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Office of Public Information Records (UConn)

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University of Connecticut, Office of Public Information Records
Inclusive Dates
undated, 1918-1989
215 Linear Feet
The office created, handled and distributed the official communications of the instituions with the public and press communities. These operations were transferred to the Athletic Communications Office and the University Relations Office (currently known as University Communications) in 1977-19782 and 2000, respectively.
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[Item description, #:#], University of Connecticut, Office of Public Information Records. Archives & Special Collections at the Thomas J. Dodd Research Center, University of Connecticut Library.

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Acquisition Information

The records of the Office of Public Information were transferred to the University Archives in August 1979, September 1981, and January 1988. News releases are transferred to the University Archives on a regular basis. In October 1989, 23 boxes of BIOGRAPHICAL FILES and MORGUE FILES were transferred to the University Archives.

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The collection is open and available for research.

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[Item description, #:#], University of Connecticut, Office of Public Information Records. Archives & Special Collections at the Thomas J. Dodd Research Center, University of Connecticut Library.

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  • University of Connecticut


  • Administrative records
  • Financial Records
  • Press releases
  • Correspondence
  • Photographs
  • Notes
  • Photocopies
  • Obituaries
  • Speeches (documents)


  • Universities and colleges

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The University Editorial Office was opened in 1922 under the direction of Walter Stemmons, College Editor. In 1954, after Mr. Stemmons retired, the office was renamed to reflect its broadened responsibilities. The Division of Communication, directed by John H. Gleason, had four subdivisions: General News (News Office), Sports Information, University Photography (Photo Lab), and Publications-Central Duplicating. In 1962, Donald Friedman became head of the office. In 1964, the name was again changed, this time to Office of Public Information and Publications. This office absorbed University News, Sports Information, Photography, Publications, and Central Duplicating. In 1967, Raymond J. Buck became Director of University Publications when the Office became the Office of Public Information (OPI). Friedman continued to work for Buck as director of OPI until 1977 when Walter S. McGowen became the director. Sports Information was transferred to the Division of Athletics in 1977/1978.

In 1986, the office was renamed the Office of University Relations and Karen Grava Williams was named Director of Institutional Relations. The following year, the office was divided into two offices: Institutional Relations and University Publications.

Although the responsibilities of the unit have remained the same, by 2005 was, and continues to be, known as University Communications.

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Collection Inventory

Series I: Morgue Files 1955-1979 



Series I Box 1

Accreditation 1954 

Admissions Office, University of Connecticut, undated 

Administration, University of Connecticut, 1950-1951 

Adult Education, 1954 

Atomic Energy Commission Exhibit, 1961 

Alumni Magazines, 1950-1955 

Alumni, 1950-1957 

American Association of Land-Grant Colleges and State Universities, 1947-1958 

American Association of University Professors, 1955-1957 

American Association of University Women, 1953-1958 

American College Public Relations Association, 1957 

American Finance Association, 1955 

American Institute of Biological Sciences, 1956 

American Rocket Society, 1956-1957 

Archons (Honorary Society), 1956 

Art Department, 1952-1959 

Arts and Sciences (College of), 1952-1957 

Athletics, 1951-1953 

Atomic Energy, 1952-1956 

Audio-Visual Center, 1950-1957 

News Report, 1950-1956 

Auditorium, University of Connecticut, 1950-1957 

Automation, 1956 


Miscellaneous, 1953-1957 

Fannie Hathaway Boss, Foreign Language, 1956-1957 

School of Business Administration, 1957 

Culp Award, 1952-1955 

Foreign Languages, General, 1957 

Industrial Administration, 1957 

Journalism, 1956 

Pharmacy, 1956-1957 

Psychology, 1956-1957 

V.F.W. Ladies' Auxiliary, 1957 

Bacteriology, Department of, 1952-1957 

Beach Collection, 1928-1932, 1953-1955 

Bilardo, 1954-1956 

Biography, Homer D. Babbidge, Jr., 1960 

Botany, Department of, 1953-1954 

Boys' and Girls' State, 1950-1957 

Brotherhood Week, 1953-1956 

Brundage, A. J., 1947 


Business Administration, School of 1952-1958 

Series I Box 2

Business Center, 1952 

Business Office, 1956-1957 

Campus Maps, undated 

Censorship, 1952-1953 

Chemistry, 1951-1957 

Child Development, 1956 

Circulation Data, 1951 

Clubs, 1950-1951 

Commencement, 1951-1959   (9 folders)

Correspondence, 1960-1961 

Work File, 1960 

News Releases, 1958-1960 


Concert Series, 1955-1959 

Series I Box 3

Conferences and Institutes, 1951-1957 

Connecticut Daily Campus, 1951-1957 

Connecticut Day - Week, 1953 

Connecticut Craftsmen, 1952-1956 

Connecticut Development Commission, 1952-1957 

Connecticut Health League, 1953 

Connecticut Science Talent Search Contest, 1956-1968 

Connecticut State Department of Education, 1950-1956 

Connecticut Writer, 1952-1954 

Conservation Tour, 1951-1956 

Convocations, 1950-1956 

Correspondence - Langrock, 1955 

Counseling, 1953 

Curriculum Lab, 1951 

Cultine, 1951-1957, 1958-1959   (2 folders)

Dance Festival - Square Dancing, 1951-1955 

Debate, 1950-1957 

Dining Halls, 1950-1957 

Dole, Sumner A. Testimonial Dinner, 1948 

Dolphinettes, 1955 

Draft Law, 1951 

Dunsmoor Articles, 1956 

Eastern States Exposition, 1951-1955 

Economics, 1950-1957 

Economic Education Workshop, 1957 

Education, School of, 1950-1956, 1958-1960   (2 folders)


Education Week, 1954-1956 

Series I Box 4

Civil Engineering, 1952-1957 

Electrical Engineering, 1950-1957 

Engineering, General, 1952-1957 

Engineering, Mechanical, 1951-1957 

English Department, 1950-1957 

Enrollment, 1950-1955 

Faculty Appointments, 1953-1958 

Faculty Club, 1954-1956 

Faculty Housing, 1955 

Faculty Leaves of Absence, 1951-1954 

Faculty News Releases, 1951-1957 

Faculty Newsletter, 1951-1957 

Faculty Obituaries, 1952-1954 

Faculty Publications, 1948-1954 

Faculty Resignations, 1955-1956 

Faculty Retirements, 1951-1959 

Faculty - Paul R. Zilsel, 1953 

Fine Arts Festival, 1955-1959 

Flood Disaster, Connecticut, 1955-1956 

Ford Foundation, 1951-1957 

Foreign Educators, 1951-1955 

Foreign Languages Department, 1951-1957 

Foreign Students, 1952-1957 

Fraternities, 1949-1956 

Interfraternity Council, 1955-1956 


Alpha Phi Omega, 1952-1957 

Delta Chi Delta, undated 

French, Mildred P., 1956 

Fund Raising, 1956 

Geology and Geography Department, 1951-1956 

Gerontology, 1953-1959 

Institute of Gerontology, 1960-1962 

Goodwill Committee, 1951-1956 

Graduate School, 1951-1957 


Hartford Courant, 1953-1957 


Health Service, Division of, 1951-1957 

Higher Education in Connecticut, 1952 

High School Plan, 1955-1957 

High School Press, 1953 

History Department, 1955-1957 

Honors Day at University of Connecticut, 1957 

Hungary, 1956 

Homecoming Day, 1952-1957 

Home Economics, 1950-1957 

(areas included), undated 

Nursery school, 1953-1954 


Mortar Board, 1954-1956 

Phi Beta Kappa, 1955-1957 

Phi Delta Kappa, 1952-1956 

Phi Kappa Phi, 1953-1957 

Sigma Xi, 1952-1957 

Sigma Xi Lectures, 1956 

Insurance, College of, 1951-1958 

International House, 1953-1955 

Jonathan (mascot), 1951-1956 

President Jorgensen, 1958-1962 

President Jorgensen, speeches, 1951-1957 

Journalism 201, 1957 

Labor Management Institute, 1954-1957, 1950-1953, 1958-1959   (2 folders)

