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New Haven Railroad Historical and Technical Association Collection

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New Haven Railroad Historical and Technical Association Collection
New York, New Haven, and Hartford Railroad Company
New Haven Railroad Historical and Technical Association
Inclusive Dates
undated, 1860-1986
222.5 Linear Feet
A historical association dedicated to preserving the history of the New York, New Haven & Hartford Railroad, a major freight and passenger railroad in southern New England. Collection consists of records of the railroad, not the historical association.
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John Wraight and Damon Pearce; reorganized by Julia Silverman
University of Connecticut Libraries 405 Babbidge Road Unit 1205 Storrs, Connecticut 06269-1205 archives@uconn.edu URL:

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[Item description, #:#], New Haven Railroad Historical and Technical Association Collection.  Archives & Special Collections at the Thomas J. Dodd Research Center,  University of Connecticut Libraries.

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Acquisition Information

The New Haven Railroad Historical and Technical Association deposited these materials with Archives & Special Collections in 1988. While the department has arranged, described and provided access to these materials, the Association retains ownership of the collection.

Access Restrictions

The collection is open and available for research.

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[Item description, #:#], New Haven Railroad Historical and Technical Association Collection.  Archives & Special Collections at the Thomas J. Dodd Research Center,  University of Connecticut Libraries.

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Controlled Access Headings

Corporate Name(s)

  • New York, New Haven, and Hartford Railroad Company
  • New Haven Railroad Historical and Technical Association


  • Administrative records
  • Ledgers (account books)
  • Maps (documents)
  • Legal documents
  • Financial Records
  • Reports
  • Annual Reports


  • Street-railroads
  • Railroads

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The New Haven Railroad Historical and Technical Association is an association dedicated to preserving the history of the New York, New Haven & Hartford Railroad, a major freight and passenger railroad in southern New England.

History of the New York, New Haven & Hartford Railroad

During the centennial celebration of the New York, New Haven & Hartford Railroad in 1926, President  E. J. Pearson boasted that the "...history of the New Haven system was a history of transportation in this country." Had he limited his claim to the New York - Boston corridor, Pearson would have been substantially correct. For almost one hundred years the  New York, New Haven & Hartford Railroad, better known as the  New Haven Railroad, was the primary means of passenger and freight transportation in Southern New England. Chartered in 1872, this merger between the New York & New Haven and Hartford & New Haven railroads later included the long desired rail link between Boston and New York. Approximately one hundred small independent railroads were built in southern New England between 1826 and the 1880s. By 1904 the majority were absorbed into the vast New Haven system. At its peak in 1929, the  New Haven Railroad owned and operated 2,131 miles of track throughout New York, Connecticut, Massachusetts, and Rhode Island.

The local railroad lines that eventually became part of the New Haven system developed in response to local business and transportation needs. Unlike the Western states, where railroads preceded and shaped settlement, in the Northeast they served primarily to link existing towns, businesses, and markets. The New Haven system thus developed as a result of numerous consolidations and mergers. The New Haven traced its founding to 1826, when one of its predecessor companies originated, but the New York, New Haven & Hartford Railroad was not chartered until 1872. The company followed the pattern of consolidation established by the  Pennsylvania Railroad and other companies, particularly after 1889, when major lines in Connecticut, Rhode Island, and southern Massachusetts provided a strong network linking New York and Boston. By 1890, company revenue exceeded $100,000,000 per year, and the New Haven employed 4,000 people to serve twelve million passengers annually.

This success led a wealthy group of New York investors, headed by J. P. Morgan, to seek and gain control of the New Haven's board. In 1903, Morgan installed  Charles Mellen as president of the railroad. Together Morgan and Mellen set out to achieve a complete monopoly of transportation in New England. Substantial improvements to the system were made during the Mellen years, including electrification of rail lines between  Woodlawn, New York, and  New Haven, Connecticut, and construction of a power generating plant in  Cos Cob, Connecticut. These accomplishments, however, were overshadowed by Morgan's ambitious schemes to dominate all modes of transportation in New England. Steamboat lines, trolley companies, and other railroad lines were purchased regardless of price and incorporated into the New Haven system.

An investigation of the New Haven's activities by Louis Brandeis in 1907 revealed the overextended railroad was on the verge of financial collapse. Morgan's death in 1913 and Mellen's subsequent resignation brought to a close a stormy period in the New Haven's history.

During the First World War all of the railroads in the United States, including the New Haven Railroad, were operated by the federal government. After the war, under  Edward Pearson, President through 1928, the railroad was able to recover partially, despite increasing competition from automobiles, by sharing in the national economic growth of the 1920s. The company tried to meet this transportation competition by forming the  New England Transportation Company, which operated a fleet of trucks and buses. Recovery of the New Haven, however, was cut short by the Depression of the 1930s, and in 1935 the New Haven plunged into bankruptcy. The company remained in trusteeship until 1947, when it returned to private ownership.

A series of struggles for control of the company in the post World War II period severely weakened the management of the company and its ability to adapt to changes in the transportation industry. The completion of the Connecticut Turnpike and other superhighways and the start of air shuttle service between Boston and New York intensified competition. The company's historic liability as a railroad overburdened with many short, costly branch lines further accelerated its decline.

On July 2, 1961, the New Haven Railroad once again went into receivership. A seven year trusteeship period followed, culminating in the absorption of the New Haven in the  Penn Central system on January 1, 1969. Three years later the Penn Central itself collapsed into bankruptcy. The former components of the  New Haven Railroad were divided among several entities. Freight service was assumed by Conrail when it was formed in 1976, although the  Providence & Worcester Railroad also provided freight service on portions of the former New Haven, as did a few other operators. Passenger commuter service was funded by the  New York Metropolitan Transit Authority and the  Connecticut Department of Transportation. Long-haul passenger service was provided by  Amtrak beginning in 1971. After 1976 passenger commuter service was operated by  Conrail. In 1982 the  United States Congress passed legislation that forced  Conrail to divest itself of its commuter rail lines. On January 1, 1983,  Metro-North Commuter Railroad, under joint ownership of the states of New York and Connecticut, took over all commuter passenger service. Amtrak continued to handle all long-haul passenger service.

The history of the New Haven Railroad reveals a company formed by one of the classic merger and consolidation patterns of the late 19th century, which was later unable to respond effectively to major changes in the transportation industry. The company's rapid growth, collapse, temporary recovery, and final dissolution offer a dramatic story, with government regulation, internal management decisions, and market competition playing important roles in the company's history.

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Scope and Content Note


Series I documents the responsibilities and activities of the Corporate Secretary. The Corporate Secretary utilized an alpha-numeric filing system in which a letter was followed by a document number. Each corporation in the New Haven Railroad organization was assigned a letter prefix (e.g. NYNH&HRR - A, Central New England Railway - B,  Berkshire Street Railway - C, etc.) for its secretary's document file. Within the file, documents were arranged by their numerical suffixes (e.g. 1-Directors' minutes, 2-Stockholders minutes, etc.)

This record group is divided into six subseries:

Subseries 1, SECRETARY'S "A" FILES, includes elements of both "old" and "new" company secretary's files. Initial access to the records in the "A" file should be through the index cards found in the reference room of Archives & Special Collections. When material is not found in collection files, then the NHRHTA "A" box and folder list should be consulted.

Subseries 2, SUBJECT FILES, includes documents of a general nature held by the railroad but not assigned an "A" file designation. The material is similar to that found in the "A" file and has been organized alphabetically by topic or corporate name.

Subseries 3, AGREEMENTS, contains contracts for the provision of materials and services, the use of land or facilities, and other purposes. Agreements in the NHRHTA Collection can be accessed by box and folder list. The agreements are generally arranged in chronological order, except for Sidetrack Agreements and Leases which are arranged alphabetically by location.

Subseries 4, REAL ESTATE, contains documents related to real estate holdings and transactions. Included in this series are maps, property descriptions, deeds, easements, valuations, and some title claims. The documents are filed chronologically by date of transaction. This subseries includes list of deeds, "evidence of title" records, "schedule of title", and map change index cards, valuation section maps, calculation books, and twelve cartons of working papers. Since no index to the working papers was found during processing, it is extremely difficult to use these materials, but well worth a researcher's time and effort to investigate them.

While day to day real estate functions were not a responsibility of the corporate secretary's office, the "A-12 file" file in the NYNH&HRR collection contains 75 boxes of real estate transactions. Most of the material in the NHRHTA Real Estate series provides reference and support for those boxes and Valuation Section maps.

Subseries 5, INSURANCE, holds a limited amount of material relating to fires, derailments, and vandalism, along with schedules of coverage.

Subseries 6, SUBSIDIARIES, contains documents relating to subsidiary companies of the New Haven. The documents include: by-laws, minutes of meetings, legal papers, reorganization plans, and other materials. This series also contains documents related to owned, leased, or otherwise controlled companies of the NYNH&HRR. This material is not accessible by index cards, thus the box and folder list must be carefully examined. A considerable quantity of Berkshire Street Railway records and  Connecticut Company records are found in this series.


This record group is divided into two subseries:

Subseries 1, PUBLICATIONS AND REPORTS, includes reorganization proceedings of both eras and various reorganization plans with related files. Indexes to bound volumes are included, but access to other records can only be found through the box and folder list.

Subseries 2, TRUSTEE FILES, contain meeting agendas and minutes, related papers, and reports by the trustees.


This record group is divided into five subseries:

Subseries 1, ANNUAL REPORTS TO STOCKHOLDERS, contain accounts of management activities, corporate status, business statistics and other information deemed important to shareholders.

Subseries 2, ANNUAL REPORTS TO ICC, consists of operating statistics in a variety of categories.

Subseries 3, ANNUAL REPORTS TO THE STATES, contains operating statistics reported to the public utilities commissions of states served by The New York, New Haven and Hartford Railroad.

Subseries 4, ANNUAL REPORTS TO THE ICC: FOREIGN ROADS, are statistical reports of railroads neither owned not operated by the New Haven Railroad.

Subseries 5, ANNUAL REPORTS: WORKING RECORDS, contains rough drafts and copies of reports used in preparing the material in Subseries 1-4.

Many of the annual reports in the NHRHTA Collection are duplicated in the main New Haven Railroad corporate records and other railroad collections.


This record group consists of a single subseries, GENERAL SUBJECT FILES. It holds stock and bondholder lists, transfer files, and coupon records, as well as custodian of securities minutes. The box and folder list provides the means of access to this material.


This record group is divided into four subseries:

Subseries 1, TRAINS, PERSONNEL, AND EQUIPMENT, includes administrative bulletins, train consist and crew information, passenger freight studies, and rule and instructional booklets, plus maintenance of way and right of way data.

Subseries 2, BRIDGES, BUILDINGS, & GRADE CROSSINGS, contains 11 boxes of bridge and building material and five boxes of papers related to public and private grade crossings along the New Haven Railroad, arranged by state and Valuation Section (V.S.).

Subseries 3, DRAFTING, consists of two boxes of drafting index books and blueprints of mechanical parts and other railroad items (including diesel locomotives).

Subseries 4, ARTIFACTS, include baggage tickets and some small booklets used by New Haven Railroad employees, and a framed charter (1865) of the Providence Division of the Brotherhood of Locomotive Engineers.

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Related Materials

Related Material

Archives & Special Collections has a substantial collection of materials pertaining to the railroads of southern New England, particularly the New York, New Haven & Hartford Railroad. For detailed information on these collections please contact the curator or ask at the Reading Room desk.

Separated materials

Maps that were donated by the New Haven Railroad Historical and Technical Association have been separated and available as a separate archival collections. Please refer to the online finding aids or inquiry at the Reading Room reference desk.

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Collection Inventory

Series I: Secretary's Records, undated, 1860-1986 

Subseries 1: Secretary's "A" Files, undated, 1886-1970 


Financial statements, contracts, by-laws, 1929-1968 


A-4-1, Board of Directors Financial Statements, 1960-1962 

A-5-204, Contract for Waterbury, Connecticut, coal pocket, 1930 

A-12, Real estate digests (3 ff), 1951-1955 

A-15, Pension Plan, 1961 

A-24, By-laws of Board of Directors, 1929-1942 

A-30-2, Indenture: Railway Express to  Guaranty Trust Company, 1930 

A-36-2, Custodians of Securities Meetings, 1940-1956 

Berkshire Street Railway, 1940-1956 

Boston Terminal Company, 1964-1968 

Connecticut Company, 1939 -1964 

County Transportation Company, 1963-1964 

East Hartford Freight Company , 1964-1968 

New England Car Company, 1951-1968 

New England Transport Company, 1962-1968 

New York Connecting Railroad, 1942-1968 

New York, New Haven & Hartford Railroad (2 ff), 1944-1956 

Reports and administrative files, 1923-1968 


New York, New Haven & Hartford Railroad (2 ff), 1956-1968 

New York and Stamford Railway Company, 1948-1966 

Providence Produce Warehouse Co., 1962-1967 

Union Freight Railroad Company, 1963-1968 

A-37-12 Report 2053: Connecticut Company (2 ff), 1923 

A-75 Appointments: officers/special personnel (4 ff), 1947-1968 

Organization Charts -- A-75-3 New York, New Haven & Hartford Railroad (2 ff), 1921-1968 


Director fees and expenses, 1919-1945 


A-78 Director fees: expenses (see also: A-221) (14 ff), 1919-1932 

A-78 Director fees: expenses (17 ff), 1933-1945 

Director fees and expenses, A-78 (18 ff), 1946-1954 


Director fees, equipment trusts and leasing, 1933-1970 


A-78, Director fees: expenses (14 ff), 1955-1970 

A-78, Director fees: expenses, 1947-1961 

A-78-1-5 Director fees: expenses, 1933-1953 

A-84-11 New York, New Haven & Hartford Railroad bills settled: state projects, 1962-1968 

A-84-12a Equipment Trust of 1969, 1969-1970 

A-84-13 Equipment leasing, 1962-1970 

A-84-13 a Equipment leasing: Pullman Co., 1968 

Equipment leasing, trusts, sale agreements, 1918-1969 


A-84-13 b Equipment leasing: Trailer Equipment Co., 1963-1968 

A-84-13 c Equipment leasing: Trailer use reports, 1965-1969 

A-84-16 Trustees reports, 1963-1968 

A-84-17-21 Whitman Report, 1962 

Uris Building Corp. lease, 1964 

Commuter service to New York and Connecticut: lease, 1966 

A-84-22 Reorganization plan (2 ff), 1966-1969 

A-84-24 Welded rail program, 1968 

A-84-24 Boston Edison Escrow agreement, 1968 

Equipment trusts (10 ff), 1918-1953 

Equipment trusts, sales agreements and Grand Central Terminal: agreements/leases, undated, 1917-1959 


Equipment trusts (3 ff), 1954-1956 

Conditional sale agreement-Bethlehem Steel, 1959 

A-127 New England Car Company (5 ff), 1918-1956 

A-127-4 6 New York, New Haven & Hartford Railroad/ Budd Co. agreement (2 ff), 1953 

