and sentencing.]


News, 1970 March - December 

General note

[1. Jack Hoffman, "We Have Problems of Injustice in America, Too," unknown, letter to the editor about unfair trials; 2.  Tony Fuller, "'Chicago 7' Released Pending Appeal," The  Boston Globe, defendents released on bond; 3. n/a, n/a, unknown, advertisement for  William O. Douglas' book  Points of Rebellion; 4. n/a, n/a,  New York Times, editorial page from March 3, 1970; 5.  D.J.R. Bruckner, "Treat Violence As Crime, Not Political Issue,"  Miami Herald, editorial; 6.  J. Anthony Lukas, "The Second Confrontation In Chicago,"  New York Times Magazine, reflections on sentencing; 7.  Martin I. Gross, "'Revolution' Has Become Giant Put-On Of The Era,"  Miami Herald, editorial critical of the New Left; 8.  Richard Flacks and  Milton Mankoff, "Why They Burned the Bank,"  The Nation, analysis of revolt in Santa Barbara; 9. unknown, "The Seven," unknown, article in support of the Chicago 7; 10.  Gene Marine, "Chicago,"  The Rolling Stone, reflections on the Chicago 7 trial; 11.  United Press International, "Rice Closes, Bars Hoffman," unknown,  Rice University bars Hoffman from speaking; 12.  Associated Press, "'Chicago 7' Speech Killed,"  Miami Herald,  Rice University bars Hoffman from speaking; 13. unknown, "  Abbie Hoffman's Talk May Be Shifted to HC," unknown, Hoffman to speak at  Holy Cross College; 14. unknown, "Hoffman Is Heard By 2,000 at HC,"  Worcester Telegram, Hoffman's speech at Holy Cross (three copies); 15. n/a, n/a,  The Rolling Stone, page 17 of April 16th 1970 paper; 16.  Associated Press, "Abbie Gets the Gate At White House Tea," unknown, Hoffman denied entrance to White House with  Grace Slick; 17.  United Press International, "Slicked-up Abby Denied Entry to Tricia's Tea,"  The News, Framingham-Natick, Hoffman denied entrance to White House with  Grace Slick; 18. unknown, "Abbie Gets a Passport," unknown; editorial against Hoffman's visit to  Cuba 19.  David Newman and  Robert Benton, "(illegible) Sex Figures," unknown, Hoffman named in article; 20.  Sick, Vol. 10 No. 6, September 1970; 21.  Paul Laikin and  Jerry Grandenetti, "Abbie Hoffman's Charm School,"  Sick, cartoon story in support of Abbie; 22. n/a, n/a,  National Lampoon, front cover of October 1970 issue.]


News, 1971 

General note

[1. Fred P. Graham, "Chaos Over the Issue of Its Abuse,"  New York Times Magazine, debate over the flag shirt; 2.  Associated Press, "Lawmaker Is Criticized For Tax-on-Sex Bill," unknown, Rep.  Bernard C. Gladstone introduce joke legislation; 3.  James A. Gourgouras, "Main Street,"  The Evening Gazette (Worcester), article listing upcoming events, mentions  Jack Hoffman; 4.  Norman Fruchter, unknown,  Liberation, the efficacy of protest; 5.  Norman Fruchter, "Games in the Arena: Movement Propaganda and the Culture of the Spectacle,"  Liberation, the media and the movement; 6.  Associated Press, "Hoffman indicted, Mitchell sued as ripples spread from Mayday protests," unknown, arrests following the Mayday demonstration; 7.  Associated Press, "Abbie Hoffman Is Indicted In Washington,"  Worcester Telegram, charges against Hoffman; 8. unknown, "The erosion of legal rights,"  The Boston Globe, editorial against government violation of privacy rights (two copies); 9.  Russell Baker, "The Dumbest Rip-Off,"  New York Times, against Hoffman cheating the phone company; 10.  Dotson Rader,  Steal This Book,  New York Times, review of  Steal This Book (two copies); 11. n/a, n/a,  The Phoenix, letter to the editor against Hoffman; 12. n/a, n/a, unknown, page of People, etc. with a section on Hoffman; 13.  Bob Williams, "Network Newsmen Spurn Ch. 13 Show With Abbie,"  New York Post, interview falls through; 14.  J. Anthony Lukas, "  Bobby Seale's Birthday Cake (Oh, Far Out!),"  New York Times Magazine, reflections on the Chicago 7; 15.  Bruce McCabe, "Steal This Story Or,  Abbie Hoffman in Beantown,"  Boston Sunday Globe, reflections on  Abbie Hoffman.]