Law, School of, 1951-1957 

Brien McMahon Lectures, 1957-1959 

Legislation, 1953-1955 

Library, 1950-1955 

Lions Club of Storrs, 1953-1954 


Mailing Lists, 1951-1958 

Series I Box 6

Mathematics, 1952-1957 

Medical Technology, 1956 

Military Ball, 1953-1957 

"Mock" Legislature, 1955 

Motion and Time Study Laboratory, 1952-1954 

Music, Department of, 1951-1959 

National Association of Manufacturers, 1953 

National Conference of Professors, Educational Admin., 1955 

National Defense Training, Military Day, 1952-1959 

National Education Association, 1951 

National Science Fair, 1958, 1959   (2 folders)

News Coordinator, 1951-1956 

Photographer, 1952-1956 

News Releases 

Numbers index, 1957-60 

News Releases, Originals, 1958-1959   (2 folders)

New England Health Institute, 1957 

Newman Club, 1951-1952 

Noank Marine Research Laboratory, 1957 

Nuclear Reactor, 1955-1956 

Nutmeg, 1955-1957 

Nursing, School of, 1952-1962 


Orchesis, 1955-1957 

Series I Box 7

Parking, 1950-1956 

Pharmacy Seminar, 1954 

Pharmacy, School of, 1950-1955, 1956-1959   (2 folders)

Philosophy, 1951-1957 

Photograph releases (forms), 1952-1957 

Physical Education, 1951-1957 

Physical Therapy, School of, 1952-1957 

Physics, 1952-1957 

Placement Office, Careers Conference, 1952-1954 

Placement, 1951-1957 

Planetarium, 1954 

Plant Maintenance, 1953-1954 

Plastics, 1956-1957 

Political Science, 1957 

President - Annual Report, 1951-1956 

Provost Waugh, 1952-1957 

Psychology, Department of, 1951-1961 

Publications Student - Faculty Board, 1952-1954 

Public Service, Institute of, 1950-1955, 1956-1958   (3 folders)


Queens, Campus Contest, 1952-1954 

Radio-Television Center, 1952-1956 

Ratcliffe Hicks School of Agriculture, 1950-1953 

Regional High School, 1952-1954 

Registrar, 1952-1959 


Requests, 1954-1957 

Series I Box 8

Requests for Campus Guides, 1954-1955 

Research - Agriculture, undated 

Research Foundation - University of Connecticut, 1954-1956 

Research - University of Connecticut, 1950-1953 

Residences, 1950-1953 

Men's, 1953-1960 

Women's, undated 

ROTC Commissions, 1955-1956 

Air Force, 1950-1959 

Army, 1951-1956 

Rural Sociology, 1951-1956 

Scholarships, 1951-1956, 1957-1960   (2 folders)

forms, 1957 

Fulbright, 1955-1958 

Lauter (Windham High), 1951-1957 

Other Universities, 1951-1957 

Scholastic Press Association, 1951-1957 

Security, 1953 

Sewage Project, Hydraulics Lab, 1955 

Society for Advancement of Management, 1953-1957 

Sociology and Anthropology, Department of, 1951-1957 

Social Work, School of, 1951-1958, 1959   (2 folders)

Songs, etc., undated 


General, 1952-1957 

Panhellenic Association, 1951-1956 


Lecturers, 1951-1956 


Visiting, 1950-1957 

Series I Box 9

Speech and Drama, Department of, 1950-1958, 1959   (2 folders)

Speech and Hearing Clinic, 1952-1953 

Square Dance Festival, 1955 

Stadium, 1951-1953 

Stevenson, Ned, 1951 

Student Union, 1952-1960 


Activities, 1951-1957 

Community Chest Carnival, 1953-1957 

Dad's Day, 1952-1957 

Elections, 1954-1957 

Financing, 1956 

General, 1950-1957 

Jobs, 1957-1958 

Organizations, 1956 

Personnel, 1951-1956 

Publications, 1953-1955 

Senate, 1952-1955 

Winter Weekend, 1956-1959 

Talent Show, 1956 

Summer Theater, 1961, 1962   (4 folders)


 1957-1959, 1960 

Series I Box 10

Touchstone, 1950-1954 

United Christian Association, 1953 

United Nations, 1953-1957 


Administrative Council, 1950 

Advertising, 1955 

Branch, Hartford, 1953-1955 

Stamford, 1952-1956 

Waterbury, 1951-1957 

Buildings, 1957 

Collections, 1952-1955 

Colors, 1947-1952 

Exhibit, 1951-1954 

Extension, 1950-1955, 1956-1957   (2 folders)

Facts, 1954-1957 

Finance, 1954-1956 

History, 75th Anniversary, 1950-1955, 1956-1957   (2 folders)

Maps, undated 

Miscellaneous, 1954-1956 

Museum, undated 

Official Analysis, 1951-1957 

Other, 1955-1957 

Personnel, 1955-1956 

Scholar, 1952-1957 

Senate, 1951-1955 

Trustees, 1952-1956 

Unfavorable Publicity, 1955 

Vocational Education, undated 

Who's Who in American Colleges and Universities, 1952-1957, 1958-1960   (2 folders)

WHUS, 1952-1955 

World Federalists, 1952-1953 

Writers' Conference, 1951-1954 

Young Republicans (picture negatives), undated 

Zoology, Department of, 1952-1959 


Series I Box 11


Provost's Office, 1964 


The Ambassade De France Prize in French and Literature, 1959-1962 

American Society of Civil Engineers, 1960 

Connecticut Association of Real Estate Boards, 1960-1961 

Connecticut Chapter American Marketing Association, 1960-1961 

Connecticut Society of Certified Public Accountants, 1960-1961 

Connecticut State Association of Power Engineers, 1959-1962 

E. Stevens Henry Award, 1959-1961 

Fannie Hatheway Boss Prize in French, 1959-1962 

Freckleton Memorial Award in Journalism, 1958-1959 

General Excellence Award in Accounting, 1960-1961 

Hamilton Award in Electrical Engineering, 1959-1961 

Harry Farnham Award, Agriculture, 1958-1962 

Industrial Administration Prize, 1959-1962 

Johns-Manville-Collier Prize, 1959-1962 

Kilmer Prize, Pharmaceutical, 1958-1962 

Loeb Memorial Foundation Awards, 1958-1960 

Machine Design Award, 1958-1962 

Miscellaneous, 1961 

Ratcliffe Hicks Essay Contest, 1959 

Sigma Theta Tau Award in Nursing, 1959-1962 

United Business Education Association, 1958-1962 

V.F.W. Ladies Auxiliary Award, 1959-1961 

Wall Street Journal's Student Achievement Award, 1960 

William D. Orbison Memorial Award In Psychology, 1958-1962 

Continuing Education Service 

American Marketing Association, 1958-1960 

American Musicological Society Conference New England Chapter, 1959 

American Society for Engineering Education, 1958-1959 

Audio-Visual Coordinators Conference, 1958 

Civil Defense, University of Connecticut, 1958-1965 

College Conference on World Affairs, 1958 

Connecticut Academy of Arts and Sciences, 1960-1961 

Connecticut Boards of Education Conference, 1960 

Conference of the Connecticut Federation Student Councils, 1958 

Connecticut Fire Marshals' Conference, 1958 

Connecticut Fire Marshals' Conference, 1957-1958 

Connecticut Local Public Welfare Administrators Conference, 1958 

Connecticut Public Health Association, 1958-1959 

Connecticut Scholastic Press Association, 1958-1959 

Connecticut State Association of School Business Officials, 1958-65 

Connecticut Tax Collectors Association, 1959 

Connecticut Town and City Finance Personnel Conference, 1958-1960 

Connecticut Valley Student Scientific Conference, 1960 

Continuing Education, 1961-1966 

Credit Extension, 1962-1967 

Discussion Telephone Union Officials, 1960 

Division of Conferences, Institutes, and Non-credit Extension, 1959-1965 

Geography Conference, 1959 

Government Careers Conference, 1961 

Governmental Accountants Conference, 1958-1960 

Governor's Conference on Fitness of Connecticut's Youth, 1959 

Home Economics Convocation, 1958-1959 

Institute of Public Service, 1958-1964, 1961-1967 1963-1965   (3 folders)