A-202-53 Longacre Motor Company, 1917 

A-202-54 New York Central Railroad/ Consolidated Gas, 1922 

A-202-55 Gem Fountain Company, 1922 

A-202-59 United Cigar Stores Co./others (2 ff), undated 

Grand Central Terminal: agreements/leases, undated, 1915-1941 


A-202-59 United Cigar Stores (6 ff), undated 

A-202-60 R.H. Macy Company, 1918 

A-202-61 Mason-Seaman Transportation,  1916 

A-202-62 Mendel Stores, 1926-1932 

A-202-63 Ethel Mentz/ Albert Mentz (3 ff), undated 

A-202-64 Metropolitan Hardware, 1918 

A-202-65 Morgan Brothers, 1915-1917 

A-202-66 Alice Foote MacDougal, 1930 

A-202-67 New York Telephone (2 ff), 1915-1941 

Grand Central Terminal: agreements/leases, undated, 1907-1958 


A-202-68 Emil Diebitsch, 1915-1917 

A-202-69 Gabriel Weil, 1915-1921 

A-202-70 U.S. Post Office, 1918-1938 

A-202-71 Union News (4 ff), undated 

A-202-72 New York Central Railroad, 1911-1912 

A-202-73 New York Central and Harlem River Railroad, 1907 

A-202-74 Painters and Sculptors Gallery Assocation, 1922-1954 

A-202-75 Emceedee Coffee Shops Inc., 1937-1940 

Edward Layley, Inc., 1919-1938 

A-202-76 American Vending Machine, 1908-1917 

A-202-77 Gum and Sweetmeat Company, 1908 

A-202-78 Commercial Laundry Company, 1908 

A-202-79 New York State Terminal and Realty (5 ff), 1915-1958 

Grand Central Terminal: agreements/leases, undated, 1908-1967 


A-202-80 340-350 Park Avenue (3 ff), undated 

A-202-81 250 Park Avenue, undated 

A-202-82 Western Union Telegraph, 1944 

A-202-84 West Disinfecting (2 ff), 1908-1956 

A-202-85 Arcadia Inc./ Arcadia-Vanderbilt Ave. Co., undated 

A-202-86 Resnick/Applebaum/Cohen, 1922 

A-202-87 Service Machine Corp., 1919 

A-202-89 Stock Quotation Telegraph Co., 1915-1919 

A-202-91 J.V.O. McKune, 1921 

A-202-93 Scarsdale Estates, 1913-1918 

A-202-94 Eugene Schnarch, 1921-1933 

A-202-95 Strauss Toy Shops, 1914-1917 

A-202-96 John R. Thompson Co., Inc./ Riese Bros., undated 

Terminal Central Inc., 1912-1967 

A-202-97 Thompson-Starrett, 1920 

A-202-98 Tiffany Studios, 1917-1920 

A-202-100 Tyson and Company, 1921-1928 

Grand Central Terminal: agreements/leases, 1916-1966 


A-202-101 Tablet and Ticket Company, 1946-1951 

A-202-102 33 East 48th Street Realty (2 ff), 1916-1961 

A-202-103 270 Park Ave., Inc. (3 ff), 1916-1958 

A-202-104 Vanderbilt Ave. Realty Corp., 1915-1921 

A-202-105 277 Park Ave. (4 ff), 1923-1966 

Grand Central Terminal: agreements/leases, 1886-1965 


A-202-106 Western Union Telegraph, 1914-1928 

A-202-107 Yale Club/ Yale Leasing Corp. (2 ff), 1912-1965 

A-202-108 Construction Committee: YMCA (2 ff), 1886-1963 

A-202-109 Harry Fischel, 1915 

A-202-110 Park Ave. Construction, 1915 

A-202-111 Aimone Mfg Co., 1914-1917 

A-202-112 J & J Ascher, 1917 

A-202-113 David Auerbach, 1917 

A-202-114 K.R. Bleecker, 1915 

A-202-115 John Buchanan, Jr., 1915-1954 

A-202-116 American Express Co., 1912 

A-202-117 New York, New Haven & Hartford Railroad Board Room, 1909-1927 

A-202-118 Isaac Hopper and Son, 1904 

A-202-119 William R. Pitt Composite Iron Works, 1904-1906 

A-202-121 New York Transfer Company, 1902 

A-202-122 City of New York, 1924-1926 

A-202-123 General Railway Signal Co., 1907 

A-202-124 D.P. Robinson Co., Inc., 1923-1923 

A-202-125 New York Telephone, 1924-1953 

A-202-126 Sanka Coffee, 1924-1929 

A-202-127 New York Steam, 1937-1950 

A-202-128 Yellow Taxi, 1925 

A-202-1, 29 Grand Central School of Art,  1924-1941 

A-202-130 Samuel Kamerow, 1924-1953 

A-202-131 Western Union, 1924 

A-202-132 Webb and Knapp, 1924 

A-202-133 Autosales Corp., 1924-1930 

Grand Central Terminal: agreements/leases, 1909-1967 


A-202-134 Barclay Park (2 ff), 1925-1961 

A-202-135 Alice Foote MacDougall Coffee Shops, 1924 

A-202-136 Doubleday and Co. Inc./  Drago Central Inc./ Drago Lower Level Inc. (2 ff), 1925-1966 

A-202-137 New York State Railroad Office Bldg., 1926-1937 

A-202-138 New York State Realty and Terminal Co., 1909 

A-202-139 Air rights, 1926 

A-202-140 Park and Tilford, 1926-1933 

A-202-141 August Stumpf, 1927-1935 

A-202-142 Patrick McGovern Inc., 1927 

A-202-143 Interstate Co., 1927-1930 

A-202-144 New York Center Railroad and  New York Edison, 1927 

A-202-145 Grand Central Terminal Rentals, 1928 

A-202-146 Waldorf Astoria (4 ff), 1929-1967 

Grand Central Terminal: agreements/leases, undated, 1926-1966 


A-202-147 Grand Central Terminal (2 ff), 1927-1947 

A-202-149 Open Book Inc./ Eastern Offices Inc., 1926-1966 

A-202-150 Railway Express Agency Inc., 1929-1957 

A-202-151 Barron Collier, 1926-1939 

A-202-152 Barrett, Nephews and Co./  Staten Island Dyeing, Inc., 1929 

A-202-153 Keyes Advertising Corp., 1931-1938 

A-202-154 Phone booth: Grand Central Terminal Anteroom, 1929 

A-202-155 John J. Cullen, 1931-1936 

A-202-156 Bowman/Murphy/Frayer, 1932 

A-202-157 Grand Central Terminal Area (3 ff), 1931-1953 

A-202-158 Elevator Service in Grand Central Terminal,  1932 

A-202-159 Nipola Products Co., Inc., 1932 

A-202-160 Vanderbilt Concourse Electrical Shop, 1932 

A-202-161 Saul Demby, 1932-1954 

A-202-162 Cortile, Inc., 1932 

A-202-163 Jeanette Moreau/ Theresa Brault, 1932-1965 

A-202-164 American Airlines, 1933-1941 

A-202-165 Swan and Chamberlain Inc., 1933 

A-202-166 Shirley Terminal Shops Inc., 1933-1965 

A-202-167 Bowman/Murphy/Frayer, 1933 

A-202-168 Consolidated Telegraph and Electric Subway/ Consolidated Edison, undated 

A-202-169 Grand Central Terminal Artists Material Inc. , 1933-1953 

A-202-170 Rock Printing Co., 1933-1958 

A-202-171 Hotel report, 1932-1933 

A-202-172 Morris D. Goodrich, 1934 

A-202-173 Sara J. Atwood, 1933-1934 

A-202-174 Benjamin G. Singer, 1934 

A-202-175 J.W. Wachter/ R.J. Miller, 1934-1952 

A-202-176 Meco Press/Alco Stationers,  1934-1965 

A-202-177 RFC Loan: Grand Central Terminal Outside Properties, 1934 

A-202-178 Vincent Maragliotti, 1934-1947 

Grand Central Terminal: agreements/leases, undated, 1903-1968 


A-202-179 Realty Hotels, Inc. (4 ff), 1934-1968 

A-202-180 Emceedee Coffee Shops Inc., 1935 

A-202-181 Edward May, Jr., 1935 

A-202-182 Freight Car Demo Under Vanderbilt Hotel, 1935 

A-202-183 New York Superintendent Public Works/ Rishelf-Jackson Inc., 1935 

A-202-184 North American Aviation, 1955 

A-202-185 Durkee-Seaway Corp., 1935-1937 

A-202-186 Mills Automatic Merchandizing Corp., 1935-1953 

A-202-187 Grand Central Terminal Construction Agreement of 1907, 1903-1933 

A-202-189 Grand Central Concourse Wine and Liquor, 1935-1965 

A-202-190 American Writing Machine Co.,  1935-1936 

A-202-191 Harriman and Keech, 1935-1938 

A-202-192 Farmstead Inc., 1936-1946 

A-202-193 Remington Road Inc., undated 

A-202-194 Aldo Lazzarini, undated 

A-202-195 Subscription to New York's World Fair, Inc., 1937-1942 

A-202-196 North American Aviation Inc., 1937 

A-202-1, 97 Snap Shot Stores Inc., 1937-1953 

A-202-198 New England Council, 1937-1939 

A-202-199 Grand Central Terminal Taxes, 1937-1961 

A-202-200 I.C. Newman, 1937-1938 

A-202-201 Pre-cooling facilities: passenger cars, 1938-1947 

A-202-202 State of New York, 1938-1949 

A-202-203 MacArthur Indoor Advertising, 1938-1954 

A-202-204 Empire City Subway Co.,  1938-1943 

A-202-205 Eastern Air Lines, 1938-1940 

A-202-206 National Photomatic Corp./ International Mutoscope Reel Co., 1938-1949 

A-202-207 Harold Luckey Ward, 1938-1943 

A-202-208 Substation Construction,  1938-1939 

A-202-209 Geo. Horowitz and S. Faktor Foto Art, 1938-1941 

A-202-210 Anthony J. Trentacosta, 1939 

A-202-211 Consolidated Edison (New York), 1939-1940 

A-202-212 Innovation Trunk Co. Inc., 1939-1942 

A-202-213 Martin J. Kennedy, 1940 

A-202-214 Cushman's Sons/ Eclair Inc., 1940-1964 

A-202-215 Transportation Displays Inc.,  1940-1964 

A-202-216 Reservation bureau, 1941-1945 

A-202-217 Canadian Colonial Airways, 1941 

A-202-218 General Diesel Power Corp., 1941-1943 

A-202-219 Edwin J. Hoffritz, 1941-1963 

A-202-220 Sales and personal property taxes: New York City, 1941, 1961 

A-202-221 Employment of surgeons, 1942-1956 

Grand Central Terminal: agreements/leases, undated, 1918-1969 


A-202-222 Diesel Power Corp., 1942 

A-202-223 Travelers Aid Society, 1942-1946 

A-202-224 War Damage Insurance: Grand Central Terminal Tunnel, 1942-1944 

A-202-225 Henry C. Taylor,  1943-1953 

A-202-227 Lister-Blackstone Inc., 1950-1951 

A-202-228 Economy Co. Inc., 1944-1950 

A-202-229 Nora K. Evans, 1944-1952 

A-202-230 Sale and Leases: various hotel properties, 1944, 1954 

A-202-232 Seaman's Bank for Savings, 1944 

A-202-2 34 Grand Central Terminal Area of minimum wages: group insurance, 1944 

A-202-235 James A. Reilly, 1945 

A-202-236 Transit Advertisers Inc., 1944-1950 

A-202-237 Election of Terminal Manager, 1931 

A-202-238 Decreases in "Car Use" ration, 1945 

A-202-240 Release by U.S. Government, 1945-1946 

A-202-241 Union News/Womrath Books: accessory shops, 1945 

A-202-242 Appropriation for train indicators, 1945 

A-202-243 Grimlers Inc., 1945-1951 

A-202-244 Baggage Truck: Mott Haven Yard, 1946-1947 

A-202-245 Accessory Shop Inc., 1945-1954 

A-202-246 Modernize Grand Central Terminal Ticket Office, 1945-1947 

A-202-247 Electrical repairs, 1945 

A-202-250 Report: barber strike, 1945 

A-202-251 Building construction authorization, 1945 

A-202-252 New York Floor Finishing Co., 1946 

A-202-253 Cost of six machine tools, 1946 

A-202-254 Baggage Trucks for Grand Central Terminal, 1946-1947 

A-202-255 Terminal Hotel Payrolls, 1945-1946 

A-202-256 Wiring: Hotel Lighting Systems, 1946 

A-202-257 Concession Rentals: Trustees Discuss., 1946 

A-202-258 Guarantee Exterminating Co.,  1946-1947 

A-202-259 New York Cinders Delivery Co., 1946-1954 

A-202-260 Grand Central Terminal Public Address System, 1946 

A-202-263 Chesapeake and Ohio Railway, 1947 

A-202-264 Increase in Assessed Valuation: Grand Central Terminal, 1947 

A-202-265 Telautograph Corp., 1947-1951 

A-202-266 Universal Pictures Co., 1947 

A-202-268 New England Council: New York State, 1948 

A-202-269 New Haven Railroad Exhibit:  Grand Central Terminal/ Eastman Kodak, 1950-1966 

A-202-270 Air Condition Underground Signal Stations, 1948 

A-202-271 J.G. White Engineering Corp., 1948 

A-202-272 Imarene Enterprises,  1949-1950 

A-202-273 Terminal Broadcasting Inc., 1949-1950 

A-202-2, 74 Columbia Broadcasting System, 1948-1949 

A-202-275 400 Park Ave. Corp., 1948-1964 

A-202-276 Nicholas Mastronardi Sons, 1949-1953 

A-202-277 Hughes and Thomas Uniforms, 1948 

A-202-278 Page Transportation Displays, 1950-1953 

A-202-279 Tele-Trip Policy Co. Inc., 1951 

A-202-280 Frank G. Shattuck Co.,  1952-1964 

A-202-281 Booth 284,  1953-1966 

A-202-282 Charles Valet Service, 1953-1954 

A-202-283 S.B. Heilbron/ M. Reizman:  Holiday Wine and Liquors Inc.,  1953-1954 

A-202-284 Merrill Lynch, Pierce, Fenner and Beane,  1955-1958 

A-202-285 Executive Restaurant Inc.,  1957-1968 

A-202-286 Webb and Knapp, 1957-1964 

A-202-287 Kitty Kelly Shoe Corp., 1958-1959 

A-202-288 Vanderbilt Bowling Corp.:  S. Lipkins, 1960-1962 

A-202-289 Mercury International Sales and Service Co., 1961 

A-202-290 New York Yankees Baseball Club, 1961 

A-202-291 Terminal Jobbers Inc.,  1963 

A-202-292 Railair Crossings Inc., 1963 

A-202-293 General Time Corp.:  Newsweek, Inc., 1963-1967 

A-202-294 American Express, 1964 

A-202-295 Gourmets Market Inc., 1965 

A-202-296 Square Parking Systems Inc., 1965-1968 

A-202-297 Nan's Ladies Apparel, 1965 

A-202-298 Vanderbilt Athletic Club, 1965 

A-202-299 Barricini Stores Inc.,  1966 

A-202-300 12th, 15th, 23rd Restaurant Inc., 1966 

A-202-301 New York Bank for Savings, 1966 

A-202-302 I & M Vending Co.,  1966 

A-202-303 Transportation Displays Inc., 1966 

A-221-1 Traveling expenses, 1922-1969 

A-221-2 Executive Committee expense vouchers, 1922-1934 

A-221-3 Rebinding Directors records, 1919 

A-221-4 Separation of accounts: 1st Bankruptcy, 1935 

A-221-5 Auditors circulars: unaudited charges, 1937-1946 

A-221-6 Bill: punching stick transfer sheets, 1943 

A-221-7 Special audited voucher payments, 1945 

A-221-8, Furnishing of data, undated 

A-222 Designation of agent--Washington D.C.,  1918-1920 

A-223 Requirements of hostesses: Diners, 1938 

A-224 Telephones rates, 1951 

A-227 Western Union: International Tariff Book, 1953 

Press releases, corporate seals, annual reports, 1925-1967 


A-370-12 Press releases (2 ff), 1959-1966 

A-424 Acceptance of service (2 ff), 1947-1959 

A-453 Corporate seals (2 ff), 1925-1942 

A-553 Annual report to Interstate Commerce Commission, 1947 

A-660-1, 4 ICC: Future Operation of New York, New Haven & Hartford Railroad, 1960 