News, 1972 

General note

[1. unknown, "(illegible) fuses people together," unknown; soldier's reflections on Vietnam; 2. unknown, unknown, unknown, short piece on oil and taxes; 3.  Daniel St. Albin Greene, "Watergate Boggles Abbie,"  New York Times, interview with Hoffman; 4.  Kenneth D. Campbell, "Fontainebleau, sand and  Abbie Hoffman," The  Boston Globe, Hoffman and the Republican National Convention; 5. n/a, n/a, unknown, advertisement for Emile de Antonio's Millhouse; 6. n/a, n/a, unknown, editorial page; 7. n/a, n/a, unknown, advertisement for  Jack Hoffman for the Chisholm Slate; 8. n/a, n/a, unknown, advertisement for  Jack Hoffman for the Chisholm Slate; 9. n/a, n/a, unknown, advertisement for  Steal This Book 10. unknown, unknown, unknown, analysis of opinions on the 1972 Presidental elections; 11.  Jimmy Breslin, "Alan the Delegate views Nixon,"  Boston Evening Globe, reflections on the Nixon canidacy; 12.  Herbert Black, "MGH studies hospital electical mishaps,"  Boston Sunday Globe, concerns over hospital electrical accidents are unfounded; 13.  Nicholas von Hoffman, "Agnew soft on media that's been soft on (illegible)," The  Boston Globe, problems with indefinite jailings; 14.  John Kifner, "Freed Chicago Conspiracy' Men Still Active in Protest Roles,"  Boston Record, current activities of the Chicago 7.]


News, 1973 

General note

[1. William E. Farrell, "Once More, With Decorum," unknown, developments after the trial; 2. unknown, "Reappearance of a Yippie," unknown, arrest of Hoffman; 3.  M.A. Farber, "  Abbie Hoffman Fights Defining of Cocaine as Narcotic,"  New York Times, trial procedings; 4. unknown, "Hoffman Bid Denied in Narcotics Case,"  New York Times, trial procedings; 5.  Associated Press, "U.S. Drops the Charges Against 5 of Chicago 7,"  New York Times, charges dropped; 6.  United Press International, "Chicago Bid Denied,"  New York Times, judge rejects motion to throw out contempt of court charges; 7. unknown, unknown, unknown, Ms. Hoffman's 90th birthday; 8. unknown, "Smile Abbie!," unknown, Hoffman gets a vasectomy; 9.  Linda Greenhouse, "  Abbie Hoffman Among 4 Held On Charges of Selling Cocaine,"  New York Times, arrest on cocaine charges; 10.  Ronald Smothers, "  Abbie Hoffman Is Held in $200,000 Bail on Cocaine-Sale Charge,"  New York Times, charges against Hoffman (two copies); 11. unknown; "Hoffman is Accused of Drug Possession,"  New York Times, charges against Hoffman; 12. unknown; "Hoffman is Named in New Indictments,"  New York Times, charges against Hoffman; 13.  Charles Kaiser, "A 'Routine' Cocaine Bust,"  Rolling Stone, reflections on the arrest of Hoffman; 14.  William E. Farrell, "Chicago 7 Start New Trial Today,"  New York Times, new contempt of court hearing (three copies); 15.  William E. Farrell, unknown,  New York Times, procedings of the new trial; 16.  William E. Farrell, "Dismissal Asked By Chicago Seven,"  New York Times, defense asks for a dismissal; 17.  United Press International, "Judge Acquits Them on 18 of 38 Contempt Counts,"  New York Times, verdict in new trial; 18.  United Press International, "  Bobby Seale Testifies Quietly For Chicago Seven Defendants,"  New York Times, Seale's testimony; 19.  Reuters, "Chicago 7 Lawyers Freed of 7 Charges,"  New York Times, verdict in new trial; 20.  Seth S. King, "Courtroom Calm at Chicago Trial,"  New York Times, analysis of new Chicago 7 trial; 21.  United Press International, "Liddy Cited at Contempt Trial for 5 of Chicago 7,"  New York Times, involvement of  G. Gordon Liddy in survellience during the Democratic National Convention; 22.  Associated Press, "Defense Motions Denied In Riot Conspiracy Trial,"  New York Times, motion to throw out all contempt of courts is denied; 23.  Associated Press, "Convict Kunstler & 3 Of Contempt a 2d (sic) Time," unknown, verdict in contempt of court trial (two copies); 24.  Andrew H. Malcolm, "Kunstler and 3 Others Found in Contempt at 'Chicago 7' Trial,"  New York Times, verdict in contempt of court trial (three copies); 25.  Andrew H. Malcolm, "Four In Contempt are Spared Jail,"  New York Times, sentencing in contempt of court trial (two copies).]