International Conference on Management Education and Training, 1959 

Junior High School Problems, 1958-1962 

Labor Education, 1962 

Labor Management Institute, 1960-1961 

Local Public Welfare Administrators' Conference, 1960 

National Conference on Small Business Mgmt., 1960 

New England Curriculum Conference, 1958-1962 

Non-Credit Extension, 1963-1965, 1965-1966 1966-1968   (4 folders)


Non-Credit Extension Politics, 1964 

Series I Box 12

Northeast Council on School House Construction, 1960 

Retail Management Conference, 1958 

Southern New England Regional Town And City Conference, 1960 

Summer Conference, Miscellaneous, 1959-1964 

Town Clerks Conference, 1959-1960 

University Extension 

Conference Approval, 1958-1962, 1958-1964 1966-1967   (3 folders)

Bridgeport, 1958-1961 

Danbury, 1958-1961 

Danielson, 1959-1960 

East Hartford, 1958-1961 

Greenwich, 1958 

Guilford, 1958 

Meriden, 1960-1961 

New Haven, 1959-1962 

Newington, 1959 

New London, 1959-1964 

Norwalk, 1959-1961 

Norwich, 1961 

Storrs, 1958-1962 

Wallingford, 1959 


Central Duplicating, 1965 

CT State Development Commission, 1958-1962 

Radio-Television Center, University of Connecticut, 1958-1962 

Radio-TV Releases, 1969 


Promotions, 1958-1961 

Sabbatical Leaves, 1959-1961 

Salary Schedule, 1961-1962 

Speaker Roster, 1960-1961 

Financial Affairs 

Budget, University of Connecticut, 1958-1962 

Business Office, University of Connecticut - Fiscal V.P., 1960-1961 

Plant Maintenance, Department of, 1960-1961 

University Gen. & Aux. Fund Bud., 1958-1962 

Fraternities and Sororities 

Alpha Delta, sorority, 1961 

Alpha Epsilon Pi, fraternity, 1958-1960 

Alpha Epsilon Phi, sorority, 1958-1960 

Alpha Lamda Delta, Freshman Honor Society, 1959-1964 

Alpha Phi Gamma, Journalism, 1964-1965 

Alpha Phi Omega, fraternity, 1958-1962 

Alpha Zeta Omega, fraternity, 1961 

Archons, Honorary Society for Men, 1961-1962 

Beta Gamma Sigma, Bus. Society, 1969-1962 

Chi Epsilon, Nat'l. Civil Eng. Honorary Society, 1960-1961 

Delta Pi, sorority 1961 

Kappa Kappa Gamma, sorority, 1961 

Eta Kappa Nu, Honorary Electrical Engineering Society, 1959-1961 

Gamma Sigma Sigma, Honorary Service Society, 1959-1962 

Kappa Delta Pi, Honorary Fraternity, 1958-1962 

Lambda Chi Alpha, fraternity, 1958 

Mortar Board, Women's Honor Society, 1959-1962 

Phi Alpha Theta, History Honor Society, 1960-1965 

Phi Beta Kappa, College of Lib. Arts And Sciences Honorary Society, 1958-1962 

Pi Beta Phi, sorority, 196019-62 

Phi Chi Alpha, Gamma Zeta chapter Of Phi Kappa Tau, 1961 

Phi Delta Kappa, fraternity, 1958-1962 

Phi Kappa Phi, National Honorary Society for Honor Students 1958-1961 

Phi Mu, sorority, 1962 

Phi Sigma Sigma, sorority, 1962 

Phi Upsilon Omicron, Honorary Home Economics Society, 1960-1961 

Pi Tau Sigma, Honorary Mechanical Engineering Fraternity, 1958-1962 

Rho Chi, Honorary Society for Pharmacy, 1959-1964 

Sigma Pi Sigma, Physics Honorary Society, 1958-1962 

Sigma Theta Tau, Nurses Honorary Society, 1962 

Sigma Xi, Honorary Research Society, 1958-1962 

Tau Beta Pi, Honorary Engineering Society, 1958-1961 

Tau Kappa Epsilon, fraternity, 1959-1961 

Zeta Psi, fraternity, 1960 

Intrafraternity council, 1958-1962 

Miscellaneous, 1960-1962, 1961-1962   (2 folders)

Panhellenic Council, 1961-1962 


Jorgensen Auditorium, 1966-1962 

Series I Box 13


General Information, 1959-1962 

Bivin, George Davis, Foundation Scholarship, 1958-1960 

Blonder-Tongue Foundation Scholarship, 1958-1950 

Brown, Marion Eggleston Scholarship, 1960 

Burton, Martin C., Music Scholarship, 1958-1961 

Connecticut Rexall Stores Scholarships, 1961 

Connecticut Valley Mental Health Association Scholarship, 1959-1960 

Culp, Dorothy Memorial Scholarship, 1958 

Doss, Bruno E. Scholarship Fund, 1960 

Drotch, Paul L. (Lt.) Memorial Schoarship, 1960 

Fairfield County Garden Club Scholarship, 1960 

Farrington, Harold P. Scholarship, 1960 

Food Fair Stores Scholarships, 1958-1961 

Fulbright Scholarships, 1959-61 

Fuller, Arthur C. Scholarship in Law, 1960 

Hall, G., Jr. Memorial Scholarships, 1959 

Hartford Engineers Club Scholarship, 1960 

Lincoln, Edward E. Scholarship, 1960 

Loughlin, Joseph M. Memorial Fund, 1959-1962 

Mahoney, Mary Scholarship, 1960 

National Foundation Health Scholarship, 1960 

National Secretaries Association Scholarship, Westbury Branch, 1960 

New England Paper Merchants Association Scholarship, Westbury Branch, 1960 

New England Paper Merchants Association, 1960 

Panhellenic Scholarships, 1958 

Past President Club, Hartford Chapter, National Association Of Accountants, 1959-1961 

Phi Delta Kappa Scholarship, 1958 

Philip Lauter Foundation Scholarship, 1958 

Rulnick, Maxwell E. Pharmacy Scholarship, 1962 

Schmidt, Edmund L. Memorial Scholarship, 1962 

Sigma Phi Epsilon Fraternity Scholarship, 1960 

Springfield Jewish Comunity Center Fellowship, 1959-1960 

Swerling Memorial Scholarship, 1961 

WGBH TV Scholarship, 1960 

Wilkinson, Albert E. Scholarship,  Fairfield County Garden Club, 1960 

Winn, John D. Scholarship, Animal Diseases Major, 1961 

Woodrow Wilson Fellowship, 1959-1960 

School of Allied Health 

Physical Therapy, 1958-1962 

School of Business Administration 

Alumni News Letter, 1960 

American Finance Association, 1960-61 

David McCahan Lecture, 1959 

Faculty, 1958-1962 

"Funspot Market Analysis", 1959-1962 

General, 1958-1965 

Research, Hartford Electric Light 

Company Grant, 1959 

School of Insurance 

Faculty, 1962-1963 

General, 1958-1965 

Students, 1962-1963 

Society for the Advancement of Management, 1958-1963 

Students, 1959-1961 

Young President's Organization, 1960-1962 

School of Education 

General, 1960-1965 

Faculty, 1960-1965 

American Federation of Teachers, University of Connecticut chapter, 1960-1962 

Audio-Visual Center, University of Connecticut, 1958-1962 

Audio-Visual Center News Report, 1959-1962 

Connecticut Commission of Higher Education, 1959 

Connecticut Science Talent Search, 1958-1962 

Connecticut State Council for the Advancement Of Economic Education, 1958-1962 

Correspondence, School of Ed., 1958-1960 

Elementary Education, 1960-1961 

Physical Education, 1958-1962 

E. O. Smith High School, 1958-1962 

Student Teaching, 1958-1965 

School of Engineering 

General, 1958-1965 

P. Roy Brammell Fund, 1960-1962 

Industrial Research Park, 1962 

Faculty, 1959-1964 


Students, 1961-1965 

Series I Box 14

Chemical Engineering, School of, 1960-1965 

Civil Engineering, Department of, 1958-1965 

American Society of Civil Engineers, 1958-1961 

Electrical Engineering, Dept. of, 1958-1965 

American Institute of Electrical Engineering, Connecticut Section, 1958-1960 

Mechanical Engineering, Dept. of, 1959-1965 

American Society of Mechanical Engineers, Connecticut Chapter, 1958-1962 

Nuclear Engineering, Dept. of, 1958-1962 

School of Fine Arts 

General, 1959-1962 

Faculty, 1961-1962 

Fine Arts Festival, 1955-1960, 1962   (2 folders)