A-717 Securities Exchange Act of 1934 (2 ff), 1950-1967 

Press releases, cremation certificates, 1953-1967 


A-794, Merger: Pennsylvania Railroad and  New York Central Railroad, 1963-1967 

Press releases (2 ff), 1967 

A-794, Testimony of New York, New Haven & Hartford Railroad Officials and Consultants (7 ff), 1967 

A-906-1, Cremations certificates (3 ff), 1953-1962 

Correspondence, 1949-1965 


A-907 Chase National/ Manhattan Bank: correspondence, 1947-1955 

A-908 Guaranty Trust Co.: correspondence  Manufacturers Trust Co. (3 ff), 1950-1962 

A-908 Manufacturers Trust Co.: New Haven Transfer Agent (5 ff), 1949-1965 

Correspondence, agreements, certificates, pass files, vouchers, 1892-1969 


A-914 Colombian Bank Note Co.: correspondence (2 ff), 1947-1964 

A-982 Closing memorandum: $10,000,000, 1955 

A-993 Management seminar, 1955 

1662, Apportionment of salaries, 1914-1969 

1930, Vouchers: railroad bonds, 1928-1961 

1931, Certificate of authorization: New York State, 1892-1952 

18534 Agreements: club cars (2 ff), 1922-1966 

25110 Pass files (3 ff), 1960-1969 

25397 East Cut improvements, 1904 

Subseries 2: Subject Files, undated, 1872-1986 


Accident reports, business forms, service reports, regulations, undated, 1875-1986 


Accident report: Union Station, 1953 

Amtrak baggage regulations, 1973 

Anti-trust lawsuit, 1968 

Association of American Railroads: "Transportation in America", 1947 

Car service and per diem rules, 1951 

Bridges (National Register of Historic Places):  Lyman Viaduct,  Rapallo Viaduct, 1986 

Business forms, blank, undated 

By-laws: various companies, 1933-1952 

Central New England Railway: historical, 1913-1966 

Commuter service reports (7 ff), 1953-1972 

Connecticut Central Railroad: stock and stations, 1875 

Connecticut Co.: history, 1905-1914 

Connecticut Valley Railroad, 1945-1972 

Conrail (3 ff), 1976-1981 

"Crisis in Passenger Train Service", 1965 

Daylight Savings Time, 1916 

Financial reports, injury reports, floor plans, telephone directories, support documents, loans, correspondence, undated, 1895-1971 


DEFEM Corporation, 1954-1956 

Dining Car Service: New Haven Railroad and  Pennsylvania Railroad, 1944-1945 

Electric rail cars, 1971 

Electrification (2 ff), 1895-1954 

Equipment suppliers, undated 

Financial reports (4 ff), 1963-1968 

Flood loans: support documents, 1955-1956 

Flood loans: Chase-Manhattan Bank, 1955 

Flood loans: additional loans, 1955 

Foreign roads (4 ff), 1911-1916 

Grand Central Terminal, 1920-1960 

Biltmore Hotel: floor plans, undated 

Injury reports, 1916 

Magazines: 1st issues, 1944, 1958 

Mail schedules: correspondence, 1909, 1956 

Map (system) changes, 1915 

Marine operations (3 ff), 1916-1965 

Merchants and Miners Transportation Co., 1913 

Motor carriers, 1938 

New England Railroad Committee Report, 1931 

New England Shippers Advisory Board, 1925 

New England Transportation Co.: history, 1929 

New York Central System: telephone directories (2 ff), 1955, 1964 

New York Connecting Railroad (2 ff), 1913-1939 

Newspapers, news releases, ledgers, history, logs, 1872-1972 


New York, New Haven & Hartford Railroad: history, logs, etc. (5 ff), 1917-1959 

New York Office of Transportation, 1962 

Newspapers (4 ff), 1920, 1961-1967 

News releases, 1957-1968 

Old Colony Railroad (2 ff), 1915-1929 

New York, New Haven & Hartford Railroad officials:  Howard Elliot,  Charles Mellon (3 ff), 1872-1970 

Penn-Central (2 ff), 1971-1972 

Personnel: after Penn Central merger, 1968 

Pratt, O.: ledger, 1873-1918 

Speeches, rail plans, stockholders statements, public relations releases, rail program material, reports, general agreements, undated, 1873-1984 


Pratt, O.: ledger, 1873-1918 

Providence Produce Warehouse Co., 1956 

Providence, Warren and Bristol Railroad, 1915 

Public relations (2 ff), 1949-1950 

Railway and Locomotive Historical Society, 1929 

Roxbury Central Wharf Co., 1916-1917 

South Station (Boston Layout), 1955 

Speeches: railway officials, 1909-1916 

State transportation rail plans (CT, MA), 1983-1984 

Stockholders statements, 1914-1916 

Street railways and trolleys, 1914-1915 

Talgo public relations releases, 1949 

Tracks: rail program material, 1905 

Tristate Transportation Committee: report, 1963 

Tunnel, Proposed, under New York Harbor, 1941 

Tunnels: Taftville, Connecticut, 1946 

U.S. Dept. of Commerce Report, 1962 

War: governmental regulations (2 ff), 1917-1945 

John F. Larkin Papers, 1930-1970 

History, stock, charter amendments, 1947-1968 

Pamphlets, 1930-1962 

Railroad atlas, 1965 

Stocks, agreements, bonds (2 ff), 1947-1970 

Trustees' files description, 1968 

Vault records, studies, reports, 1952-1969 

Companies: general agreements, undated 

Companies index, trustees' filing index 1933-1969 


Companies index: officers and directors, 1969 

Subsidiary Co. officers and directors, 1968 

Trustees' filing index: stations, 1965 

New York, Westchester, and Boston Railroad: reorganization, 1935-1937 

Administrative records, clippings, maps, photographs, publications,  1886-1978 

Scope and Content Note

Subjects Include: [Penn Central Telephone Directory, New Haven Railroad Telephone Directory, Telephone Directory 1978, Railroads in Amtrak, Background on Amtrak, The National Railroad Corporation Agreement, New York New Haven & Hartford Railroad Local Timetable of Passenger Trains, National Railraod Passenger Corporation Passenger Car Directory, Track Diagrams]


Administrative records, clippings, maps, photographs, publications,  1886-1978 

Scope and Content Note

Subjects Include: [Arranged Freight Train Service, "Trainman" Plaques, Map of the New York, New Haven & Hartford Railroad Company, National Railroad Passenger Corporation, Cedar Hill Railroad Report, Report on the Sudan Railway System, Map of Iranian State Railway System, Special Freight Trains Rental of Equipment]


Subseries 3: Agreements, undated, 1879-1978 


Various railway trusts, file numbers, agreements and leases, undated, 1879-1947 


406 Pawtucket Street Railway/ New Haven Railroad, 1895 

412 West End Street Railway Co., 1895 

421 Fitchburg Suburban Street Railway, 1898 

422 City of Boston, 1879 

423 Providence, Webster & Springfield Railroad, 1889 

425 Norton and Taunton St. Railway, 1899 

427 Wood, Harmon and Co., 1894 

452 Pawtucket Valley Railroad, 1884 

454 Boston and Albany Railroad, 1879 

457 Milford, Attleboro and Woonsocket Street Railway, 1899 

480 Boston Elevated Railway Co., 1899 

491 Interstate Consolidated Street Railway, 1900 

502 Natick and Needham Street Railway, 1900 

509 Blue Hill Street Railway, 1900 

515 Marlboro and Westboro Street Railway, 1900 

529 Webster and Dudley Street Railway, 1901 

552 Marlboro and Westboro Street Railway, 1902 

597 Blue Hill Street Railway, 1902 

682 Boston and Providence Railroad, 1904 

687 Rhode Island Co., 1914 

689 Rhode Island Co., undated 

692 Rhode Island Co., undated 

New York and New England Railroad:  American Loan and Trust Co., 1899 

Grand Central Terminal, 1899 

New York, New Haven & Hartford Railroad/ Harlem River and Port Chester Railroad U.S. Trust Co., 1904 

Boston and New York Air Line Railroad: Treasurer, State of Connecticut, 1905 

Stafford Springs Street Railway/Treasurer, 1906 

Connecticut Railway and Lighting Co./ Consolidated Railway, 1906 

New England Navigation Co.:  Merchants and Miners Transportation Co., 1907 

New York and Stamford Railway/ Union Trust Co., 1908 

Central New England Railway/ Farmers Loan and Trust Co., 1911 

Compilation, 1911 

New York, New Haven & Hartford Railroad/ Pullman Co., 1913 

Connecticut Co./ Shore Line Electric Railway, 1913 

New York Central and Harlem River Railroad/ New York, New Haven & Hartford Railroad/ New York and Harlem River Railroad, 1913 

New England Navigation Co./ New York, New Haven & Hartford Railroad, 1914 

New York, New Haven & Hartford Railroad/ Central Trust Co., 1918 

New York, New Haven & Hartford Railroad/ American Railway Express Co.,  1920 

New York, New Haven & Hartford Railroad/ Bankers Trust Co., 1920 

New York, New Haven & Hartford Railroad/Third Supplement, 1920 

Norwich and Worcester Railroad/ Worcester Bank and Trust, 1927 

New York, New Haven & Hartford Railroad/ Bankers Trust Co., 1927 

New York, New Haven & Hartford Railroad/United States of America, 1934 

Connecticut Co./ 2nd National Bank of New Haven, 1938 

New York Connecting Railroad/Guaranty Trust, 1940 

Connecticut Co./ 2nd National Bank of New Haven, 1941 

New York, New Haven & Hartford Railroad/ Chase National Bank (2 ff), 1947 

New York, New Haven & Hartford Railroad/ Manufacturers Trust Co., 1947 

Trusts, Agreements and Maps, 1930-1968 


New England Car Co./ Girard Trust Co./ New York, New Haven & Hartford Railroad, 1949 

New York, New Haven & Hartford Railroad to  United States Trust Co. of New York/Harlem River Division, 1953 

The Budd Co. and  New York, New Haven & Hartford Railroad and  Chase National Bank, 1953 

New York, New Haven & Hartford Railroad/ Chase Manhattan Bank/ General Motors, 1951 

New York State Realty and Terminal Co./ Hotel Waldorf-Astoria Corp., 1956 

United States of America/2nd National Bank of New Haven, 1959 

New York, New Haven & Hartford Railroad/ 2nd National Bank of New Haven/ Chase Manhattan Bank/United States of America/Various Banks, 1960 

New York, New Haven & Hartford Railroad/ Chase Manhattan Bank/United States of America/ 2nd National Bank of New Haven/ Irving Trust Co., 1961 

New York, New Haven & Hartford Railroad/ Harris Trust and Savings Bank, Port of New York Authority/ALCO, 1962-1964 

New York, New Haven & Hartford Railroad/ General Electric, 1965 

New York, New Haven & Hartford Railroad/ New York Central Railroad/ Pennsylvania Railroad/MBTA/ Penn Central/United States Trust Co./ Fidelity Bank/ J.F. McDonald, 1966-1968 

Baychester, New York, 1930-1960 

City Island, New York, 1930-1960 

Electric Division/Grand Central Terminal/Mott Haven, 1930-1960 

Sidetrack Agreement and Maps, 1930-1960 


Harlem River, New York (5 ff), 1930-1960 

Hunt's Point, 1930-1960 

New York Connecting Railroad, 1930-1960 

Oak Point, New York (3 ff), 1930-1960 

Pelham Manor, New York, 1930-1960 

Port Morris, New York, 1930-1960 

Van Nest, New York, 1930-1960 

Westchester, New York, 1930-1960 

Westchester Avenue, 1930-1960 

West Farms, New York, 1930-1960 

Woodside, New York, 1930-1960 

Contract Screening Committee, undated 


Legal files, 1891-1955 


Car Stove Case, 1891 

22515 New Haven Railroad Stockholders vs. Directors, 1914-1915 

USDC 11-301 United States of America vs. New York, New Haven & Hartford Railroad/ New England Navigation Co., 1914 

Adams Case: stockholders vs. directors, 1915 

USDC-MA New York, New Haven & Hartford Railroad vs. Anderson et al., 1916 

USDC 13-363 Appointment of limited receiver, 1919 

USDC 16562 Reorganization papers (2 ff), 1941, 1947 

ICC 10992 Reorganization plan (2 ff), 1940, 1944 

ICC 11559 Old Colony Railroad abandonment, 1938 

ICC 12625 Boston Terminal Corp., 1953 

NY 15353 New York Central Railroad vs.  New York and Hartford Railroad, 1953 

ICC 19065 Competitive bidding exemption, 1955 

ICC 19170 Promissory Note issuance authority, 1955 

Legal files, 1956-1969 


ICC 12927 Glenmore vs. Ahern (3 ff), 1956-1960 

NY 12927 Glenmore vs. Ahern (5 ff), 1956-1960 

MA 5856 City of Newton vs. DPU, 1959 

ICC 333 32 Increased passenger fares, 1960 

ICC 218 08 Trustees loan guaranty, 1961 

ICC 20398, Loan agreement 20399, 21299, 1961-1962 

ICC 219 89-21990 Pennsylvania Railroad/ New York Central Railroad merger, 1964-1969 

Legal files, 1951-1969 


ICC 219 89-21990 Bound volume (Pennsylvania Railroad/ New York Central Railroad merger), 1951-1963 