News, 1974 

General note

[1. unknown, " John Hoffman, Company Owner," unknown; obiturary for Mr. Hoffman (three copies); 2. unknown, "  John Hoffman,"  The Probian, obiturary for Mr. Hoffman; 3.  Clark Whelton, "Dear Abbie," unknown, Hoffman becomes a fugitive; 4.  Mike Pearl and  Sheila Moran, "  Abbie Hoffman Jumps Bail,"  New York Post, Hoffman becomes a fugitive; 5.  Ellen Fleysher, "Hoffman Snubs Court," unknown, Hoffman becomes a fugitive (two copies); 6. unknown, unknown, unknown, reflections on Hoffman; 7.  Anita Hoffman, "Good-bye To All That - Abbie Splits,"  WIN Magazine, reflections on Hoffman; 8. unknown, unknown, unknown, reflections on Hoffman; 9. unknown, "  Abbie Hoffman Still At Large," unknown, Hoffman goes underground; 10.  Worcester Telegram August 9th 1974; 11.  Ronald Smothers, "  Abbie Hoffman Is Held in $200,000 Bail on Cocaine-Sale Charge,"  New York Times, charges against Hoffman; 12. unknown, unknown,  Newsweek, Ms. Hoffman comments on Hoffman's move to the underground; 13.  Associated Press, "Plea for Dismissal Heard Despite Hoffman's Absence,"  Worcester Telegram, trial procedings; 14.  Ron Rosenbaum, "The  Abbie Hoffman Bust: Was It The Real Thing?,"  The Village Voice, questions surrounding the arrest of Hoffman (two copies); 15.  Ron Rosenbaum, "The  Abbie Hoffman Bust: The Mystery Deepens,"  The Village Voice, questions surrounding the arrest of Hoffman (two copies).]


News, 1975 

General note

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News, 1976 

General note

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News, 1977 

General note

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News, 1978 January - August 

General note

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News, 1978 September - December 

General note

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News, 1979 

General note

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News, 1980 

General note

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News, 1981 

General note

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News, 1982 

General note

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News, 1983 

General note

[1. Terrie Clifford, "Democracy Demands Dissent, OU Students Told," unknown, Hoffman speaks at  Oklahoma University; 2.  Michael Venture, "What is Low Power Television, And How Will It Change Your Whole Life?: An Interview with  Jeffrey Nightbyrd,"  L.A. Weekly, interview with Nightbyrd about his commerical endeavours; 3.  Harvey Wasserman, "A New Age Interview,"  New Age, interview with Hoffman on the differences and parallels between the 60's and today (two copies);4.  Evan Katz, "  Abbie Hoffman to speak at OU Thursday; last speech cancelled from fear of arrest,"  The Oklahoma Daily, Hoffman to speak at  Oklahoma University; 5.  Madeline Patton, "Shake 'em up: Middle age, not middle class, overtakes  Abbie Hoffman," reflections on the changes in Hoffman's political approach; 6.  Evan Katz, "Once-banned Hoffman to speak here again,"  Oklahoma Daily, Hoffman to speak at  Oklahoma University; 7.  Wilda Wahpepah and  Evan Katz, "Hoffman ignites standing-room-only crowd,"  The Oklahoma Daily, Hoffman speaks at  Oklahoma University (two copies); 8.  Steve Ray Linam, "Hoffman urges crowd to reject complacency,"  The Transcript, Hoffman sepaks at  Oklahoma University; 9. unknown, "  Abbie Hoffman to Speak May 2nd,"  The Fitchburg State Strobe, Hoffman to speak at Fitchburg State; 10. Dr.  Paul Donohue, "Blood Pressure Drugs Often Need Some Adjustment,"  The Evening Gazette, article on health concerns.]