General, 1958-1962 

Faculty, 1958-1962 

Students, 1960-1962 


General, 1960-1965 

Faculty, 1960-1965 

Band, University Concerts, 1953-1965 

UConn Symphony Orchestra, 1960-1961 

Student Recitals of Performances, 1961-1962 

Speech and Drama, Dept. of, 1960-1961 

Dept. of Theater, 1964-1966 

General, 1960-1965, 1963-1964   (4 folders)


 1962-1963, 1965-1967 


Faculty, 1961-1962 

Students, 1961-1962, 1967-1970   (2 folders)

Alumni, 1968-1971 

Andrea Dromm, Theater Alumna, 1967 

Graduate School 

General, 1959-1965 

Faculty, 1963-1965 

Students, 1961-1965 

National Defense Education Act, US, 1959-1962 


General, 1958-1965 

American Council of Learned Societies, 1960 

Atomic Energy Commission Grant, 1958-1961 

Dupont, 1961 

Ford Foundation Grant, 1958-1964 

Guggenheim Foundation Fellowship, 1958-1961 

Marine Research Laboratory Institute in Noank, 1958-1962 

National Institute of Mental Health Grant, 1958-1966 

National Science Foundation Grant, 1960-1965   (3 folders)

Office of Ordnance Research Grant, 1959-1961 

Research Corporation Grant, 1958-1961 

US Dept. of Health, Education, And Welfare Grant, 1958-1959 

US Public Health Service Research Grants, 1958-1964 

US Small Business Admin. Grant, 1960-61 

UConn Research Foundation Grants, 1957-1961 

Associate Dean for Research Development, Grad. School, 1957-1964 

Health Center

Dental School, General, 1960-1965 

Home Economics 

General, 1958-1962 

Faculty, 1959-1965 

Students, 1959-1962 

American Dietetic Association Internship, 1958-1962 

Home Economics Day, 1958 

Honor Roll, 1958-1962 

Dept. of Family Relations, 1958-1963 

School of Law 

General, 1958-1964 

Faculty, 1958-1962 

Students, 1959-1962 

Pre-Law Club (ALSA), 1961 

School of Liberal Arts and Sciences 

General, 1958-1965 

Bacteriology, 1959-1962 

Botany, 1959-1962 

Genetics, 1962 


General, 1960-1966 

Faculty, 1960-1965 

Chemistry, 1958-1962 

English, 1958-1962 


General, 1958-1962 

Faculty - WTIC Radio Series: "Economic News Report" Dr. P. Taylor, 1958 


Foreign Languages, 

Series I Box 16

Faculty, 1958-1962 

General, 1958-1962 

Students, 1958-1962 

Geology and Geography, 1958-1962 

History, 1958-1962 

Journalism, 1959-1960 

Mathematics, 1958-1962 

National Defense Training 

ROTC, General Info., 1960-1964 

Distinguished Military Students, 1958-1965 

Air Force, ROTC, 1960-1965 

Army ROTC, 1960-1965 

Flight, 1958-1960 

Military Ball, 1958-1965 

Military Day, 1960-1965 

Pershing Rifles, 1958-1962 

Philosophy, 1959-1961 


General, 1958-1961 

Faculty, 1960-1961 

Students, 1960 

American Institute of Physics, 1961 

Research, Thompson Ramo Woolridge Inc. Grant, 1960 

Political Science, 1958-1965 


General, 1960-1962 

Faculty, 1960-1962 

Students, 1962 


General, 1958-1961 

Faculty, 1958-1961 

Institute of Gerontology, Adventurous Years, 1960-1963, 1964   (2 folders)


General, 1962-1965 

Forensic Debate, 1958-1962 

High School Debate Meet, Annual, 1958-1965 

High School Model Congress, UConn, 1959-1961 

Invitational Debate Tournament, 1960 

Speech and Hearing Clinic, 1960-1961 

School of Nursing 

General, 1958-1962 

Faculty, 1960-1962 

Students, 1958-1962 

School of Pharmacy 

General, 1959-1962 

Faculty, 1959-1962 

Students, 1960-1962 

Pharmacy Research Institute, 1958-1961 

School of Social Work 

General, 1959-1962 

Faculty, 1960-1962 

Students, 1960-1962 

Scholarship Committee, General, 1959 


Special Events, 1963 

Series I Box 17

Auditorium, 1958-1967, 1961-1964   (2 folders)

Chamber Music Events, 1958-1965 

Von Der Mehden Recital Hall, 1958-1967, 1961-1964   (2 fol)

Concert Series, 1961-1962   (2 folders)

Students Affairs 

Miscellaneous, 1958-1962 

Connecticut's Dairy Queen Contest, 1958 

Dad's Day, 1959-1961 

Student Directory, 1958-1961 

Student Personnel Division, 1958-1961 

Men's Affairs and Counseling, 1960 

Women's Affairs and Counseling, 1960-1963 

Admissions Office, 1959-1961 

Bookstore, 1962 

Division of Residence Housing, 1961 

Student Housing, 1961 

Placement Office, 1958-1962 

Registrar's Office, 1960-1965   (3 folders)

Student Activities 

Election of Class Officers, 1958-1961 

Folk Song Festivals, 1961 

Foreign Students, 1957-1962 

Freshman Week, 1959-1960 

Homecoming Day, 1959-1961 

Honor Students, 1961-1966 

Junior Prom, 1958-1961 

"Mr. UConn" Contest, 1958 

Connecticut Intercollegiate Scholastic Legislature, 1959 

Mom's Day, 1958-1962 

Most Eligible Bachelor Contest, 1959 

Miscellaneous, 1958-1962 

National Intercollegiate Bridge Tournament, 1958-1959 

Nutmeg, 1958-1962 

Panel Discussion, Capital Punishment, 1960 

Peace Corps Program, 1961 

Queens, 1958-1962 

Senior Week, 1958-1962 

Student Union 

Board of Governors, 1958-1962 

Cultural Committee, 1958-1962 

Exhibits, 1958-1962 

Talent Show, 1958-1962 

WHUS, Student Radio Station, 1958-1962 

Winter Weekend, 1958-1965   (2 folders)


Summer Session 

Series I Box 18

Division of Summer Session and Credit Extension, 1957-1962 

General Information, 1959-1962 

Course Offerings, 1958-1962 

Enrollment, 1958-1962 

Summer Institutes, Miscellaneous, 1962 

Work-Shops, Miscellaneous, 1962-1963 

Alumni Association Lecture Institute, 1960 

American Institute of Real Estate Appraisers, 1959-1960 

American Federation of Teachers, 1959-1960 

Annual Effective Motor Fleet Operations Institute, 1958-1961 

Business Education Institute, 1958-1962 

Chartered Property and Casualty Underwriters Inst., 1958 

Economic Education Workshop, 1958-1962 

School for Connecticut Assessing Officers, 1958-1964 

Workshops in Elementary and Secondary Education, 1958-1962 

Esso Safety Foundation Scholarships in Driver Ed., 1958-1960 

Family Finance Workshop, 1960 

Guidance Counseling Institute, 1959-1962 

International Association of Machinists, 1958-1959 

International Conference of Genetics, 1958 

International Ladies Garment Workers of Southern New England, 1960 

Junior High School Workshop, 1959-1961 

Workshop in the Teaching of Latin, 1960 

Leadership Training School Annual, 1959 

Life Underwriting School, 1958-1962 

Management and Operation of Shopping Centers Institute, 1958 

Management Training Institute, 1958 

Marching Band Workshop, 1962 

Missile and Rocket Technology Institute, 1958-1961   (2 folders)