ICC 219 89-21990, 24361, 21669 Bound volume (Pennsylvania Railroad/ New York Central Railroad merger), 1956-1963 

ICC 21669 New York, New Haven & Hartford Railroad/Sullivan and Worcester, 1962, 1966 

ICC 238 31 Discontinuance of interstate passenger trains, 1966 

USDC 30266 Reorganization plan (3 ff), 1968-1969 

Legal files, 1968-1978 


USDC 30226 Reorganization plan petition (3 ff), 1968-1976 

Check cashing suit, 1968 

USDC 70-347 Petition/agreement: Providence and Worcester Railroad (2 ff), 1977-1978 

Subseries 4: Real Estate, undated, 1872-1973 


Indexes, undated, 1941-1973 


Abandonments, undated 

Eastern District Plan Case, 1969 

List of maps in tracing case, undated 

Fencing: Eastern District, 1956 

General (2 ff), 1944-1948 

Print costs, 1941-1949 

Map revisions: to Boston, 1967-1969 

Surveys/Requests for prints (10 ff), 1964-1973 

Time report of draftsmen, 1967-1969 

Office supplies (2 ff), 1951-1963 

Indexes, deeds, map revisions and assignments, correspondence, undated, 1912-1971 


Track monuments, 1912-1929 

Map assignments by Coop, undated 

List of valuation section maps: Western District, 1922 

Central New England Railway locations, 1913 

Connecticut Geodetic Survey maps (3 ff), 1937-1941 

Map revisions, 1961-1968 

Old Colony Railroad/ New York, New Haven & Hartford Railroad deed, 1935 

Maps of Boston area railroad property, 1940 

Bangor and Aroostook Railroad/ New York Central Railroad real estate, 1946-1967 

Correspondence: land/highways on Cape Cod, 1966-1970 

Shoreline transactions, 1946 

New York area sales, 1917-1920 

New York City, 1921-1922 

Sidetracks, 1941-1971 

Appraisals, 1972-1973 


Manchester, Columbia, Connecticut, and  Rockville, Connecticut, to  Vernon, Connecticut, 1972-1973 

Boston, Massachusetts area, 1972-1973 

Histories, statements re: "Investment in road and equipment (unfoldered)", 1872-1915 


Appraisals of Purchases, 1911 


Purchases, 1917-1926 


Inventories, undated, 1917-1918 


Boston Terminal Co., 1918 

Electrification, Maybrook, New York,  1918 

Telegraph and telephone (New York Connecting Railway), undated 

List of engineering instruments, South Station, Boston, Massachusetts 1917 

Wharf and dock, Massachusetts, 1918 

Regional maps and diagrams, undated, 1873-1875 


Various maps and diagrams, undated 

Beacon, New York -  Buzzards Bay, Massachusetts, undated 

Boston, Massachusetts, undated 

Brockton, Massachusetts, undated 

Canaan, Connecticut, to  Cos Cob, Connecticut, undated 

East Hartford, Connecticut, undated 

Fall River, Massachusetts, to  Foxboro, Massachusetts, undated 

Groton, Connecticut, undated 

Hartford, Connecticut (2 ff), undated 

Hanson, Massachusetts to  Hopewell Junction, New York, undated 

Larchmont, New York, undated 

Middletown, Connecticut, undated 

Meriden, Connecticut, undated 

Milton, Massachusetts, station project, undated 

New Bedford, Massachusetts, undated 

New Britain, Connecticut, undated 

New Haven, Connecticut, undated 

New York, New York, undated 

Newport, Rhode Island, undated 

Newton, Massachusetts, undated 

Norton, Massachusetts, undated 

Pittsfield, Massachusetts, undated 

Plainfield, Connecticut, undated 

Port Chester, New York, undated 

Poughkeepsie, New York, undated 

Providence, Rhode Island, undated 

Randolph, Massachusetts, undated 

Rockville, Connecticut, undated 

South Braintree, Massachusetts to  South Norwalk, Connecticut, undated 

Stanford, New York, undated 

Taunton, Massachusetts, to  Terryville, Connecticut, undated 

Unionville, Connecticut, undated 

Vernon, Connecticut, undated 

Walpole, Massachusetts, undated 

Warehouse Point, Connecticut, undated 

Waterbury, Connecticut, undated 

Weir Junction, Massachusetts, undated 

Wellfleet, Massachusetts, undated 

Westboro, Massachusetts, undated 

West Cheshire, Connecticut, undated 

West Hingham, Massachusetts, undated 

West Roxbury, Massachusetts, undated 

Wicopee, New York, undated 

Winsted, Connecticut, undated 

Worcester, Massachusetts, undated 

Rhinebeck and Connecticut Railroad, 1873-1875 


Lists of Deeds, 1915 


New York Counties -- Bronx, Dutchess, New York, Putnam, Westchester, 1915 

Connecticut, 1915 

2 Columbia-Granby, 1915 

3 Greenwich-Madison, 1915 

4 Manchester-New Haven, 1915 

5 Newington-Plymouth, 1915 

6 Pomfret-Stratford, 1915 

7 Suffield-Windsor Locks, 1915 

8 Secretary of State, 1915 

Lists of Deeds, 1915 


Massachussetts Counties, 1915 

1 Barnstable, 1915 

2 Bristol, 1915 

3 Middlesex, 1915 

4 Norfolk, 1915 

5 Plymouth, 1915 

6 Suffolk, 1915 

7 Worcester, 1915 

8 Berkshire, 1915 

Rhode Island, 1915 

1 Barrington, N. Smithfield, 1915 

3 Charlestown, E. Greenwich, Exeter, Hopkinton, N. Kingstown, Richmond, S. Kingstown, Warwick, Westerly, 1915 

General deed list, 1915 

"Evidence of Title Used on Plans But Not Recorded" in town registry: Andover-Windsor Locks, Connecticut, 1915 


List of Deeds, 1898-1930 


"Evidence of Title Used on Plans But Not Recorded" in Massachusetts, New York, Rhode Island, 1915 

List of deeds: New England Railroad Co., 1898 

List of deeds: Connecticut, Massachusetts and New York, 1915-1930 

Maps, title information, schedules of title, 1910-1945 


Maps VS 53.90 (1-5), 1920 

Millbrook Co.: title information (3 ff), 1911-1945 

New York, Westchester and Boston Railway: schedule of title, 1910-1929 

Schedules of title: New York (2 vols.), 1930 

Schedules of Titles, undated 


New England Steamship Co.,  Hartford and New York Transportation Co., undated 

New Bedford, Martha's Vineyard and Nantucket Steamboat Co., undated 

New York, Providence and Boston Railroad, undated 

Shoreline Railway Co., undated 

Norwich and Worcester Railroad Co., undated 

Hartford, Providence & Fishkill Railroad, undated 

Boston and New York Air Line Railroad, undated 

New England Railroad (2 ff), undated 

Connecticut Valley Railroad, undated 

Hartford and New Haven Railroad, undated 

Meriden-Waterbury/Meriden-Cromwell, undated 

New Haven and Northampton Railroad/ Holyoke and Westfield Railroad, undated 

Central New England Railway, undated 

Naugatuck Railroad, undated 

Housatonic Railroad, undated 

New Haven Terminal/Ridgefield and New York, undated 

Schedules of Titles, undated 


Danbury and Norwalk Railroad, undated 

Hartford and Connecticut Western Railroad/ Central New England Railway, undated 

Central New England Railway (4 ff), undated 

New York and New Haven Railroad, undated 

Schedules of Titles, undated 


Harlem and Port Chester Railroad, undated 

New York Connecting Railroad, undated 

Lists of Deeds, Central New England Railway (2 vols.), 1916 


Lists of Deeds -- Steamship lines: Connecticut, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, New York (2 vols.), 1916 


Lists of Deeds -- Trolley properties in the New York, New Haven & Hartford Railroad system (6 vols.), 1915-1947 

Text   52
Text   51


Lists of Deeds, undated, 1917-1920 


Miscellaneous deeds, 1918-1919 

Vol. 5 VS, undated, 1918-1920 

50.60-62 Mass Line-Groton, Connecticut, undated 

58.60-.62 Hartford-Waterbury, Connecticut, undated 

81.82 Harlem River-New Rochelle, New York, undated 

53.80-.81 Woodlawn, New York-Connecticut line, 1919 

53.60-.61 New York Line-South Norwalk, Connecticut, 1919 

53.62-.64 South Norwalk, Connecticut- New Haven, Connecticut, 1919 

53.65 Stamford, Connecticut- New Canaan, Connecticut, 1918 

53.90 Segregated lands: New York City, 1920 

Vol. 6 VS, 1917-1919 

54.10 Springfield, Masachusetts- East Hartford, Connecticut, 1917 

54.60-.62 Massachusetts line-Willimantic, Connecticut, 1919 

54.63-.65 New Haven, Connecticut- Willimantic, Connecticut, 1919 

54.66 Colchester, Connecticut- Amston, Connecticut, 1918 

54.67-.68 Oneco, Connecticut- Willimantic, Connecticut, 1918 

54.69-.71 Willimantic, Connecticut- Hartford, Connecticut, 1919 

54.72-.73 Rockville, Connecticut- Vernon, Connecticut, 1917 

54.74 Melrose, Connecticut- Rockville, Connecticut, 1917 

54.75-.76 Springfield, Massachusetts- East Hartford, Connecticut, 1917 

Lists of Deeds, 1918-1919 


Vol. 9 VS, 1918-1919 

57.60-.62 New Haven, Connecticut- Huntington, Connecticut, 1919 

57.63 Huntington, Connecticut- Botsford, Connecticut, 1919 

57.64-.68 Bridgeport, Connecticut-Massachusetts line, 1919 

57.70-.71 Devon, Connecticut- Waterbury, Connecticut, 1919 

57.71 Waterbury, Connecticut, terminal, 1919 

57.72 Waterbury, Connecticut- Winsted, Connecticut, 1919 

57-73 Waterbury, Connecticut- Watertown, Connecticut, 1918 

Vol. 10 VS -- 32.50 Pawtucket, Rhode Island- Central Falls, Rhode Island, 1918 

Lists of Deeds, 1916-1926 


Vol.10 VS, 1917-1919 

32.50 Smith St., Rhode Island-Blackstone River, 1917 

38-7.51 Warren, Rhode Island- Fall River, Massachusetts, 1918 

33.53 Valley Falls, Rhode Island -  Fall River, Massachusetts, 1918 

34.51-.52 Bristol, Rhode Island- Providence, Rhode Island, 1917 

Supplemental reports, 1919 

Grand summaries, 1919 

Vol. 11 VS, 1916-1926 

5.10-.19 Boston, Massachusetts- Plymouth, MMassachusetts, 1918 

5.20 Whitman, Massachusetts- Stanley, Massachusetts, 1918 

5.22 N. Abington, Massachusetts- Hanover, Massachusetts, 1917 

5.23 Harrison Square, Massachusetts-Shawmut Junction, 1918 

5.24-5.25 Neponset, Massachusetts- Mattapan, Massachusetts, 1918 

5.26 Atlantic, Massachusetts- Braintree, Massachusetts, 1918 

5.27-5.28 Braintree, Massachusetts- Kingston, Massachusetts, 1919 

5.30 Nantasket Junction, Massachusetts- Pemberton, Massachusetts, 1918 

Appraised, 1917-1926 

"Order 7" volumes: common carrier land (7 vols.), 1916-1918 

Job File Working Papers, 1963-1972 

Scope and Content Note

[No index exists for these files]


File range: 14156-14220 


File range: 14221-14300 


File range: 14301-14355 


File range: 14356-14415 


File range: 14416-14490 


File range: 14491-14570 


File range: 14571-14643 


File range: 14644-14700 


File range: 14701-14785 


File range: 14786-14850 


File range: 14851-14909 


File range: 14910-14934 


File range: 14935-14968 


Changes in Valuation Section maps card file, undated 


VS 1-31.50 










Real Estate Valuation Maps (folded), undated 


Poughkeepsie, New York- Campbell Hall, New York 

Hopewell Jct., New York- Poughkeepsie, New York 

Hopewell Jct., New York-Wicopee Jct./ Beacon, New York 

Danbury, Connecticut- Hopewell Jct., New York 

Real Estate Valuation Maps (folded), undated 


Bridgeport, Connecticut- Pittsfield, Massachusetts 

Branchville, Connecticut- Ridgefield, Connecticut 

Canaan, Connecticut- Lakeville, Connecticut 

Van Deusenville, Massachusetts-New York State Line 

Litchfield, Connecticut- Hawleyville, Connecticut 

Devon, Connecticut- Winsted, Connecticut 

Waterbury, Connecticut- Watertown, Connecticut 

New Haven, Connecticut- Northampton, Massachusetts 

Farmington, Connecticut- New Hartford, Connecticut 

Real Estate Valuation Maps (folded), undated 


Holyoke, Massachusetts- Williamsburg, Massachusetts 

New Haven, Connecticut- Springfield, Massachusetts 

New Britain, Connecticut- Berlin, Connecticut 

Meriden, Connecticut- Waterbury, Connecticut 

Hartford, Connecticut- Griffin, Connecticut 

Windsor Locks, Connecticut- Suffield, Connecticut 

Springfield, Massachusetts- East Hartford, Connecticut 

Hartford, Connecticut- Fenwick, Connecticut 

Hartford, Connecticut- Waterbury, Connecticut 

Hartford, Connecticut- Thompson, Connecticut 

Real Estate Valuation Maps (folded), undated 


Vernon, Connecticut- Rockville, Connecticut 

New Haven, Connecticut- Willimantic, Connecticut 

Middletown, Connecticut- Berlin, Connecticut 

Willimantic, Connecticut- Oneco, Connecticut 

Groton Ferry, Connecticut- Midway, Connecticut 

Groton, Connecticut- Worcester, Massachusetts 

Real Estate Valuation Maps (folded), undated 


Millbrook Co., New York- New Rochelle, New York 

South Norwalk, Connecticut- Wilson Point, Connecticut 

New Haven, Connecticut- New London, Connecticut 

New London, Connecticut- Providence, Rhode Island 

Boston area--single maps 

Calculation Books, undated, 1905-1928 


1 Center Line: Harlem River-New Haven, 1905 

2 Center Line: Fairfield-New Haven, 1910 

9 Berkshire Division, 1911 

10 Berkshire Division, 1911 

20-33 Real estate calculations, 1914-1928 

34 New York State grade crossing elimination, undated 

Calculation books, undated, 1921-1969 


Real estate calculations, 1928 

Westchester City, New York Park commission land exchange, 1928 

Real estate calculations, 1929-1940 

Pelham-Port Chester, New York Parkway, undated 

Real estate calculations, 1929-1930 

Property of D.S. Banton, Assistant Engineer, 1924-1930 

General areas, 1929-1930 

Work list book, 1921-1923 

Work list book, 1936-1944 

Work list book, 1945-1950 

Auto use, 1961-1969 

Office supplies, 1964-1967 

Valuation Department-Inventories, undated, 1879-1920 


2.00 Building/tools, 1915 

3.16 Buildings, 1916 

3.17 Specification for Back Bay station (2 ff), 1918 

3.18 Readville to Dedham, 1916 

3.19, 1918 

3.19-3.20, 1916 

3.20 Readville to Dedham, 1920 

4.11, 1879-1908 

4.11, 5.17 Boston station blueprints: Hyde Park, Bird St., Forest Ave., Glenwood Ave., Dorchester, Dudley St., Mt. Bowdoin, Fairmont (2 ff), 1916-1917 