News, 1984 

General note

[1. n/a, n/a, n/a, assorted United Press International story abstracts, two involving Hoffman's recent speaking tours; 2.  Michael H. Seitz, "The Way We Were,"  The Progressive, review of film soundtrack in which Hoffman's name is mentioned in passing.]


News, 1985 

General note

[1. David Corn, "The Abbie & Jerry Show,"  Mother Jones, Hoffman and Rubin go on a debate tour (two copies); 2. n/a, n/a, n/a,  United Press International story abstract on Hoffman's trip to  Nicaragua; 3.  James Dempsey, "A Punchy History Of the 1960s," unknown, editorial on the history of the  Worcester Punch (two copies); 4.  Jeffrey Nightbyrd, "On LPTV, Entreprenuers Have Starring Roles,"  Inc., Nightbyrd starts up low power television; 5.  Benny Avni, "Interview With  Abbie Hoffman,"  Tikkun, Hoffman comments on  Israel and Judaism (two copies).]


News, 1986 

General note

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News, 1987 January - March 

General note

[1. Jim Henderson, "Deduction's cut but IRAs still OK,"  USA Today, information on tax filing; 2.  Jennifer Lin, "Oct. crash hit more than just stock business," unknown, effect of the stock market crash on the market as a whole; 3.  Marian Sandmaier, "The First Lady Was an Addict,"  The New York Times Book Review, review of  Betty Ford's autobiography "Betty"; 4. unknown, "Court records show Blue failed drug tests in 1986,"  USA Today, Giants pitcher  Vida Blue tested positive for cocaine during the 1986 season; 5.  Reginald Stuart, "U.S. Relieves Aide Who Ran Drug Tests in Amtrak Crash,"  New York Times, FAA investigates an employee around misconduct allegations; 6.  Sam Meddis, "Drug war termed 'sad state of affairs',"  USA Today, problems with the War on Drugs; 7. unknown, unknown,  Worcester Telegram, Hoffman and Carter found innocent in trial; 8.  Neil Roland, "Possible Iran-contra illegalities are listed,"  Philadelphia Inquirer, allegations in the Iran-Contra scandal; 9.  William K. Stevens, "Reflection And Hijinks At Festival,"  New York Times, Philadelphia conference on the present day state of the fifty states; 10.  Fred Bernstein, "  Amy Carter and  Abbie Hoffman Win Acquittal, But They Want to Keep the C.I.A. on Trial," unknown, Hoffman and Carter discuss the role of C.I.A. in human rights abuses; 11. n/a, n/a,  The Evening Gazette, editorial pieces on Iran-Contra and the Hoffman and Carter case; 12.  Mathea Falco, "Reagan's Drug Policy: A Bust,"  New York Times, editorial on the failure of Reagan's drug policies; 13.  Robert Pear, "Customs Retreating on Drug Testing,"  New York Times, US Customs changes policy on drug testing; 14.  Diane Ackerman, "He Put Words In Our Mouths,"  Parade Magazine, reflections on  Noah Webster; 15.  Matthew L. Wald, "Hoffman: A Radical In All Ages,"  New York Times, reflections on the life of  Abbie Hoffman; 16. n/a, n/a,  New York Times, advertisement from  Reader's Digest "We can win the cocaine war - if 'we' includes you"; 17.  Bernard Weinraub, "The Matter of Money And Fighting Drugs,"  New York Times, President Reagan rejects further spending on drug rehabilitation (two copies); 18.  Peter Kerr, "Crack Addiction: The Tragic Toll on Women and Their Children,"  New York Times, report on the rising rates of crack usage by women in poor neighborhoods; 19. n/a, n/a,  In These Times, letter to the editor page; 20.  Associated Press, "Miss Carter to testy in protest trial," unknown, Carter testifies in anti-C.I.A. rally trial; 21. unknown, "Workers Banned Over Drugs," unknown, five workers are fired after testing positive for drugs; 22. n/a, "I'm back, I'm clean, I love what I'm doing,"  USA Today, interview with  Dennis Hopper; 23.  Thomas E. Ricks and  Martha Brannigan, "Drug lawyer's dream?,"  Wall Street Journal, trial of major drug dealer; 24. unknown, "Drug rule exposed," unknown, critical comment on the enforcement of drug laws; 25.  Reuters, "Drug Testing on Rails Praised as a Deterrent,"  New York Times, drug testing serves as a deterrent; 26.  Associated Press, "Drug-testing rules issued for federal employees,"  The Morning Union, new drug regulations for federal employees; 27.  Peter Kerr, "High-School Marijuana Use Still Declining U.S. Servey Shows,"  New York Times, reduction in marjiuana use amongst high school students; 28.  Linda Greenhouse, "Redrawing Battle Lines On Aid to the Contras,"  New York Times, Congressional debate over the Iran-Contra issue; 29.  Michael R. Gordon, "On Making a Better Warhead,"  New York Times, Washington believes that Moscow has developed more sophisticated warheads; 30. n/a, "Exerpts From Opinion and Dissent in  Alabama Affirmative Action Decision,"  New York Times, ruling in federal affirmative action case; 31.  Pennslyvannia Gazette, the official alumni magazine of  University of Pennslyvannia, Vol. 85, No. 5, March 1987; 32.  Associated Press, "Senate Unit Backs Drug Tests For Transportation Workers,"  New York Times, federal agencies implement new drug tests; 33. unknown, unknown, unknown, public interest story on the Dukakis family; 34. n/a, n/a,  New York Times, advertisement from  Reader's Digest "How non-smokers can kick the habit"; 35. unknown, "Employers Battling Drug Use on the Job,"  New York Times, companies are using private firms for drug testing; 36.  Harry Levine and  Craig Reinarman, "What's Behind 'Jar Wars',"  The Nation, the invasiveness and mistakes in federal drug testing.]