Munson Memorial Institute of American Maritime History, 1958-1960 

Nat. Heat Transfer Conference & Exhibit, 1959 

NSA Seminar for Secretaries, 1961-1962 

NFS Physics Institute, 1958-1959 

NSF Science Institute, 1958-1961 

New England Health Institute, 1958 

Operations Research Workshop, 1959-1960 

Physical Science Study Committee, 1958-1959 

Profit Building Conference, 1959 

Risk Management Institute, 1958-1961 

School for Executives, 1958 

Small Business Management Institute, 1958-1959 

Statistical Quality Control Institute, 1958-1959 

Summer Government Intern Program for Students, 1959-1960 

School of Education, Teaching of Mentally Retarded Workshops, 1961-1962 

Trends in Nutrition, 1962 

United Auto Workers (AFL-CIO), 1960-1962 

United Steelworkers Institute, 1959-1961 

Vocational Agriculture Workshop, 1960-1961 


Series I Box 19


Academic Freedom 


Admissions Office 

Afro-American Organization   (2 folders)

Alumni Association 

Alumni Magazine 

American Association of University Professors 

American Association of University Women 

American College Public Relations Association (ACPRA), 1966 

Archbishop O'Brien's Gift 

The Asian Student 

Association of Religious Counselors 

Dr. Babbidge Inauguration 

Boys' and Girls' State, 1958-1967   (3 folders)

Board of Education, Connecticut 

Board of Trustees, 1971-1972   (2 folders)

Bulletin Board, 1969   (2 folders)

Current Bulletin Board Roughs 

Pix and Lay Out 



Series I Box 19

Community Chest Carnival, 1958-1962   (2 folders)

Comptroller, 1962 

Connecticut Association of College Admission Officers 

Connecticut Daily Campus   (2 folders)

Connecticut Intercollegiate Scholastic Legislature "Mock Legislature" 

CONNPEP,  Connecticut Precollege Enrichment Program 

Cost of Living Commission 

Dad's Day 

Division of Residence Housing 



Educational TV 

Series I Box 20

Emergency Housing, 1966 


Experimental College 

Faculty-Alumni Center 


Appointments   (4 folders)


New Members 


Recitals or Performances 

Sabbatical Leaves 

Salary Schedule 

Federation of Students and Service Organizations (FSSO) 

Financial Aid Policies Committee 

Fine Arts Festival 

Food Boycott 

Foreign Students 

Goldwater Campaign Literature 

Greek Week 

High School Graduates Entering UConn 

Homecoming Day 


Interfraternity Council 

International Honors Program 

International House 

International Living Program 

International Relations Club 

Jonathan, UConn Mascot 

Labor Education, 1962-1967 

Land-Grant College Association, 1961-1962 


Circular Letter, 1963-1974 

Series I Box 21

Land-Grant College Association, 1961-1962 


Lists Already Sent to Mr. Kissane 

Mansfield Volunteer Hartford Tutorial 

McMahon Hall 

Mom's Day 

New England Board of Higher Education 

Orchesis, Modern Dance Group   (2 folders)


Parents Newsletter 


Material Not Yet Referred to 

Organizations and Data 

Rough Drafts 

Peace Corps Program 


Placement Office, 1958-1962 

Power Failure 

President's Advisory Committee 

Provost's Office 

Press Tour of New England State 

Universities, 1966   (2 folders)

Reading Improvement Center 

Registrar's Office, 1966   (2 folders)

Scholars, University 

Shuchat, Theodor Summer Visit, 1967 


Semester on the 1930's   (3 folders)

Series I Box 22

Student Activities, Office of Students 


Student Court 

Election of Class Officers 

Fees and Tuition 

Freshman Week 


Senior Week 

Talent Show 

Winter Weekend 

Student Personnel, Division 

Advisory Committee on Discipline 

Men's Affairs and Counseling 

Student Senate   (3 folders)

Student Union 

General Information   (2 folders)

Board of Governors, 1973-1976 

Cultural Committee 


Trimester Study 



Business Office 


General Fund 

Budget, 1965-1967 


Physical Plant   (2 folders)

Purchasing Department 

Senate Minutes   (2 folders)

Semester Revisions 

Student Radio Station WHUS 

Outreach, 1965-1981 

Visiting Dignitaries 

Visiting Lecturers 

World Youth Forum 


American College Public Relations Association 

Series I Box 23

Hartford convention, 1971 

Hyannis, MA Convention, 1970 

Providence Meeting, 1968 

Boston Conference, 1969 

General Information, 1958-1969 

Agriculture, School of 

Connecticut Nuserymen's Association 

Milestones, Agriculture Publication 

Resource Conservation and Development Project 

University Agricultural Nutrition Science Program 

Awards and Scholarships 

"National Observer" Awards 


American Chemical Society 

American Society of Appraisers 

American Society of Civil Engineers 

Felix Blanc Award 

Braitmayer Foundation 

Brien McMahon Lecturer 

Lane Bryant Award 

Connecticut Association of Real Estate Boards Award, 1962 

Connecticut Chapter of the American Market Association, 1958-1962 

E. Stevens Henry Award 

Freckleton Memorial Award in Journalism 

Fulbright Conference, 1969 

H. G. Hewitt Scholarship Fund 

Fannie Hatheway Boss Prize in French 

Kennedy Foundation 

Philip Lauter Foundation Scholarships 

G. M. Loeb Awards 1973 


Clippings, 1967-1972   (6 folders)

Series I Box 24

Correspondence, 1972 

Loeb Awards 1968-1972   (8 folders)

Capsule Biographies, 1967-1968   (2 folders)

Gardner Ackley Speech, 1967 

News Releases, 1967 

Luncheon Programs, 1966 


Time Cost Study 

Series I Box 25

Loughlin, Joseph M. Memorial Scholarship 

Machine Design Award 

Orbison, William D. Memorial Award in Psychology, 1958-1962   (2 folders)

Silverman, Ayrh Z. Memorial Scholarship 

Stevens, Wallace Lecture and Award 

V. F. W. Department of Connecticut, Ladies Aux. Award 

Wall Street Journal's Student Achievement Award 

Wallis, George B. Award 

General Information on Scholarships 

Scholarship File Copies, 1971-1972 

American Screw Co. Foundation, Inc. Scholarship, 1959-1962 

Atomic Energy Commission Fellowship 

College of Liberal Arts and Sciences Scholarship 

Connecticut Association of Future Homemakers of America Scholarship 

Dorothy Culp Memorial Scholarship, 1958-1962 

Food Fair Stores Scholarships, 1958-1962 

Arthur Jones Memorial Scholarship 

Joshua's Tract Conservation and Historic Trust 

Steven A. Koch Memorial Scholarship 

Mary Mahoney Scholarship 

Mamunas, Anthony Scholarship 

Past Presidents Club, Hartford Chapter 

National Association of Accountants Scholarship 

Reeves, Eleanor A. Memorial Scholarship 

Rome, Sidney R. Scholarship 

U. S. Higher Education Grant, 1965 

Welch, Fannie Dixon Memorial Scholarship 

Woodrow Wilson Fellowship 

Home Economics 

General, 1962-1967 

American Dietetic Association, Dietetic Internship 

Clothing, Textiles, and Interior Design, 1959-1967 

Faculty, 1968-1981   (2 folders)

Family Life Institute,   (2 folders)


Fashion Show   (2 folders)


Handicapped Homemakers   (2 folders)

Honor Roll 

Human Development Studies Group 

Students, 1963-1978   (2 folders)

Department of Family Relations, 1966-1968 

Business, School of 

New England Research Application Center 

General Information, 1966-1971   (2 folders)

Faculty, 1966-1968 

Students, 1966-1968 

Connecticut Society of Certified Public Accountants, 1968-1981 

MBA Program, 

Hartford, 1965-1970 

Stamford, 1965-1968 

Center for Real Estate and Urban Economic Studies, 1968-1976   (2 folders)


School of Education, Connecticut 

Series I Box 26

Joint Council on Economic Education, 1968-1979 

General, 1979-1983   (4 folders)

School of Liberal Arts and Sciences, 

General, 1966-1968 

Students, Phi Beta Kappa 


Biological Sciences Group, General 


Life Sciences 

Biological Sciences Group, Botany 

Organization of Tropical Studies, Inc. 