7.21-7.28, undated 

7.29-7.35, 1916 

34.50-34.52, 1916-1918 

36.00 Providence (2 ff), 1918 

36.50-36.54 Rhode Island-Shoreline, 1916 

36.55-36.58, 1916 

53.60, 1917 

54.63-53.64, 1916 

54.65-54.69, 1916 

57.10-57.12, 1916-1918 

57.60-57.64, 1916-1918 

57.65-57.68, 1916-1918 

Beacon, New York , 1916 

Valuation Department-Inventories, undated, 1915-1983 


16 Boston, Massachusetts: freight terminal engine house, 1915 

17 Brewster, New York, 1916 

18 Bridgeport, Connecticut: engine house, 1915 

19 Cedar Hill, Connecticut: roundhouse, 1915 

20 East Hartford, Connecticut, 1915 

21 East Providence, Rhode Island: engine house, 1915 

22 Fall River, Massachusetts, undated 

23 Harlem River, Marine District, New York, 1915 

24 Hyannis, Massachusetts, 1915 

25 Midway (Groton), Connecticut: engine house, 1915 

26 Nantasket, Masschusetts, 1915 

27-29 New Haven, Connecticut: shops, 1915 

30 New Haven, Connecticut laboratory, 1915 

31 New Rochelle, New York: engine house, 1915 

32 Oak Point, New York, 1915 

33 Port Chester, New York: engine house, 1915 

34 Providence, Rhode Island: engine house, 1915 

35 Readville, Massachusetts, 1915 

36 Readvillle, Massachusetts: boiler, carpenter shops, 1915 

37 Readville, Massachusetts: locomotive erecting shop, 1915 

38-39 Readville, Massachusetts: machine shop, 1915 

51-52 South Boston, Massachusetts: engine house, car yards, 1915 

53 South Norwalk, Connecticut: engine house, 1915-1983 

54 South Worcester, Massachusetts: engine house, 1915 

55 Stamford, Connecticut, 1915 

56 Taunton, Massachusetts, 1915 

57 Valley Falls, Rhode Island, 1915 

58-59 Van Nest, New York, 1915 

60 Waterbury, Connecticut, 1915 

61 Watertown, Connecticut, 1915 

62 Boston, Massachusetts: South Station, 1918 

63 Boston, Massachusetts: Back Bay Station power plant, 1915 

64 Cos Cob, Connecticut: power plant, 1915, 1918 

66 Nantasket, Massachusetts: power station #1, 1915 

67 New Haven, Connecticut, 1915 

68 Providence, Rhode Island: passenger station, 1915 

69 Readville, Massachusetts: power plant, 1915 

70 Stamford, Connecticut: power plant #2, 1915 

71 Warren, Rhode Island: power plant, 1915 

72 Brayton, Rhode Island: substation, 1915 

73 Buckland, Connecticut: substation, 1915 

74 East Providence, Rhode Island: substation, 1915 

75 Middletown, Connecticut: substation, 1915 

76 Plainfield, Connecticut: substation, 1915 

77 Rockville, Connecticut, 1915 

81 Bridgeport, Connecticut: tool car 2858, 1915 

82 Danbury, Connecticut, 1915 

84 Framingham, Massachusetts, 1915 

85 Fitchburg, Massachusetts, 1915 

86 Harlem River, New York, 1915 

87 Hyannis, Massachusetts, 1915 

88 Midway, Connecticut, 1915 

91 Pittsfield, Massachusetts, 1915 

92 Port Chester, New York, 1915 

93 Readville, Massachusetts, 1915 

94 Boston, Massachusetts, 1915 

95 Stamford, Connecticut, 1915 

96 Taunton, Massachusetts, 1915 

97 Valley Falls, Rhode Island, 1915 

98 Waterbury, Connecticut, 1915 

99 Westfield, Massachusetts, 1915 

100 Scale Test Car, 1915 

101 Maybrook, New York, 1915 

103 New England Steam Ships Company, 1918 

104 Hartford and New York Transportation Co., 1918 

105 New Bedford, Martha's Vineyard and Nantucket Steamship Co., 1918 

Electrification inventories (blueprints) notes, 1918 


Schedules of Rights in Public Domain or Private Land, undated 


Interstate Commerce Commission Division of Valuation forms: Lands owned or used for purposes of a common carrier, Order books (#7), 1916-1919 


Valuation Section 1-4 (Boston, Massachusetts, area), 1919 


Valuation Section 5 (Boston, Brockton, Scituate, Fall River, and Taunton, Massachusetts, and  Newport, Rhode Island), 1918-1919 


Valuation Section 6-11 (Old Colony Railroad locations including Wareham, Barnstable, Harwich, Provinctown, Bourne and  Falmouth, Massachusetts; New Bedford, Sommerset, Medfield, Sudbury, Lowell, Chatham, Holyoke, and  Mansfield, Massachusetts), 1917-1919 


Valuation Section 30-51 (Rhode Island and south eastern and eastern Connecticut), 1916-1919 


Valuation Section 52-54 (south western and north eastern Connecticut), 1917-1919 


Valuation Section 55-57 (central Connecticut including Hartford, Middletown, Berlin, Hamden, and Farmington, including Bridgeport and Newtown, and western Massachusetts including Great Barrington, Lee and Pittsfield), 1917-1919 


Valuation Section 58-82 (western Connecticut and eastern New York, including lines of the former Central New England Railway, and into New York City), 1918-1919 


Electrification inventories (blueprints), 1908-1919 


Specifications, 1909 

Construction: property lists, 1908-1916 

Cost data, 1919 

Electrification inventories (blueprints) (2 vols.), 1911 


Electrification inventories (blueprints) -- Real estate meetings and agendas, 1960-1965 


Subseries 5: Insurance, 1947-1968 


Correspondence, schedules, change notices, fires, 1947-1965 


Correspondence, 1947-1953 

Schedules (3 ff), 1960-1964 

Change notices, 1963-1964 

Fires (6 ff), 1955-1965 

Fires, derailments, vandalism, rolling stock values, 1955-1968 


Fires (5 ff), 1966-1968 

Derailments (2 ff), 1955-1959 

Vandalism, 1968 

Rolling stock values: file 2732, 1960-1964 

Subseries 6: Subsidiaries, undated, 1860-1968 


Berkshire Street Railway: agreements, mortgages, company statements, corporate certificates/licenses, quarterly returns, maps, etc. 1900-1947, 


Articles of association, 1900 

Agreements, 1902 

1 First mortgage, 1902 

2 Mortgage extension, 1922-1927 

3 Mortgage extension, 1927-1937 

4 Supplemental mortgage, 1927 

5 Mortgage extension, 1937-1947 

6 Mortgages of Berkshire Street Railway, 1941 

7 Statement of company affairs, 1915 

8 Securities issued/assumed by Berkshire Street Railway, 1923 

9 Stock, 1922-1923 

10 Corporate certificates/licenses, 1924 

11 Correspondence: Berkshire Trolley Act, 1910 

12 Correspondence: Massachusetts Public Service Committee (MPSC), 1915-1918 

13 Quarterly returns, 1916-1917 

14 Privileges, 1916-1917 

15 Capital expenditures, 1915 

16 Board of Directors: meetings, 1911-1934 

17 Board of Directors: miscellaneous, 1911-1934 

22 Final valuation (2 ff), 1928 

Valuation maps, 1928 

24 Track and bridges, 1911, 1919 

25 Mileage table, 1916 

26 Buildings, 1929 

27 Conductors and motormen list, 1920 

28 Labor agreement, 1918 

General employee notices -- Berkshire Street Railway: General employee notices, 1918-1929 


Permits, tickets, tariffs, historical materials mortgages, undated, 1886-1941 


Berkshire Street Railway, undated, 1886-1941 

29 Rolling Rock, undated 

30 Car mileage/hours, 1911-1919 

31 Willey-Davis Bus Lines, 1928 

32 Substitution of buses for trolleys, 1930-1932 

33 Motor Coach permits, 1937 

34 Tickets/tariffs, 1912-1920 

Agreement Berkshire Street Railway/PESR/HUSR, 1902 

Notebook of R.M. Sawyer (2 ff), 1902-1910 

35-38 Historical materials (2 ff), 1886-1941 

Pittsfield Electric Street Railway, undated, 1890-1937 

Charter/articles of association, 1890 

Directors records, 1890-1910 

Bonding, 1893 

Mortgages, 1895-1898 

Division of territory, 1902 

Chattel mortgage and indenture, 1903 

Supplemental mortgage, 1907 

Supplemental indenture, 1907 

Sale to Berkshire Street Railway (2 ff), 1910 

First mortgage extension, 1923-1926 

Second mortgage extension, 1928 

Third mortgage extension, 1937 

Historical materials, undated 

Construction correspondence: Bennington W. Adams, 1906-1908 

Hoosick Falls Railroad, 1903-1915 

Property appraisal, 1910 

Proposed extension to Rutland, Vermont, 1907 

Maps of proposed extension, 1903 

Rutland extension, 1907-1915 

Vermont Company, 1911-1932 

Lease to Berkshire Street Railway, 1911 

First mortgage, 1911 

Agreement with Berkshire Street Railway, 1913 

History and franchises, 1932 

Bennington and North Adams Street Railway, 1904-1911 

Mortgages, general papers, traffic data, statistics, lists and rules, 1886-1951 


Hoosac Valley Street Railway, 1886-1937 

Butler mortgage, 1886 

New England Trust Co. mortgage, 1895-1898 

Berkshire Loan and Trust first mortgage (2 ff), 1904 

Sale to Berkshire Street Railway, 1906 

Transfer of title to Berkshire Street Railway, 1923 

First extension on bonds, 1924-1925 

Mortgage extensions, 1929-1937 

Boston Terminal Co., 1912-1951 

Union Freight Railroad: general papers, 1912-1921 

Correspondence: manager/superintendent, 1912-1940 

Reorganization, 1920-1951 

Boatner Study of Operations, 1941 

Passenger traffic data, 1914-1942 

Trains and consists, 1938-1941 

Freight traffic statistics, 1935-1942 

Equipment/switch lists and rules, 1917-1940 

Railroad equipment, 1916-1917 

Car moves, 1946 

Use of Hudson locomotives, 1927 

Interlocking plant, 1936 

AFE 57, signal modernization, 1933-1939 

Pamphlets, correspondences, meetings, deeds, certificates, undated, 1898-1968 


Boston Area, undated, 1908-1948 

Correspondence: railroad officials, 1908-1936 

Power plant, 1925-1930 

United States Railroad Association: World War I, 1917-1919 

War-related: World War II, 1941-1945 

Pamphlets, undated 

Marine operations 1912-1920 

Canals: Cape Cod/Boston-Narragansett Bay, 1911-1916 

Reorganizations (by-laws), 1915 

Boston and Maine Railroad reorganization, 1916 

Boston and Maine Railroad abandonments, 1914-1948 

Boston Railroad Holding Co., 1911-1916 

Old Colony Railroad reorganization: abandonments, 1940-1942 

Connecticut Company, 1900-1968 

CC-1 Board meetings, 1963-1964 

CC-2 Stockholders meetings, 1963-1964 

CC-7 Executive committee meetings, 1962-1964 

CC-90-1 Court Order 110: money owed by New York, New Haven and Hartford Railroad to Connecticut Co., 1962-1964 

CC-146 Investment in sale of New York, New Haven and Hartford Railroad bonds, 1948-1955 

CC-155 Analysis of operations, 1954 

CC-157 Purchase of New York, New Haven and Hartford Railroad common stock, 1955 

CC-158 Second National Bank of New Haven Railroad loan, 1955-1957 

CC-159 Boston and Providence Railroad stock, 1955-1956 

CC-160 Possible sale of company: documents, 1955-1956 

CC-161 $350,000 loan to New York, New Haven and Hartford Railroad, 1956 

CC-162 Flood loan covenants, 1956-1964 

CC-164 Substitution of securities account, 1957 

CC-166 Takeover of New Britain-Berlin service, 1957 

CC-170 Reformation of Connecticut Co. to East Hartford Freight, 1962-1964 

Disposition certificates, 1965-1968 

Index to general Deeds: Consolidated Railway/ New York, New Haven and Hartford Railroad, 1900-1940 

List of deeds: New Haven, Orange, 1910 

Correspondence: deeds, 1927, 1965 

General Deeds: Consolidated Railway Co., 1898-1905 

New London Street Railway, 1904 

Montville Street Railway , 1904 

Norwich Street Railway, 1904 

Danielson and Norwich Street Railway/ Worcester and Connecticut Easter Railway, 1902 

People's Tramway/Worcester and Connecticut Eastern, Danbury and Norwalk, 1899-1902 

Willimantic Traction, 1905 

Branford Lighting and Water, 1905 

Fairhaven and Westville Company, 1898-1904 

Winchester Avenue Railroad, 1904 

Wallingford Tramway/Worcester and Connecticut Eastern, 1904 

Meriden Electric Railroad, 1904 

Middletown Street Railway, 1904 

Hartford Street Railway, 1905 

Deeds, meeting minutes, construction/valuation reports, general records, ledgers, undated, 1860-1962 


General Deeds: Consolidated Railway Co., 1905-1940 

Hartford, Manchester, and Rockville Tramway, 1906 

East Hartford and Glastonbury Street Railway, 1905 

Suffield Street Railway, 1905 

Waterbury and Pomperaug Valley, 1907 

New York, New Haven and Hartford Trustees/Connecticut Light and Power, 1940 

Greenwich Tramway, 1905 

Hartford and Middletown Street Railway, 1906 

General Deeds: New York, New Haven and Hartford Railroad Trolley Lines, 1901-1940 

Connecticut Co.: statewide, 1910 

Connecticut Co.: statewide, 1915 

Connecticut Co.: West Shore-Winchester Avenue, 1910 

Connecticut Co.:  Connecticut Railway and Lighting Co. sublease 

Connecticut Co.: SMLP&T Co., HM&RT Co., 1910 

Connecticut Co.:  Branford Lighting and Water Co., 1910 

Connecticut Co.: Stamford Power Station plus land, 1910 

Connecticut Co.: land near Seymour Freight House, 1912 

Branford Electric Railway/ Branford Lighting and Water Co., 1901 

Connecticut Co.:  Manchester Electric Co., 1937 

Hartford National Bank and Trust/ Connecticut Co., 1937 

West Shore Railway/ Connecticut Co., 1939 

Torrington and Winchester Street Railway/ New York, New Haven and Hartford Railroad, 1907 