News, 1987 April - December 

General note

[1. Richard Levine, "Rules Eased On Ordering Drug Tests,"  New York Times, changes in the New York MTA drug testing; 2. n/a "It's still trespassing,"  Daily Hampshire Gazette, editorial arguing that Hoffman and Carter are guilty regardless of the political nature of the protest; 3.  Associated Press, "Hoffman,  Amy Carter and others set to defend anti-  CIA conduct,"  The Evening Gazette, Hoffman and Carter go to trial for trespassing; 4.  Deborah McDermott, "Jury selection continues,"  The Daily Hampshire, jury selection for the Hoffman and Carter anti-  CIA protest case; 5.  Deborah McDermott, "Trial publicity is an ordeal,"  The Daily Hampshire, impact of the life on Carter's life; 6.  Associated Press, "  Abbie Hoffman starting to worry about paying for cost of his trial," unknown, proceedings of the trial; 7.  Associated Press, "High on cocaine: Seizures, disturbances,"  Daily Hampshire Gazette, report on cocaine usage; 8.  Deborah McDermott, "Jury finally chosen for trial of  CIA protestors,"  Daily Hampshire Gazette, jury selection completed; 9.  Deborah McDermott and  Brenda Elliot, "Hoffman, Carter witnesses claim  CIA committed crimes,"  Daily Hampshire Gazette, trial proceedings; 10.  Associated Press, "Carter trial witnesses call  CIA the criminal,"  The Evening Gazette, trial proceedings; 11.  Peter Shinkle and  Dennis Bernstein, "U.S. hires drug dealer to deal humanitarian aid,"  Guardian, State Department employee engaged in drug dealing for the  United States government; 12.  Brenda Elliot, "Ellsberg testifies in anti-  CIA trial,"  Daily Hampshire Gazette, trial proceedings; 13.  Associated Press, "It's Amy's turn to take the stand today in CIA case," unknown, Carter to take the stand; 14.  Paul Katzeff, "Boston firms are slow to join drug-test trend,"  Boston Herald, Boston companies buck national trend of drug testing; 15. unknown, "(illegible) testifies,"  Daily Hampshire Gazette, Carter testifies on her role in the anti-CIA protests; 16.  Deborah McDermott, "Former attorney general testifies; trial will end tomorrow,"  Daily Hampshire Gazette, trial proceedings; 17.  Deborah McDermott, "Jury will consider necessity defense,"  Daily Hampshire Gazette, jury deliberations and trial conclusion; 18.  Deborah McDermott, "Freeing protestors seen as statement against  CIA,"  Daily Hampshire Gazette, Hoffman and Carter found innocent; 19.  Associated Press, "A proud father,"  Daily Hampshire Gazette, former President Carter approves of daughter's activism; 20.  Paul Oh, "Jurors discuss protestors: 'They did it for a reason',"  Daily Hampshire Gazette, jurors justify the actions of Hoffman and Carter on political grounds; 21.  Deborah McDermott, "The  CIA trial verdict,"  Daily Hampshire Gazette, analysis of the trial; 22.  Francis X. Clines, "Laying Down the Law At the Cannabis Café',"  New York Times, Dutch police crack down on drug use in Amsterdam; 23.  Kenneth B. Noble, "U.S. Appeals Courts, in Four Cases, Back Drug Tests on Public Workers,"  New York Times, court upholds the legality of workers; 24. unknown, "On Trial: Cheers and Jeers for  Amy Carter,"  Newsweek, reflections on Carter and the spectacle of the trial; 25.  Joseph Nocera, "Amy's Day," unknown, reflections on Carter's activism; 26.  John Leonard, "Agit Props," unknown, review of movie on the 1960s; 27.  Mary McGrory, "Amy and Abbie: the miniseries," unknown, editorial on the anti-  CIA trespassing trial; 28.  Joanna Zikos, "Prospect House guided by a dream,"  The Evening Gazette, report on the history of the Prospect House; 29.  Chris Pope, "Prospect House Renews Commitment,"  Worcester Telegram, report on the history of the Prospect House; 30.  Nightfall June 1987; 31. A Farewell to the Praire Home Companion Summer 1987; 32. n/a, n/a,  Guardian, section on  Nicaragua; 33. n/a, n/a,  In These Times, articles: "The Second American Revolution", editorial page, and "Bush's role in the CIA"; 34.  Bob Waite, "  Abbie Hoffman: Buck's Dollar A Year Dissident,"  Delaware Valley Magazine, interview with Hoffman about his past and current activities; 35.  Susan Brink, "Abbie's road: Hoffman hits on new cause,"  Boston Herald, Hoffman targets drug testing as his new cause; 36.  Andrew Kopkind, "God's on His Side,"  The Nation, interview with  Pat Robertson on how Reagan sold out the conservative movement by appointing too many moderates; 37.  Peter Kerr, "U.S. Drug 'Crusade' Is Seen as Undermining Itself,"  New York Times, poor planning and coordination has hampered the anti-drug crusade; 38. n/a, n/a, n/a, collection of articles on  Nicaragua from various sources; 39.  Tom Perry, "Activist from '60s gives stirring talk at Rutgers,"  Courier News, reflections on Hoffman's lecture at Rutgers.]