Chemistry, 1962-1967 


Economics, 1968-1975 

Economics News Report, Dr. Taylor 

English, 1968-1970   (2 folders)

Writers in Residence 

Experimental College 

Foreign Languages 




Romance and Classical Languages Department 

Junior Year Abroad 

Geology and Geography 


Inner College 


Readers Digest Foundation 


Mathematics, Mathematical Sciences 

National Defense Training 

ROTC, General 

Air Force ROTC, 1966-1968 

Army ROTC 

Distinguished Military Students 

Military Ball 

Military Day 

New England Slavic Association 






American Institute of Physics 

Political Science, 1968-1972   (2 folders)


Political Science, 1967 









Community Structure Research Project 

Forensic Debate 

High School Debate, Annual 

High School Model Congress 







Speech and Hearing Clinic 

Summer Debate Workshop 




Museum of Art, 1974-1979   (5 folders)

Student Newsletter 

Correspondence, 1958-1962 

State Newsletters 

Sources for Stories 

Newsletter Costs 

General,   (3 folders)

School of Nursing 




Nursing Museum 

Physical Therapy 

25th Anniversary 

School of Pharmacy 

General, 1968-1972   (3 folders)



Pharmacy Research Institute 

Photo Lab 

Services, 1972-1973 


Services, 1972-1974   (3 folders)


Work Done in Photo Laboratory 

Photo Charges, 1972-1973 

School of Social Work 

General, 1962-1970 

Dedication, 1967 



University of Connecticut 

Alumni Association, 1966-1976   (3 folders)

Annual Alumni Day 

Visiting Lecture Series 


Board of Governors, 1963-1972   (3 folders)


UConn Foundation 



Intern Program, 1966 

News clip file 

Radio-TV Releases, 1973-1974 

Closed-circuit Television 

Connecticut Broadcaster's Association 

Radio-TV Center, 1963-1967 

Reading Improvement Center 

Development Administrators Training Program, 

Connecticut Tax Collectors Association 


Community Service Program 

"Connecticut Government" 

IPS Connecticut Municipal Training Program 

Connecticut Town and City Finance 

Personnel Conference 

Southern New England Regional Town and City 


United World Federalists 

Town Clerks Conference 

Town Report Contest 

Computer Corner 

Division of Health Services, Infirmary 


Labor Education Center, 1968-1976   (2 folders)


Wilbur Cross Library, 1962-1976   (8 folders)

Dedication of One-millionth Volume 


Nutmeg Summer Playhouse, 1963-1966   (3 folders)


Nutmeg Summer Playhouse, 1967 


University Extension 

Hartford Branch 

Torrington Branch 

Waterbury Branch 

Stamford Branch   (2 folders)


News Releases, 1961-1971   (2 folders)


General, 1979   (2 folders)

Series I Box 27

Graduate School Degrees, 1979 

General, 1977-1978, 1971-1972   (6 folders)


General, 1963-1967   (8 folders)

Series I Box 28

Graduate List, 1965 

Correspondence, 1962-1963   (2 folders)

News Releases, 1963 


Graduate School List, 1971 

Series I Box 29

Students Completing Requirements in February for Commencement in June, 1970 

General, 1970   (2 folders)

Graduate School Degrees, 1970 

General, 1969 

Graduate School, 1969 

General, 1968   (2 folders)

Graduate School List, 1968   (2 folders)


Continuing Education 

Series I Box 30

Summer Session 

American Federation of Teachers, 1963-1968 

American Institute of Real Estate Appraisers, 

Course Offerings, 1964-1965 

Marching Band and Vocal-Choral Techniques 

Debate Workshop 

Economic Education Workshop 

National Education Association 

Quality Control Management Institute 

Connecticut Assessing Officers 

Seminar on Collective Bargaining by Municipalities-Labor Ed. Center 

Seminar on Financial Institutions 

Seminar on Property and Casualty Insurance 

State Staff Development Institute 

Statistical Quality Control Institute 

United Auto Workers (AFL-CIO) Workshop 

United Steelworkers Institute 


Elementary School Guidance Personnel Enrollment, 1963-1966 

Institute in Counseling and Guidance 

Jazz Clinic 

Leadership Training School, Annual Life Underwriting School 

Missile and Rocket Technology Institute 

Elementary and Secondary Ed., 1958-1962 

Junior High School 

Youth Orchestra 

University Extension 



East Hartford, 1958-1962 


Meriden, 1960-1962 

New Haven 

New London 

Norwich, 1960-1962 


Women's Programs, 1968-1971   (3 folders)

General, 1966-1967 

Civil Defense, 1966-1967 


Credit Extension, 1968-1970   (2 folders)


Labor-Management Institute 

CES Non-Credit Extension, 1967-1975   (8 folders)


Real Estate Courses, 1969-1972   (3 folders)



Summer Institutes, Misc.   (2 folders)

Summer Sessions, 1966-1967 

Dean's List, 1967-1968   (4 folders)

School of Education 


General, 1966-1970   (3 folders)

Faculty, 1966-1968 

Students, 1966-1969   (2 folders)

Adult Basic Education Institute, 1967-1968 

American Federation of Teachers UConn Chapter, 

Audio-Visual Center   (3 folders)

Bureau of Educational Research 

Committee on University Reform 

Joint Council of Economic Education, 1963-1968 

Connecticut Science Talent Search 

Connecticut Talent Assistance Cooperative 


Curriculum Center 

Educational Professions Development Act 

Educational Resources and Development Center 

Elementary Education, 1966-1968 

E. O. Smith High School 

Institute in Counseling and Guidance 

National Leadership Institute, 1974-1976   (2 folders)

New Haven-Hamden Project 

Physical Education 

Secondary Education 

General, 1976-1979 

Student Teaching, 1966-1968 


Center for Instructional Media and Technology (UCIMT), 1974-1979 


General, 1971-1974   (2 folders)

School of Engineering 

Aerospace Engineering   (2 folders)




General, 1968-1979   (4 folders)

Faculty, 1966-1968 


American Society of Civil Engineers 

American Society of Mechanical Engineers 

Apollo Space Program, Major Joe Engle 


School of Engineering Brochure, 1964 

Chemical Engineering, School of, 1966-1968 

Civil Engineering, Dept. of 

Electrical Engineering, Dept. of, 1966-1968 

Graduate Science Engineering Center, 1965 

Mechanical Engineering, Dept. of 

Metallurgy, Department of 

Nuclear Engineering, Dept. of 

School of Fine Arts 

General, 1963-1968   (2 folders)

Faculty, 1963-1968   (2 folders)

Students, 1964-1968 

Museum of Art, 1968-1976   (3 folders)

Dean's List, 1966 

Research, Kellog Grant 

New England Regional Research Center for Arts Commissions and Councils 

Dept. of Dramatic Arts, 1970-1972   (2 folders)


Students, 1972-1973   (2 folders)


Student Cast Photos, 1973-1974 

Nutmeg Summer Playhouse, 1965-1975   (6 folders)


Theater Dept., 1968-1969   (2 folders)

Biographies, 1971-1972 

Students, 1970-1971 


General, 1976-1979 


Department of Dramatic Arts, 1973-1974 



General, 1966-1968 

Faculty, 1966-1970 

Beach Collection 

Chamber and Recital Series, 1966-1972   (3 folders)

Concert Band 

Concert Choir,   (2 folders)

Friends of Chamber Music 

Gilbert & Sullivan Society 

New England String Quartet 

Debut, 1968 


Shakespearean Festival 

Student Recitals or Performances, 1958-1979 

Summer Concert Series, 1970-1971 

UConn Symphony Orchestra 


General, 197419-83   (2 folders)


Nutmeg Theater, 1979-1983   (4 folders)