Meriden, Southington and Compounce Tramway, 1907 

Trustees, New York, New Haven and Hartford Railroad/ Connecticut Light and Power, 1940 

Village Water Co., 1908 

Housatonic Power Co., 1910 

Stafford Springs Street Railway, 1908 

Farmington Street Railway, 1909 

Canaan and Berkshire Tramway, Connecticut Co., 1911 

Connecticut Co., 1915, 1921, 1962 

Equitable power rates, 1915 

Car barns of New London Lines, 1921 

Value of Connecticut Co. property, 1962 

New England Steam Ship Co. meeting minutes, 1938-1949 

New York Connecting Railroad, 1913-1948 

Construction/valuation reports, 1913-1925 

Meeting minutes, 1947-1948 

New York, Westchester and Boston Railroad trial balance ledger, 1946 

Old Colony Railroad, 1860-1900 

General records, 1860-1900 

Appraisal (6 ff), 1893 

Maps, map guides, land lists, 1925-1930 


Berkshire Street Railway, 1925-1930 

Valuation section limit maps, 1928 

Transmission and feeder lines: 19 maps, 1925-1930 

Maps (4 ff), 

Millbrook Co./ New York, Westchester and Boston Railway salable land lists/maps, 1927 

Springfield Street Railway valuation map guide, 1927 

Deeds, maps, 1927-1929 


Connecticut Co., 1927-1929 

Bridgeport Division (2 ff), 1927 

Derby Division, 1927 

Hartford Division (3 ff), 1927 

Meriden Division, 1927-1929 

Middletown Division, 1927 

New Britain Division, 1927 

Torrington Division, 1927 

New Haven Division (2 ff), 1927 

New London Division (3 ff), 1927 

Norwalk Division, 1927 

Stamford Division, 1927 

Waterbury Division (2 ff), 1927 

Power System, 1928 

Feeder lines (14 maps), 1928 

Transmission lines (33 maps) (2 ff), 1928 

Real Estate -- Connecticut Co., undated, 1927-1929 


Middletown Division -- Schedule of Title and Maps, undated 

Connecticut Co. Maps -- New Britain, Newington, Plainville, Southington, Wolcott, 1927-1929 

New Haven Division -- Schedule of Title and Maps, undated 

New London Division -- Schedule of Title and Maps, undated 

Real Estate -- Connecticut Co., undated 


Norwalk Division -- Schedule of Title and Maps 

Stamford Division -- Schedule of Title and Maps 

Torrington Division -- Maps 

Waterbury Division -- Schedule of Title and Maps 

Waterbury Division -- Maps 

Feeder lines 

Transmission and Feeder Lines (101-1101)  

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Series II: Trustees, 1935-1980 

Subseries 1: Publications and Reports, 1935-1979 


Reorganization Proceedings, 1935-1939 


The Connecticut Company (2 vols.), 1935-1939 

New York, New Haven and Hartford Railroad (7 vols.), 1935-1938 

Reorganization Proceedings, New York, New Haven and Hartford Railroad (7 vols), 1938-1942 


Reorganization Proceedings, New York, New Haven and Hartford Railroad (6 vols), 1942-1948 


Reorganization Proceedings, New York, New Haven and Hartford Railroad (6 vols.), 1961-1965 


Reorganization Proceedings, New York, New Haven and Hartford Railroad (5 vols.), 1965-1970 


Reorganization Proceedings, 1962-1979 


New York, New Haven and Hartford Railroad (5 vols.), 1971-1979 

Trustees reports: New York, New Haven and Hartford Railroad (1 vol.), 1962-1974 

Reorganization Proceedings, 1940-1967 


New York, New Haven and Hartford Railroad: creditors/stockholder classes 1-13 (5 ff,) 1944 

Charter/Acts of Incorporation/deed/mortgage instrument for New Company (2 ff), 1947 

Amendments to Charter/Acts of Incorporation, 1947 

Boston and Providence Railroad (8 ff), 1967 

Boston Terminal Corp.: petitions/orders, 1962-1967 

Plan of Reorganization, 1940 

Reorganization Proceedings, 1944-1969 


Plan of Reorganization, 1944 

Reorganization documents (3 ff), 1947 

New Haven Railroad Inclusion Cases (United States Supreme Court), 1969 

Inclusion in Penn Central, 1968 

Subseries 2: Trustee's Files, 1949-1980 


Agendas, meeting minutes, related papers, 1961-1980 


Agendas for trustees meetings (2 ff), 1961-1969 

Meeting minutes, 1978-1980 

Meeting minutes, related papers (5 ff), 1967 

Meeting minutes, related papers, progress reports, certificates, 1949-1968 


Meeting minutes and related papers (4 ff), 1968 

Trustee progress reports, 1968 

Receivers and trustees certificates, 1961-1968 

"Reports of the Trustees", 1962-1968 

Executive Committee and Board Minutes, 1949-1950 

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Series III: Annual Reports, 1860-1968 

Subseries 1: Annual Reports to Stockholders, 1860-1961 


Annual reports, New York, New Haven and Hartford Railroad 1860, 1899-1944 


Annual reports, 1916-1961 


New York, New Haven and Hartford Railroad , 1945-1956 

New York, Ontario and Western Railway, 1916 

Old Colony Railroad, 1932-1936 

New York Central Railroad, 1961 

Subseries 2: Annual Reports to the Interstate Commerce Commission, 1911-1968 


Annual reports, New York, New Haven and Hartford Railroad/ICC (12 ff), 1911-1920 


Annual reports, New York, New Haven and Hartford Railroad/ICC (15 ff), 1921-1935 


Annual reports, New York, New Haven and Hartford Railroad/ICC (15 ff), 1936-1950 


Annual reports, New York, New Haven and Hartford Railroad/ICC (9 ff), 1951-1959 


Annual reports, 1918-1922, 1961-1968 


New York, New Haven and Hartford Railroad/ICC (9 ff), 1960-1968 

New York Connecting Railroad/ICC (5 ff), 1918-1922 

Annual reports, New York Connecting Railroad/ICC (19 ff), 1923-1941 


Annual reports, New York Connecting Railroad/ICC, 1942-1947 


Annual reports, New York Connecting Railroad/ICC, 1947-1963 


Subseries 3: Annual Reports to the States, 1910-1965 


Annual reports, 1910-1953 


Attleborough Branch Railroad Co./Commonwealth of Massachusetts (14 folders), 1910-1925 

Boston and Providence Railroad/Commonwealth of Massachusetts (13 ff), 1917-1938 

Boston Terminal Corp./Commonwealth of Massachusetts (2 ff), 1952-1953 

Annual reports, 1910-1965 


Boston Terminal Corp./Commonwealth of Massachusetts (9 ff), 1954-1965 

Central New England Railway/Commonwealth of Massachusetts (8 ff), 1911-1921 

Chatham Railroad/Commonwealth of Massachusetts (8 ff), 1910-1916 

Annual reports, 1917-1960 


Chatham Railroad/Commonwealth of Massachusetts (18 ff), 1917-1936 

Fall River Railroad Corp./Commonwealth of Massachusetts (7 ff), 1942 

Holyoke and Westfield Railroad Co./Commonwealth of Massachusetts, 1951-1960 

Annual reports, 1910-1950 


New York, New Haven and Hartford Railroad/ Massachusetts Department of Public Utilities, 1920 

Norwich and Worcester Railroad/Commonwealth of Massachusetts (16 ff), 1925-1950 

Old Colony Railroad/Commonwealth of Massachusetts (13 ff), 1910-1925 

Annual reports, 1910-1947 


Old Colony Railroad Co./Commonwealth of Massachusetts (15 ff), 1926-1947 

Union Freight Railroad Co./Commonwealth of Massachusetts (12 ff), 1910-1920 

Annual reports, Union Freight Railroad/Commonwealth of Massachusetts (7 ff), 1921-1952 


Subseries 4: Annual Reports to the ICC: Foreign Roads, 1956-1960 


Boston and Maine Railroad/ICC (2 ff), 1956-1960 

Illinois Central Railroad/ICC, 1959 

Subseries 5: Annual Reports: Working Records and Correspondence, 1860-1968 


New York, New Haven and Hartford Railroad/Commonwealth of Massachusetts (3 ff), 1940-1968 

Boston and Maine Railroad/Commonwealth of Massachusetts, 1949-1963 

New York, New Haven and Hartford Railroad correspondence, 1915 

New York, New Haven and Hartford Railroad Stockholders (4 ff), 1860-1944 

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Series IV: Accounting Department, undated, 1890-1969 

Subseries 1: General Subject Files, undated, 1890-1969 


Stocks/Bonds Securities, undated, 1904-1961 


New York Stock Exchange, 1926, 1936 

New York Stock Exchange: report of the President, 1928 

Manual of Corporate Management, 1904 

Interest cost tables, 1935, 1946 

Short term bond values, 1921 

Monthly bond values, 1928 

Bond specimens, undated 

Oregon Securities Co. report, 1904 

Memo: investment in Connecticut utilities, 1913 

Trial balances, 1924-1925 

Power of attorney: New Haven and Centerville Street Railway, 1933 

Reorganization report, 1942 

Custodians of Securities Minutes: discount costs, 1944-1946 

Miscellaneous papers, undated 

Stock list: New York Stock Exchange for  New York, New Haven and Hartford Railroad, 1947 

"Guide to Railroad Reorganization Securities" by Patrick McGinnis, 1944 

Proxy fight, 1954 

Exchange of Boston Terminal Co. bonds for  New York, New Haven and Hartford Railroad common stock, 1952-1957 

Employee stock purchase plan, 1955 

Reports for stockholders, 1956-1961 

Stockholders meeting notices, 1952-1961 

Trading slips, stocks, certificates of interest, quotations, lists,  undated, 1947-1969 


Reports by Guaranty Trust Co. (2 ff), 1947-1966 

Common stock/certificates of interest (2 ff), 1948-1969 

Redemption trading slips (3 ff), undated 

Boston and Providence Railroad stockholders list, 1959 

Bondholders list (2 ff), 1961, 1968 

Stockholders list (2 ff), 1959-1968 

Over the counter quotations, 1955-1963 

Undated/untitled stock list , undated 

Securities exchanged, 1957-1969 

Payments to financial institutions, 1960-1967 

Stock certificates at banks, 1969 

New York Stock Exchange: general information, 1969 

Transfer Dept. File, undated, 1924-1954 


New York, New Haven and Hartford Railroad, 1928-1947 

Boston and New York Air Line, 1935-1943 

Naugatuck Railroad, 1934-1952 

Central New England Railway, 1936-1940 

Connecticut Comptroller, 1926-1936 

Pennsylvania Railroad/Hartford Connecticut Trust Co., 1941-1947 

New York, New Haven and Hartford Railroad, undated 

New York Connecting Railroad, 1941-1946 

New York, New Haven and Hartford Railroad, undated 

Harlem River and Port Chester Railroad, 1942-1954 

Central New England Railway, 1928-1946 

New York, New Haven and Hartford Railroad, 1942-1947 

Samples list, 1949 

Worcester and Connecticut Eastern Railway, 1924-1941 

New York, New Haven and Hartford Railroad (3 ff), 1942-1947 

New England Railroad, 1942 

Central New England Railway, 1943-1947 

Consolidated Railway Co., 1942 

Metropolitan Life Insurance Co., 1950 

Excess profits tax, 1951 

Coupon # Coupon Record Books 1897-1954 


Naugatuck Railroad, 1904-1954 

New York Connecting Railroad, 1913-1953 

New York, New Haven and Hartford Railroad, 1897-1947 

New York, New Haven and Hartford Railroad, 1901-1947 

New York, New Haven and Hartford Railroad, 1908-1948 

Coupon # Coupon Record Books, 1904-1955 


Coupon Record Books, New York, New Haven & Hartford Railroad, 1906-1956 


Coupon # Coupon Record Books, 1895-1967 


New York, New Haven and Hartford Railroad, 1925-1940 

New York, New Haven and Hartford Railroad, 1927-1967 

New England Railroad, 1895-1945 

Providence Security Co., 1907-1957 

Coupons, interests, dividends, bonds, stock ledgers, 1904-1965 


Danbury and Norwalk Railroad, 1905-1955 

Boston and New York Air Line Railroad, 1905-1955 

Coupons/interests/dividends: Banks and Trust Companies, 1923-1931 

Providence Terminal stock ledger, 1904-1906 

New York, New Haven and Hartford Railroad sale: Harlem Division bonds, 1953-1965 

Stock transfer sheets, undated, 1960-1969 


Stock transfer sheets, undated 

New York, New Haven and Hartford Railroad/ Boston Terminal Co., 1960-1969 

Income bonds -- New York, New Haven and Hartford Railroad: general mortgage income bonds, 1967-1969 


Income bonds, 1967-1968 


Income bonds -- Providence Terminal Co., 1906-1956 


Assorted volumes, coupon books, ledgers, pay records, check registers, undated, 1899-1943 


Assorted volumes, 1899-1943 

Worcester and Connecticut Eastern Railroad, undated 

Worcester and Webster Street Railway, undated 

Webster and Dudley Street Railway coupon books, undated 

Hartford, Winsted and Torrington Railroad ledger, undated 

New York, New Haven and Hartford Railroad pay record, 1914-1917 

Providence Securities Co.: check register, 1907 

Income bonds -- Consolidated Railway Company, 1954 


Record of bonds, oversize volumes, convertible ledger, purchase plans, undated, 1890-1961 


Record of bonds, New York, New Haven and Hartford Railroad, 1890 

Oversize volumes (unboxed), undated 

New York, New Haven and Hartford Railroad convertible ledger, A-K, 1912 

New York, New Haven and Hartford Railroad employee stock purchase plan, 1955-1961 

Accounting procedures binders, 1958-1966 


Convertible ledger, 1912 


Employee Stock Purchase Plan, undated 


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Series V: Operations,  undated, 1865-1975 

Subseries 1: Trains, Personnel, and Equipment, undated, 1878-1975 


Administrative bulletins, equipment, crews, undated, 1878-1974 


Passenger traffic circulars, 1933-1935 

Bulletins and embargoes, 1937-1940 

Public timetables, 1886-1960 

Notices of service changes, 1937-1974 

Tariffs: passenger, baggage, express, 1955-1959 

Tariffs, 1913-1923 

Freight, passenger cars: New York, New Haven and Hartford Railroad, undated 

Passenger cars: Housatonic Railroad/ Boston and New York Air Line Railroad (2 ff), 1878-1889 