News, 1988 January 

General note

[1. n/a, n/a, unknown, advertisement of Kurt Vonnegut's "A Letter to the Next Generation"; 2. n/a, n/a, unknown, cartoon about racism; 3.  Graham Allison and  Katie Smith, "A Democracy With Ever Fewer Voters?,"  New York Times, editorial about political participation in the  United States; 4. n/a, n/a,  New Patriot, articles on  Pat Robertson and politics in Chicago; 5.  David S. 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News, 1988 February 

General note

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News, 1988 March 

General note

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News, 1988 March 

General note

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News, 1988 April 

General note

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News, 1988 May 

General note

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News, 1988 June 


News, 1988 July 


News, 1988 August 


News, 1988 August 


News, 1988 September 


News, 1988 September 


News, 1988 October 


News, 1988 October 


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News, 1988 November - December 


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News, 1989 January - April 


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Series VI: Artifacts, undated, 1955-1998 


Awards for Abbie Hoffman, undated 


Bumper Stickers, undated 


Key to Maridor Motor Inn,  Framingham, MA #109 


Key to Albion Hotel,  Miami, FL #316 


McGovern Eagleton pen 


Press Passes, undated 


Political Pins, 


Posters, undated 


Presentation from Labavitch, 1990 




150th Anniversary Celebration Worcester medallion, 1998 


Award from Camp Mohican, undated 


Diploma from Worcester Academy, 1955 


Worcester Academy Athletic Award for Tennis, 1955 


Bachelor's degree from Brandeis University, 1959 


Honorary law degree from New College of California, School of Law, 1989 


Worcester city key from Mayor Jordan Levy, 1991 


Wood plaque with "Hoffman called Man of Justice" article, 1989 


Wood plaque with People cover, 1989 




Prayer Shawl 


Red "Just Say No" T-shirt 


White "Yippie Miami Beach" T-shirt 


Green NBA large Celtics jacket 


First National Bank of Boston bank bag 


Pair of red, white, and blue socks 


Black " Jack Hoffman Presents" T-shirt 


Blue mortarboard with 36 political pins 


Green "My Country Invaded Nicaragua..." T-shirt 


Red "Just Say No" T-shirt 


White "Red Sox 75 The Possible Dream" T-shirt 


Red "Put the CIA on Trial" T-shirt 


Green "Celtics Pride" T-shirt 


Oversize posters 

Abbie Hoffman Sold Out, 36" x 56" black and pink poster 

The System is Falling Apart, 23" x 29" black and white poster 

Abbie Hoffman 1936-1989, 21" x 25" red, white, blue, and black poster 

El Salvador Another Vietnam, 18" x 24" brown, black, and white poster 

Bette Midler, 19" x 21" orange, white, and black poster 

Utamaro Casio, 13" x 25" orange, white, and black poster 

Come Home, America, 13" x 24" red, yellow, orange, white, and blue poster (2) 

Abbie Hoffman America Today, 14" x 22" red, black, and white poster (2) 