Fraternities and Sororities 

Sigma Delta Pi, Honorary for Spanish 

Sigma Nu Alpha 

Sigma Pi Sigma, Physics Honor Society 

Sigma Theta Tau, Honorary for Nurses 

Sigma Xi, Honorary Research Society 

Tau Beta Pi, Engineering Honor Society 

Tau Beta Sigma, Marching Band Honor Society 

Tau Epsilon Phi 

Tau Kappa Epsilon Fraternity 

Theta Chi Fraternity 

Theta Sigma Chi Fraternity 

Phi Kappa Phi, National Honor Society 

Pi Beta Phi Sorority 

Pi Sigma Alpha, Political Science 

Pi Tau Sigma, Mechanical Engineering Honorary Fraternity 

Rho Chi, Pharmacy Honor Society 

Sigma Alpha Epsilon Fraternity 

Kappa Alpha Theta Sorority 

Kappa Delta Pi, Honorary Fraternity 


Panhellenic Council 


Phi Delta Kappa Fraternity 


Fraternity Explosion 

Fraternity Study Committee Report 

Alpha Epsilon Phi 

Alpha Lambda Delta 

Archons, Honorary Society for Men 

Beta Gamma Sigma, Business Honor Society 

Chi Epsilon, Civil Engineering Honor Society 

Delta Chi Fraternity 

Delta Chi Delta Fraternity 

Graduate School 

Graduate Center, General, 1966-1968 

Faculty, 1966-1968 

Research, 1966-1968 

Students, 1966-1968 

Connecticut Research Commission 

Danforth Foundation Grant 

General Electric Foundation 

Graduate Student Council 

National Defense Education Act 

U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Fellowship 


Atomic Energy Commission Grant 


Guggenheim Foundation Fellowship, 1958-1962 

National Science Foundation Grant, 1966-1968 

U.S. Department of Health, Education, and Welfare Grant 

U.S. Public Health Service Research Grants, 1966-1968 

U.S. Small Business Administration Grant 

Health Center 

General, 1965-1972   (5 folders)


Energy Controversy 

Groundbreaking Ceremonies, 1966 

Lyman Maynard Stowe Library 


McCook Hospital,   (2 folders)


School of Dental Medicine, 1969-1972 

Medical - Dental Briefing 

Mailing List 

Utilities Hassel 

Vincent G. Kling, Project Summary 

Medical - Dental School 

School of Medicine, 1968-1974   (4 folders)


Institute of Cellular Biology 

Cleveland Prize 

Institute of Gerontology 

Institute of International Studies, 1967-1969 

Institute of Marine Science 

Marine Research Laboratory in Noank 

Institute of Materials Science 

Institute of Public Service, 1966-1972 

Town Report Contest 


Institute of Public Service, 1969-1971   (3 folders)


Institute of Urban Research 

Institute of Water Resources, 1964-1970   (3 folders)

School of Insurance 

General, 1966-1968 



Miscellaneous, 1968-1975   (5 folders)


Gallery/Exhibit Hall, 1967-1972   (3 folders)


Major Concert Series, 1968-1971   (3 folders)

School of Law 

Law Review   (2 folders)

Moot Court Competition   (2 folders)

General, 1964-1973   (2 folders)

School of Law Dedication, 1964 


Branches, General 

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Series II: Office Files undated, 1918-1980 



Series I Box 1

A, 1955-1961   (3 folders)

Ackerman, Laurence L., 1955-1961 

Activities Coordinator (student), 1959-1961 

Agricultural Editorial Dept., 1954-1960 

AIBS, 1955-1956 

American Association of University Professors, 1960-1961 

American College Public Relations Association, 1955-1961 

American Council on Education, 1957-1960 

Annual Reports, 1955-1959 

Applications for positions, 1957-1960 

Atomic Energy, undated 

Audio Visual Aids Center, 1957 

B, 1949-1960   (8 folders)

Backlund, Arley W., 1956-1961 

Bailey, Clark L. (Asst. to President), 1951-1960 


News Coordinator's Office, 1952-1954 

 1958-1961   (2 folders)

C, 1956-1961   (6 folders)

College of Arts and Sciences, 1957-1961 

Carter, W. Harrison, 1954-1961 

Catalog requests & replies, 1960-1961 

Central Duplicating Department, 1955-1957 

Central Duplicating Authorizations, 1957-1960 

Christian, J. O., 1957-1960 

Class Schedules, 1959-1961 

Clipping File - Pres. Jorgenson's 25 Anniv., 1960 

Coates, John (New Englander), 1959-1960 

Connecticut Circle, 1942-1961 

Connecticut Daily Newspaper Association, 1957-1961 

Crane, Carlson E. (University Extension), 1957-1958 


Connecticut Editorial Association 

Series I Box 2

A, 1956-1960 

B, 1956-1960 

Barnes, E. B.,  Barnes, C., 1956-1960 

Bedient, Sigdney A., 1960 

Brucker, Herbert, 1957-1960 

C, 1956-1960 

Clapp, George, 1957-1960 

Collins, Stephen, 1958-1960 

Clemow, Bice, 1955-1960 

Crosbie, Arthur, 195619-60 

D, 1955-1961 

Donahue, Joseph P., 1956-1960 

E, 1955-1959 

F, 1956-1960 

G, 1956-1960 

H, 1956-1960 

Hill, Carlton, 1954-1958 

Hoskins, Stewart, 1955-1960 

I - J, 1955-1960 

K, 1956-1960 

L, 1957-1961 

Loftus, Charles, 1956-1960 

Lyon, Andrew H., 1956-1960 

M, 1955-1960 

Mailing list (CEA), 1958-1960 

N, 1957-1958 

O, 1957-1960 

P, 1957-1960 

Q - R, 1957-1960 

Right to Know Laws, 1957 

S, 1956-1960 

Stanford, Alfred, 1956-1960 

T, 1956-1960 

U - W, 1955-1960 

Warner, Sam, 1956-1960 

Wells, Fred, 1955-1959 

White, Carter, 1955-1960 

X - Z, 1957-1960 

Connecticut Scholastic Press Association, 1955-1959 

C 1952-1970   (3 folders)

Cumulative Records of Professional Staff, 1954-1961 

D, 1956-1960   (5 folders)

Deans, Directors, Department Heads (notices), 1960-1961 

Division of Communications, 1936-1958 


Duffy, Ward, 1956-1960 

Series I Box 3

E, 1957-1960 

Eastland, George, 1961 

Education, 1946-1961 

Engineering, School of, 1956 

Evans, John M., 1960-1961 

Experimental Station, 1937-1955 

F, 1956-1961   (4 folders)

Faculty regulations, 1940-1960 

Fraternities, 1950-1961 

Freshman Girls, 1st semester, 1960 

J, 1955-1961 

G, 1956-1960   (5 folders)

H, 1944-1961   (9 folders)

Halloran, T.S., 1956-1961 

Hartford Courant, 1955-1961 

Homecoming Address, 1947-1958 

Home Economics Bulletin, 1955-1957 

Inventory (Equipment & Supplies), 1957-1960 

I, 1957-1960 

L, 1956-1960   (3 folders)

Jorgensen, A. N., 1954-1956 

Joint Office of Institutional Research, 1958-1961 

Journalism, 1957-1961 

Journalism Courses, 1954-1956 

K, 1953-1961   (5 folders)

Keezing, 1956-1960 

Kelleher, John F., 1956-1961 

Kuchta, F. J., 1956-1960 

Manning, 1957-1961 

Land Grant College Association, 1959-1961   (4 folders)

Leeney, Robert J., 1958-1961 


Library, 1956-1961 

Series I Box 4

Life, 1957-1960 

M, 1944-1961   (10 folders)

Mailing, 1958 

McCullough, E. R., 1958-1960 

Manufacturers Association of Connecticut, 1957-1961 

Map, 1956-1960 

Marine Corps, 1959-1960 

Market Data, 1958 

Marks, Distribution of, 1956-1960 

Miscellaneous, 1958-1960 

Moyle, Wallace A., 1954-1961 

N, 1955-1961   (3 folders)

Nelson, Donald E., 1956-1959 

New England Society of Newspaper Editors, 1959 

News Releases, 1957-1961 

Newsweek, 1957-1960 

New England Newsclipping Agency, 1955 

O, 1958-1960   (2 folders)