Dispersal of old cars, 1915-1916 

Train consists/symbols, 1934-1948 

Post-hurricane service, 1938 

Train consists: East (2 ff), 1940-1953 

Train consists: East, holidays, 1949-1953 

RDC/Shoreline runs, 1953-1959 

Crew runs: Boston/Midland East (3 ff), 1928-1959 

Timetables: employee, 1963 

Rules examination: New Haven Operating Dept., 1937 

Telegrapher's rosters: Boston, 1949-1960 

Employee letter, 1916 

Pamphlets, passenger reports and studies, undated, 1909-1969 


Telephone directory, 1940 

Station numbers, 1944, 1967 

Car weights and clearances, 1957 

Steam heat rules, 1957 

Air conditioner instructions, 1936 

Freight equipment instructions, 1948 

Transportation of explosives rules, 1909 

Assignment of work equipment and cabooses, 1956 

Passenger statistics: east (4 ff), 1926-1958 

Meteorlogical report, 1948 

Old Colony Railroad passenger study, 1946-1968 

Passenger study, 1969 

West End passenger study (2 ff), 1958 

Passenger carrier printouts (5 ff), undated 

Revenue, undated 

Tally sheets (2 ff), undated 

Unfoldered worksheets -- West End passenger study summaries, 1958 


Work sheets -- West End passenger study work sheets, 1958 


Work sheets -- West End passenger study work sheets, 1958 


Work sheets -- West End passenger study work sheets, 1958   Oversized


West End passenger study IBM cards, 1958 


Freight -- Operating/traffic statistics: New York, New Haven and Hartford Railroad, 1924-1932 


Freight, undated, 1890-1968 


Official railway equipment register, 1968 

Freight conductor's log, 1890 

Freight traffic: class rates, 1914 

Car usage and charges, 1917 

New York, New Haven and Hartford Railroad instructions: routing, 1918 

Freight car tariff, 1942 

Proposed electric freight: Cedar Hill/Bay Ridge, undated 

Track sales, 1960 

Freight handling: Boston, 1947-1948 

Express on the New York, New Haven and Hartford Railroad, 1955 

Boston Terminal procedures, 1957 

Freight commodity statistics, 1963 

Freight potential: New Haven Railroad, 1962 

Correspondence: Willimantic, Connecticut, 1931-1938 

Station service circular: Willimantic, Connecticut, 1951 

Car checks/switch list: Willimantic, Connecticut, 1961 

Log book: Willimantic, Connecticut, 1963 

General papers, 1966 

Agent's balance sheet: Needham, Massachusetts, 1902 

Seal log: New York Central Railroad, 1951 

Labor reports, maps, CTC reports, ticket invoices, undated, 1918-1965 


Daily labor reports, 1945, 1948 

Section gang rosters: Boston/Midland, 1918-1929 

Curve data/speed restrictions: New Haven, 1939-1941 

Track profile system, 1929 

Track maps: Massachusetts, New York, Connecticut, 1919, 1930 

Rails and frogs: Boston Division, 1965 

Sidetracks, undated 

Signal maps: New York and Connecticut (8 ff), undated 

Cape Cod CTC Project, 1943 

CTC report (2 ff), 1950 

Foreign Wire Line and Crossing Inspection (2 ff), 1950 

Ticket invoices (2 ff), 1964 

Operations, Joint Facilities, undated, 1911-1959 


Beacon, New York, 1932-1951 

Cabot, New York: New England Industrial Center, undated 

Maybrook, New York: general accidents (4 ff), 1926-1952 

Springfield, Massachusetts: passenger station contract revisions (2 ff), 1929-1952 

Worcester, Massachusetts: Franklin St. tower viaduct (2 ff), 1911-1959 

Expenses, 1935-1948 

Operations, Mechanical, undated, 1925-1965 


Charles St., Providence, Rhode Island, 1955 

Equipment changes, 1939-1945 

Readville shop report, 1945 

Locomotives in shop for repair: Providence, Rhode Island (2 ff), 1963-1965 

Locomotive families (2 ff), 1962-1963 

Technical manuals: diesel, undated 

Renewal parts catalog (3 ff), 1946-1954 

Manual: 96 tons electrics, undated 

Specification: 1000hp diesel ALCO, undated 

Monthly inspection sheets, 1949-1951 

Materials and supplies catalog, 1959 

Personnel papers/exams: shop-related, 1925-1945 

Log books: Fall River, Massachusetts, locomotive facility (5 ff), 1951-1966 


Log books: Cedar Hill, Connecticut (4 ff), 1957-1962 


Log books: Cedar Hill, Connecticut (4 ff), 1962-1966 


Reports on interline passenger traffic and excess baggage collections (24 ff), 1962-1964 


Agreements, rules and schedules, 1905-1975 


Delaware and Hudson Railroad Corporation Agreement, 1941 

New York, New Haven and Railroad Company Employees and Trustees Agreement, 1910-1954 

Pennsylvania Railroad CompanyEmployee Agreement, 1941-1970 

Central New England Railway Company Rules, 1920-1922 

American Railway Association Rules, 1905 

New York Central Railroad Rules, 1944-1957 

United States Railroad Administration Agreements, 1918-1920 

Boston Terminal Corporation Agreement, 1926-1944 

New York, New Haven and Hartford Railroad Company Rules, 1910-1943 

Erie-Lackawanna Railroad Company Employees Agreement, 1946-1975 

New York Central Railroad Agreement, 1922-1963 

Boston Terminal Corporation Rules, 1956 

Erie Railroad Rules, 1957-1967 

Central New England Railway Schedules, 1910-1924 

New York, New Haven and Hartford Railroad Schedule, 1906-1944 

Tables of Standard Rates of Pay, 1957-1961 

General Statement of the Affairs of New York, New Haven and Hartford Railroad Company, 1907-1908 

Agreements, rules and schedules, 1903-1970 


New York Central Railroad Rules, 1928-1957 

New York, New Haven and Hartford Railroad Company Agreement, 1917-1957 

New York, New Haven and Hartford Railroad Company Rules, 1903-1928 

New York, New Haven and Hartford Railroad Company Schedule, 1906-1955 

Boston Terminal Company Agreement, 1928 

Penn Central Agreement, 1968-1970 

Pullman Company Agreement, 1941 

New York Central Railroad Agreement, 1947-1963 

Subseries 2: Bridges, Buildings and Grade Crossings, undated, 1898-1970 


Book #, 1903-1968 


1 River tunnels: New York, 1903 

2 Research papers: marine borders, 1943-1951 

3 Triborough Bridge Authority (3 ff), 1935, 1951 

109.5 Cos Cob/South Norwalk/Devon, Connecticut (2 ff), 1950-1968 

630 Signal/catenary bridges: Harlem (5 ff), 1909-1961 

Book #, 1901-1951 


1395 Windham, Connecticut: Clark's Corners (2 ff), 1913-1950 

2035 Naugatuck Jct., Connecticut, 1905-1906 

2275 U.S. Labor Board decisions, 1920 

2477 Grade crossing elimination reports, 1935-1942 

2477-3 Grade crossing eliminations: Massachusetts, 1930-1951 

2477-4 Grade crossing eliminations: Rhode Island, 1930-1950 

3176 Fall River, Massachusetts: Slade's Ferry (4 ff), 1901-1927 

Book #, 1898-1969 


3176 Fall River, Massachusetts: Slade's ferry (3 ff), 1901-1927 

3177 Boston, Massachusetts: Ft. Point Channel (5 ff), 1898-1958 

3180 Pelham Bay, New York (4 ff), 1905-1969 

Book #, 1905-1969 


3180 Pelham Bay, New York (4 ff), 1905-1969 

3181 Somerset, Massachusetts (4 ff), 1905-1944 

Book #, 1905-1966 


3181 Somerset, Massachusetts, 1905-1944 

3182 Woodlawn, New York, 1915-1949 

3184 New London, Connecticut: Shaw's Cove, 1931-1966 

Second hand material, scrap, personnel applications, 1905-1960 


3189 Neponset, Massachusetts:  Neponset River (6 ff), 1905-1960 

3193 Buzzard's Bay, Massachusetts: bascule, 1909-1938 

3193 Buzzard's Bay, Massachusetts: bascule (3 ff), 1909-1938 

3194 New York, New York:  Bronx River (2 ff), 1905-1958 

3197 Personnel applications (5 ff), 1938-1951 

3198 Second hand material/scrap, 1909-1951 

Second hand material, scrap, budgets, 1905-1951 


3198 Second hand material/scrap (3 ff), 1909-1951 

3202 Wicopee Jct., New York (3 ff), 1914-1929 

3203 Boston, Massachusetts: Back Bay, Forest Hills (2 ff), 1913-1915 

3210 Rail specification/testing, 1905-1949 

3219 Budgets (2 folders), 1913-1947 

Budgets, inspections, 1911-1954 


3219 Budget (6 ff), 1913-1947 

3222 Bridge inspections: Massachusetts (5 ff), 1911-1954 

Inspections, minutes, reports, 1911-1963 


3222 Bridge inspections: Massachusetts (2 ff), 1911-1954 

3415 Gantry crane #46060, 1963 

3656 Authorization for expenditures, 1949-1952 

3657 Shore Line trestles, 1917-1946 

3677 Cedar Hill, Connecticut: Safety and Efficiency Committee minutes (3 ff), 1922-1930 

3689 Bridge inspections: New York to New Haven, New York to Connecticut, 1935-1940 

4782 Inspector's reports: Westchester Bridge, 1941 

Specifications, 1940-1960 


5456 Material specifications, 1940 

5458 Southbridge, Massachusetts: specifications for coal pit, 1943 

5851 Old Saybrook, Connecticut: highway over Valley Branch, 1948-1958 

5852 Old Lyme, Connecticut: highway relocation, 1950-1960 

5856 Cranston, Rhode Island:  Grinnel Corp. pit track, 1948 

5857 Trailer on flat car facilities (2 ff), 1949-1952 

5858 Stamford-New Canaan, Connecticut: catenary poles, 1948-1949 

5900 Bridges: age/type, 1950 

5902 Bridgeport, Connecticut: viaduct repairs (4 ff), 1948-1960 

Additions, drawings, inspection notebooks, grade crossings, progress charts, undated, 1927-1968 


5902 Bridgeport, Connecticut: viaduct repairs, 1948-1960 

6023 North Westport, Massachusetts: pipe sleeve, 1955 

6025 Lowell, Massachusetts: hopper, 1956 

6079 Cross Westchester Expressway/ Hutchinson River Parkway, New York, 1957 

6095 New Haven, Connecticut: diesel shop addition, 1958 

Drawbridges: drawings, undated 

Bridge locations (10 ff), 1939-1962 

Bridge inspection notebooks, 1930-1968 

Other structures: Massachusetts (3 ff), 1923-1951 

Private crossings progress chart, 1930 

Private crossings by line (44 ff), 1927-1929 

Grade crossings -- Private crossings by line (44 ff), 1927-1929 


Grade crossings, 1900-1970 


New York, New Haven and Hartford Railroad reports on grade crossing, 1941-1945 

Massachusetts crossings (2 ff), 1946 

Rhode Island Crossings (3 ff), 1925-1970 

Private/public crossings: Connecticut and Massachusetts, 1900 

Grade crossing elimination: federal, 1935 

Grade crossing elimination programs, 1947-1950 

Grade crossing elimination: New York, 1937-1968 

Private grade crossings: Connecticut, 1942 

Private grade crossings, 1961 

Public crossings, 1963-1968 

Transportation plans/reports: Connecticut (3 ff), 1943-1966 

Grade crossings, 1947-1960 


Transportation plans/reports: Massachusetts and Rhode Island (3 ff), 1947-1960 

Regional railroad policy for New England, 1957 

Grade Crossing List Books, bound volumes, undated, 1925 


1 Bridgeport-Botsford, Connecticut, undated 

New Haven-Botsford, Connecticut, undated 

Stamford-New Canaan, Connecticut, undated 

Wilson's Point-Danbury, Connecticut, undated 

Branchville-Ridgefield, Connecticut, undated 

Hawleyville-Litchfield, Connecticut, 1925 

2 Harlem River-New Rochelle, New York, undated 

New York City, undated 

Harlem River-Port Chester, New York, undated 

Woodlawn-Port Chester, New York, 1925 

3 New Haven & Northampton Railroad;  Shelbourne Falls, Massachusetts, undated 

Farmington-New Hartford, Connecticut, undated 

Northampton-Williamsburg, Massachusetts, undated 

Westfield-Holyoke, Massachusetts, undated 

Deerfield-Turners Falls, undated 

New Haven, Connecticut- Northampton, Massachusetts, 1925 

Grade Crossing List Books, bound volumes, 1925 


4 Eastern District (Old Colony Railroad), 1925 

5 Woodlawn, New York- New Haven, Connecticut, 1925 

Grade Crossing List Books, bound volumes, undated, 1921-1927 


Central New England Railway:  Hartford, Connecticut-Hopewell Jct./ Poughkeepsie, New York, undated 

Lloyd-Campbell Hall, 1925 

Botsford, Connecticut- Pittsfield, Massachusetts, 1927 

Van Deusenville-State Line, Massachusetts, undated 

Devon-Winsted, Connecticut, undated 

Watertown-Waterbury, Connecticut, undated 

8 New Haven, Connecticut- South Auburn, Rhode Island, 1927 

New Haven, Connecticut- Springfield, Massachusetts, undated 

Windsor Locks-Suffield, Connecticut, undated 

Belle Dock, undated 

Saybrook Junction-Hartford, Connecticut, undated 

Wickford-Wickford Landing, Rhode Island, undated 

Wood River Jct.-Hope Valley, undated 

New Britain-Berlin Junction, Connecticut, undated 

Meriden-Westfield, undated 

Groton, Connecticut- Worcester, Massachusetts, undated 

Midway-Groton, Connecticut, undated 

9 Special reports: MA/CT/NY, 1921-1922 

10 New York and New England Railroad, 1926 

Inspection reports, blueprints, general specifications, 1911-1968 


Poughkeepsie Bridge Diver's Inspection of River Piers, 1950 

Poughkeepsie Railroad Bridge Inspection Report, 1932, 1947, 1950-1952, 1954-1955, 1957-1963, 1966-1967 

New Haven Railroad Report on Reconstruction of the Summer Street Bridge Boston, Massachusetts, 1968 

General Specifications for steel railroad bridges, 1911 

Field Books -- Estimated weights and costs of bridges, 1900-1916, 1920-1944, 1946-1949 


Subseries 3: Drafting, undated, 1951-1962 


Drafting, index books, prints, tracings, drawing logs, applications, sketches, undated, 1951-1962 


Drafting, Index Books: 16471-17571, undated 

Drafting, Index Books: 24815-26038, undated 

Drafting, Index Books: 26039-26119, undated 

Drafting, Index Book: 32832-34513, undated 

Drafting, Index Book: 34514-34634, undated 

Drafting, Index Book: 41506-42584, undated 

Drafting, Index Book: 42585-42676, undated 

Drafting, Index Book: 55610-56539, undated 

Standard sketches 8405-9350; date sketches 11/44 to 6/58, trailer/flat car (2 ff), undated 

Sketches: 2001-2080, 2100-2199, 2200-2304 (3 ff), undated 

Index 305: parts/couplers, undated 

Prints/tracings, undated 

Drawing log/applications, undated 

Electrical engineering date sketches, 1955-1962 

Central Railroad of New Jersey, 1951-1956 

Locomotive blueprints/diagrams, drafting work, date sketches, standard sketches, undated 