Steal This Urine Test, 14" x 22" color poster - autographed by  Abbie Hoffman and numbered "34/50" 

Abbie Hoffman Live, 11" x 17" black and white poster 

Bring Abbie Home, 11" x 17" red, white, blue, yellow, and black poster 

Bring U.S. Together, 12" x 15" red, white, and black 1972 Chisholm campaign poster (2) 

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Series VII: Audio/Visual Materials, undated 


Family trip - No Abbie 


Family at play - No Abbie 




Family gathering - No Abbie 


Boat trip - Phyllis as teen and Mom 


Beach on boat - mostly Jack, no Abbie 


Outdoor games - Jack, no Abbie 


Jack and Abbie at beach - Phyllis as baby 


Phyllis birthday and beach 


Phyllis in bathing suit, outdoor party - no Abbie 


Phyllis in bathing suit 


Picnic and Phyllis at beach 


John Hoffman outside big building 


Ceremony at Synagogue 


Trip to Corming, etc. - shots of Dad and Phyllis 


Trip to Corming, etc. - shots of Dad and Phyllis 


Family gathering - no Abbie 


Family trip 


Vacation Mexico - Phyllis, Mom, Dad 




Mexico - Phyllis 


Phyllis in Mexico 


Mrs. Hoffman and Phyllis in Europe 


Mrs. Hoffman and Phyllis in Europe 


Vacation in a tropical place - no Abbie 


Mexico sites 










Trip to Canada - no Abbie 






Phyllis, Mom, and Dad at beach in Mexico 


Phyllis as teen - chew gum 


Phyllis and Caddie - she dances 


Jack in cap and gown - picnic 


Jack's graduation picnic 


Jack as teen in D.C. 


Phyllis and Jack at a prom 


Teen Abbie plays with baby on lawn 


Niagara Falls with Phyllis 


Phyllis dressed up, Jack throws snowball at camera 


Somebody's wedding 


John and family, Phyllis as bridesmaid 




Orange Bowl 


Tornado 1953 




Bad gate 


NG - Gate problem 


Out of focus 




Graduation - Abbot 




Trip to NY State - no Abbie 


Hoffman's 20th Anniversary Party 


Family trip, early 50's - no Abbie 


Battling the U-Boats 






Big Fish 




The Little King 


Puddy Pup 


Dear Abbie! A Celebration cassette tapes (2) [use copy 1999-0106.253] 


Sinbad the Sailor 


Good shot of Mom and Dad at beach in Florida 


Abbie as baby 




Puss in Boots 








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Series VIII: Photographs, 1944-1989 


Young Abbie Hoffman?, undated 


Young Jack Hoffman?, undated 


Abbie Hoffman?, 1972 


Abbie at 1972 Democratic National Convention?, 1972 


Abbie Hoffman (1), undated 


Abbie Hoffman (2), undated 


Abbie and Anita Hoffman, 1970 


Abbie and Jack Hoffman, undated 


Abbie Hoffman and  Johanna Lawrenson, 1982 


Abbie Hoffman and  John Lennon, undated 


Alexis Karklin Potemkin, undated 


Class Photos, 1944 


Color Slides (13), undated 


FBI Photos of  Abbie Hoffman, 1973 


Frieda and Alan Brodsky, 


HBO Showcase "Conspiracy" Photos, 1987 


Hoffman Family Photos, undated 


Jack Hoffman, 1964-1989 


Jack Hoffman, undated 


Negative, undated 


Photocopies of Photos, undated 


William Kunstler and  Allen Ginsberg, undated 


Unidentified Photos, undated 


16" x 19" green photo album with gold star on front, undated 


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