Roger Williams, Connection diagram, undated 

Budd Car Diagrams, undated 

Schematic wiring diagram, undated 

Traction control schematic, undated 

Clutch and adaptor, undated 

Genemotor Switch and Control Box Arrangement, undated 

1600-1614 (DERS-6) Diagrams, undated 

Control Equipment Frame Connection Diagram, undated 

Engine Control, undated 

Auxiliary Control-Alarms, undated 

Apparatus Sketches, undated 

Connection Diagram, undated 

Control Equipment Frame Connection Diagrams, undated 

2000-2029 FL9-EDER-5, Electric/Diesel Electric Locomotive Schematic Wiring, undated 

1400-1414 (DERS-5) diagrams, undated 

Schematic Diagrams Contact and Interlock Sketches/Wiring, undated 

Connection Diagram, undated 

Schematic Diagrams Index/Main Power, undated 

Connection Diagram Comp't Control Circuits, undated 

Wiring, undated 

Main Power Control Diagrams, undated 

0911-0970 Diagrams, undated 

Type P. Single, End, Single Unit Control, undated 

Connection diagrams, undated 

0807-0816, 0817-0818 (DEY-4), Connection diagram, undated 

790-791 (DER-4), Schematic Piping Diagram for the OK-4740 Steam Generator, undated 

640-659 (DEY-7) Diagrams, undated 

Primary Test Procedure, undated 

Locomotive Wiring Diagram, undated 

517-536 (DERS-2c) Schematic Diagram, undated 

0600-0621 (DEY-5), Type P Single End Single Unit Control (Connection diagram), undated 

350-359 (EP-3b) Connection diagram, undated 

560-569 Operating Instructions, EP-3b, DERS-3, DEY-6, undated 

Preliminary Operating Instruction for Class EP-3b Locomotives (0351, 0352, 0353) when equipped with Pyranol Insulated Main Transformers and Improved Secondary Ground Relay Equipment, undated 

Operating Instructions for Diesel Electric Road-Switching Locomotives 560-569 DERS-3, undated 

Operating Instructions for DEY-6 Diesel Electric Switching Locomotives 630-639, undated 

0500-0516 (DERS-2b) Diagrams, undated 

Relocation Switch and Gauge Panel CFK-4225-2B Steam Generator, undated 

Unidentified diagrams, undated, 1951-1956 

Schematic Connection Diagram (0400), undated 

Diagram of Connections, Main and Control Wiring A.C.-D.C. Motor Cars 4041-4046, undated 

Air Brake Piping Schematic, 1951 

Schematic Wiring Diagram, 1956 

Locomotive Schematic, undated 

Sliding Flush Door for Bangor and Aroostook Insulated Box Cars, 1952-1953 

Schematic Connection diagram, undated 

0450-0464 (DER-2b), Schematic Connection diagram, undated 

0400-0417, 0419-0420, 0422-0429, 0450-0464, 0500-0516, Lubricating system diagram, undated 

0351-0360, Schematic Diagram of Main Circuits Passenger Locomotives, undated 

0300-0314, Connections, Main and Control Wiring Diagram, undated 

Drawings, Miscellaneous, undated 

Ford Train Order Delivery Crane, undated 

The American Railway Association Clearance Diagram, undated 

Lock Body End Door, undated 

14 inch Gun Railway Mount Model of 1920 Outline for U.S. Railroad Clearance, undated 

Outline of Motor Fleet, undated 

Standard Marking of Locomotive and Car Equipment Parts, undated 

Drawings 60316-60521, undated 

Spring No. 2-F-363 with Dalman Type Truck, undated 

Spring No. 2-F-373 ARA Spring "H", undated 

Bolster Spring, undated 

Truck Spring-Freight Cars Ride Control Element, undated 

Truck Spring-Freight Cars Inner Coil/Outer Coil, undated 

Balance Spring Apron Plate, undated 

Ride Control Springs Inner Coil/Outer Coil, undated 

Drawings 56084-56485, undated 

Roof Shutter Operating Arrangement, undated 

Balance Spring Arrangement Apron Plate, undated 

Stand-By Heater Arrangement Diesel Engine, undated 

Arrangement A-3 Ride Control truck 5.5"x10" with Roller Bearings, undated 

DF Loader Installation 40'-6" Car-9 Belt, undated 

Modifications For Use of "Pingripper" Attachments, undated 

Drawings 40794-42597, undated 

General Arrangement Timken Heavy-Duty "Type AP" Bearing Application, Class D (5.5"x10") Equipped With Lubricant Fitting, undated 

Piping Arrangement Air Compressor Governor, undated 

Coupler Centering Device with Coupler Height Adjustment, undated 

Automatic Brake Adjuster Type "B", undated 

Apron Plate Assembly and Details, undated 

General Arrangement Corner Step, undated 

Piping Heating Connection to Engine Cooling System, undated 

Lantern Location, undated 

Side Frames 6"x11" Spring Plankless Truck, undated 

Vapor Car Heating Co., Inc., undated 

Draft Gear Arrangement, undated 

Application Lading Strap Anchor, undated 

"R-S" Journal Stop and Waste Retainer Application and Details 5.5"x10" Double Truss Side Frame, undated 

Body Center Plate, undated 

Spring Clamp for Full Elliptic Springs, undated 

Removable Guard Stake, undated 

Safety Hook Steam Heat Connector, undated 

Steel Details Balance Spring Arrangement Apron Plate, undated 

Door Handle Modification Steam Generator Compartment, undated 

Fuel Oil Meter Location Steam Generator, undated 

Application Lading Strap Anchor, undated 

Brake Pipe Hose Connections End of Locomotives, undated 

4.5" Steam Gauge, undated 

Piping Distributing Valve Transfer Valve to Main Reservoir Pipe-Air Brake, undated 

Arrangement of Pilot and End Connections, undated 

Steel Details Balance Spring Arrangement Apron Plate, undated 

Tools For Handling Assembled Pistons and Liners, undated 

Steel Details Frame Corner Step, undated 

Runboard Steam Generator Comp't, undated 

Cab Seat, undated 

Brake Shoe Key "Lockey", undated 

Portable Screw Jack for Highway Trailers on Flat Car, undated 

Apron Plate Steel Details, undated 

Anchor Chain "U" Bolts, undated 

Cast Steel Coupler Yoke and Details, undated 

Brake Beam Safety Guard, undated 

Safety Guard Brake Beam "Creco" Type, undated 

Cleaning and Polishing Tool Fore Journals, undated 

Coupler Yoke and Details Farlow Friction Draft Gear, undated 

Coupler ARA Type "E", undated 

Coupler Centering Device, undated 

Arrangement of Flanger and Support, undated 

Type "A" Lower Casting Assembly, undated 

Method of Packing Journal Boxes AAR Standard Practice, undated 

Drawings 21411-26075, undated 

Packing Knife, undated 

Journal Bearing Wedge, undated 

Cable with Hook and Link, undated 

Flanger Bracket, undated 

Fulcrum Bracket Wine Hopper Door Lock, undated 

Latch Wine Hopper Door Lock, undated 

Imperial Type "B: Uncoupling Details, undated 

Brake Step, undated 

ARA Journal Bearing Wedge 6.5" x 12", undated 

Roller Side Bearing Fright Cars, undated 

Pins Hopper Doors, undated 

U-Bolt Pipe Clamp, undated 

Body Center Plate, undated 

Safety Guard Lever Bottom Conn. "U" Section Brake Beam, undated 

Anchor Chain Assembly Highway Trailer Flat Cars, undated 

Chock Block, undated 

Knuckle Lock Down Tester Type "D" Couplers, undated 

Spring Plate Double Truss Side Frame, undated 

Draft Key and Retainer Coupler Yoke, undated 

Truck Lever, undated 

Connector Wine Brake Balancer, undated 

Spring Seat Truck, undated 

Spring Plank Bearing Truck, undated 

Axle 5.5" x 10" AAR, undated 

Spring Plate, undated 

Spring Plate Spring Plankless Truck, undated 

Spring Plate Truck, undated 

"Buffalo" Master Brake Shoe Key, undated 

Body Center Plate, undated 

Body Side Bearing, undated 

Weatherstrip Application Body End Doors, undated 

Pistons Regrooving Methods, undated 

Steel Details Automatic Brake Adjuster, undated 

AAR Cast Iron 33" DIA Solid Hub Wheel, undated 

"Creco" 3 Point and 4 Point Brake Beam Support Chairs, undated 

Truck Lever Connection Schaefer, 4 Hole Straight, undated 

Yoke for 25 Ton Rear Supporting Jacks, undated 

Filler Block Ends Wheel Support Channel, undated 

Filler Block Intermediate Wheel Support Channel, undated 

7" x 14" Special Axle for Roller Bearings, undated 

Operating Crank Shock Absorber Hook, undated 

Side Sway Chain Assembly, undated 

AAR Cast Iron 33" DIA Wheel with Cored Hub, undated 

Application and Detail Reinforcement for Apron Plate, undated 

Mounting Bolts for Combined Auxiliary and Emergency Reservoir and "AB" Brake Valve, undated 

Application and Location of Additional Roof Clamps, undated 

Drawings 10113-17557, undated 

Brake Levers-Truck Freight Cars, undated 

Brake Levers-Body Freight Cars, undated 

Axle-4.25" x 8" AAR, undated 

Axle-5.5" x 10" AAR, undated 

Journal Bearing Wedge 4.25" x 8", undated 

Journal Bearing Wedge 5" x 9", undated 

Brake Shoe Key, undated 

King Bolt Key and Ring, undated 

Brake Dead Lever Guide Truck, undated 

Ladder Rounds, undated 

Ladder Round Bottom, undated 

Journal Bearing Wedge 5.5" x 10", undated 

Bolster-Truck 100,00 lbs Capacity, undated 

Axle 6" x 11" AAR, undated 

25 Ton Screw Jack, undated 

Brake Beam Hangers, undated 

Key and Retainer-Coupler Yoke, undated 

Dust Guards Journal Boxes ARA Standard, undated 

Pin-Bolster Hanger, undated 

Side Bearing Shoe Truck, undated 

Brake Beam Hanger, undated 

Brake Hanger Wearing Plate Cotter, undated 

Foot Plate For Jacks at Rear of Trailers, undated 

Spring Plank Hanger Truck, undated 

Pin Spring Plank Hanger Truck, undated 

Chain Cylinder and Hand Brake Connection, undated 

Clevis Hand Brake Chain, undated 

Hand Brake Chain, undated 

Brake Dead Lever Guide Truck, undated 

Spring Plank Hanger Truck, undated 

Spring Plate 60-17387, undated 

Anchor Chain Bracket on Trailers for Loading Highway Trailers Flat Car, undated 

Floating Lever with Handle, undated 

Levers-Truck Brake, undated 

Friction Plate Side Frame Column Ride Control Truck, undated 

Landing Gear Support Plate Highway Trailer Flat Cars, undated 

Truck Levers, undated 

Retainer Key for Roller Bearing Housing Truck Pedestal, undated 

Clevis for Pingripper Support Beam, undated 

Dead Lever Guide, undated 

Pin at Slack Adjuster, undated 

Locking Bar Hook Operating Mechanism at Bolster, undated 

Shaft for Single Hook, undated 

Sketches/Drawings 5571-9539, undated 

Location of Angle Cock and Stenciling of Brake Cylinder ARA Standard, undated 

"XL" Vetical Wheel Hand Brake, undated 

Application Automatic Brake Adjuster, undated 

Application Universal Multi-Power Hand Brake with Drop Brake Staff, undated 

Schematics Diagram of Control Circuits, undated 

Diagram of Connections Main and Control Wiring AC-DC Passenger Locomotive, undated 

"Cenco" Dust Guard Plug Retainer, undated 

Method of Shimming 40,50 and 70-Ton Buckeye Cushion-Ride Trucks for 2 1/2", 3 1/16", and 3 1/16" and 3 11/16" Spring Travel, undated 

Fulcrum and Washer Details for Bangor and Aroostook Insulated Box Cars (Sliding Doors), undated 

Connection Pipe Housing R-171-S Electric Steel, undated 

Door Hanger R-176-S Electric Steel, undated 

Draft Gear Conditions Change From Swivel Type to Rigid Type Yoke Coupler, undated 

Collar Key and Brake Pin Truck and Body Brake Rigging, undated 

Piping-Schematic Heating Boilers, undated 

Application Conditions Trucks Removed from 120000 Series and Applied to Work Service Gonds x-400 to x-519, undated 

Application of Protection Chains To Trailer Body Side and Rear Doors, undated 

Schematic Piping Diagram-OK 4625 Steam Generator with Standby Control, undated 

Axle 5.5" x 10" AAR Modified For Use with NMB Sealed Journal Box Kits, undated 

Apron Plate Application, undated 

Reinforcement at Axle Bearing Plates Front End Support Dolly, undated 

AAR Type "F" Interlocking Coupler, undated 

Type "E" Coupler-B-E650-HT, undated 

Coupler-Type "E" Head-Type "F" Shank Single Rotary Operated-Freight Equipment Repair Parts, undated 

Method for Making Damaged Hydra-Cushion Center Still Stationary for Safe Movement of Car, undated 

Date Sketches, undated 

Foot Board Alterations, undated 

Lubrication Instructions Ajax-Autmatic Brake Slack Adjuster Pneumatic Type, undated 

Packing Knife Modification To Agree with Latest AAR Standard, undated 

Roller Bearing Adapters for Pedestal Type Side Frames, undated 

Straightening Bar AAR Safety Appliances, undated 

Subseries 4: Artifacts, undated, 1865, 1941-1955 


Tickets, rule books, agreements, undated, 1941-1955 


Baggage tickets, 1941-1942 

Rule books, 1943 

Agreement: New York, New Haven and Hartford Railroad/firemen and hostlers, 1955 

Conductor's hat badge, undated 

Original lion-head plate: Providence and Stonington Co.: stamp and seal, undated 


Framed charter of the Brotherhood of Locomotive Engineers, Providence Division, 1865 


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Series VI: Additions to collection 


Accession 2016-0108: DVD, "Last Train to Pittsfield" 1971 

Scope and Contents

Text accompanying DVD: A documentary by Producer-Director Tom Barry and film editor John Mullen. Filmed in 1971 and released for public showing in 1976 and several New England region film festivals from 2008-2011. A flowing history of The Berkshire Line as told by Tom Barry and veteran New Haven Railroad engineer Pete McLachlan, in the cab of an RDC-1. "Last Train to Pittsfield" takes the viewer on an interesting journey through Connecticut and Massachusetts as the camera lovingly follows an enjoyable passenger train ride from Danbury to Pittsfield, Massachusetts, along the tracks that parallel the mesmerizing Housatonic River. A wonderful film with a sensitive approach to the sadness of the demise of commuter passenger trains in Southern New England. Program length = 36:00. Original film restoration and digital re-mastering by NHRHTA, 2015.

1998-0177/DVD 1 c. 1-2

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