P, 1956-1961   (6 folders)

Parking Permits, 1953-1961 

Pharmacy, School of, 1949-1957 

Philanthropic Digest, 1961 

Photographs, 1954-1961   (5 folders)

Printing Information, 1940-1955 

Publications Editor, 1960 

Public Relations, 1955 

Purchasing Department, 1960 

Q, 1954-1961 

R, 1954-1961   (6 folders)

Radio-TV, 1954-1959 

Red Cross, 1958 

Registrar, 1958-1961 

Recommendations, 1954-1959 

Replacement Budget, 1957 

Requests for Information from Newspapers, 1961 

Retirement, 1955-1959 

S, 1954-1961   (13 folders)

Scholarships, 1939-1955 

Security Street, 1954-1955 

Senate, University, 1958-1961 

Security, undated 

Sigma Delta Chi, 1954 

State University and the American Dream, 1959 


Student Labor & Other Positions, 1955-1960 


Student Personnel, 1956-1961 

Summer Theater, 1959 

Surveys, 1961 

T, 1952-1961   (3 folders)

Trail, John M., 1957-1960 

Time, 1954-1960 

Transfer of Equipment & Supplies, 1961 

U, 1956-1961 

University Extension, 1947-1961 

University Press, 1954-1956 

V, 1950-1961 

Vosburgh, 1958-1960 

Waugh, Albert E., 1957-1960   (2 folders)

W, 1954-1961   (8 folders)

Whetten, Nathan L., 1957-1960 

Wollman, Sol, 1954-1961 

X/Y/Z, 1952-1961 

Yudain, Theodore, 1958-1960 

Young, W. B., 1941-1958 


Series I Box 7

Annual Reports, 1961-1972, 1976-1979   (2 folders)

Affirmative Action Plan Task Force, 1969-1976 

Associated Student Government - financial Irregularities, 1970 

Board of Trustees Minutes, 1972-1974 


Bureau of Institutional Research, 1961-1979 

Series I Box 8

Continuing Education Services Non-Credit Extension, 1974 

Chamber and Recital Series, 1972-1974 

CDC Study Committee, 1960-1961 

Division of Extended and Continuing Education, 1979-1980 

Etherington Commission, 1971-1973 

Etherington Report, undated 

Graduate Education and Research (VP for), 1977-1980 

Graduate School, Philip Rice, Dean, 1961-1980 

Home Economics, School of, 1968-1975 


Institute of Public Service, 1973-1974 


John N. Dempsey Hospital, 1975-1979 

Jorgensen Gallery / Exhibit Hall, 1973 

Journalism, 1961-1979 

Land-Grant Centennial, 1962-1964 

Laurel Club, 1962-1964 

Law Schools - Public Defenders, 1965-67 

Leach, Owen Publications, 1965 

Lecture - Floyd Bass' Course, 1974 

Legislative Modernization Forum, 1968 

Legislation, 1975 

Legislative (current), 1973-1976 

Letters from Cranks, 1965 

Liberal Arts & Sciences, College of (Environmental Sciences), 1974 

Library Black Incident, 1974 

Library Incident Ad Hoc Report, 1969 

Loeb Award, 1973 

Loeb Programs, 1973 

Logs, 1973-1974 

Maine, University of, 1975 

Major Concert Series, 1972-1973 

Marine Science's Open House, 1970 

Marks, Distribution of, 1961 


Master Plan, Long Range, 1971-1975 

Series I Box 10

Material Science Dedication, 1967-1976 

Matesky, Edwin, 1970, 1972 

Minority and Women Enrollment and Staff (Minority Enrollment), 1973-1975 

Mission of the University, 1975-1976 

Mobil Vending Unit Fees, 1976 

Moratorium, 1969 

Museum of Art, 1974-1975 

Music Department, 1974-1975 

Narcotics, etc. on campus, 1966-1971 

National Science Foundation, 196219-66 

Neural Sciences Group, 1968-1969 

New England Center for Continuing Education (Durham Declaration), 1967-1974 

New England Magazine,  Leon H. Ballou, Jr., 1966 

New England Weekly Press Association, 1964 

New Hampshire, University of, 1968-1976 

New clippings-miscellaneous, 1956-1963, 1977   (2 folders)

News Releases, 1961-1964 

News Releases, other colleges, 1964-69 

Newsletter, U of C mailing list, 1963, 1977 

Newsletter correspondence, 1964-1965 

Newsletter from other colleges, 1963-1974 

Newspapers, 1961-1977 

Newspapers, out of state, 1962 

Noble, Dan, 1968 

North End Hartford-Inner City Projects, 1967-1969 

OPI - Commitment, 1968-1975 

Outreach, 1978 

OWLS - Order of Women Legislators, 1967 

Pharmacy, School of, 1965-1975 

Physical Plant (Landscape Dept.), 1974-1976 

Plant Maintenance Dept., 1962-1970 

Post Office, U. S. - Storrs, 1967-1974 


Radio-TV Center, 1968-1969 

Series I Box 11

Rutgers News Service, 1963-1969 

Saturday School, 1971-1972 

School of Business Administration 

Faculty, 1968-1978 

General, 1972-1980   (3 folders)

Students, 1968-1975 

Science Writers Tour, 1967-1968 

Sea-Grant Universities, 1965-1966 

Search Committee (President), 1978 

Security Side arms Issue, 1968-1969 

Shea, Gail A., Asst. Provost, 1971-1973 

Sigma Delta Chi, 1961-1973 

Skating Rink, 1967 

E. O. Smith High School Grievance Policy, 1975 

E. O. Smith High School Flap, 1976 

Speakers (visiting) Policy, 1975 

Speeches, 1960-1965 

Spengemann, William C., 1966 

Sports Information, 1975-1977 

Storrs Shopping Complex, 1968-1972 

Stratton, John, 1971-1973 

Student Leaves, 1971 

Student Union Board of Governors, Minutes, 1977 


Students-Rights-Power, 1968 

Series I Box 12

Students-Selective Service, 1966-1971 

Surveys, 1964 

Tax Credit for College Students, 1967 

Russell I. Thackrey Collection -  Wilbur Cross Library, 1969 

Theater, Department of. Cecil Hinkel, 1965-1969 

Tiernan Case, 1970-1971 

Time Magazine, 1966 

Transportation Institute, 1974, 1978 

(De)Tripling [Housing], 1974-1975 

Tuition (Student), 1971 

Tuition (Clippings), 1971 

UCONN Bookstore, 1973-1975 

UCONN Budget, 1974-1976   (2 folders)

UCONN Building Progress, 1969, 1976 

UCONN Chronicle,  David Kimball, Editor, 1971-1975 

UCONN Newspaper, 1969-1975 

UCONN Quality, 1967 

United Educators, 1966 

University Extension Forum, 1967 

University Extension Study Committee, 1966 

University Press, 1965 

Vermont, University of, 1972-1975 

Von der Mehden>, 1968-1974 

Waterbury higher Education Complex, 1971 

Waturbury Marine Recruiting, undated 

Waugh, Albert E., 1961-1964 

Weber, C. A., 1962 

Whalen, Michael, 1970 

Wilson, Kenneth G., Vice President, Academic Affairs, 1974-1976 

Women-Classified, 1974 

Woodrow Wilson Fellowship Foundation, 1965 

Yale University,  G. Clinton Jones, IV, Director Of Sports Information, 1963-1972 

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Series III: Office of Sports Information undated, 1921-1981 

Athletic Communications Office Records

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Series IV: Scrapbooks 1921-1983 


Connecticut Agricultural College 



Connecticut State College 






University of Connecticut 







































Scope and Content Note

Subjects Include: Cigarette Smoke and Health, Frank Holland Papers.


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Series V: News Releases 1954-1989 

News Release Listings 




 1977-1983, 1989: April - July 


News Releases 


 1954 December - 1957 May 


 1957 May - 1959 March 


 1959 March - 1960 May 


 1960 July - 1961 February 


 1961 March - December 


 1962 January - September 


 1962 September 1963 July 


 1963 July - 1964 April 


 1964 May - 1965 March 


 1965 March - November 


 1965 November - 1966 July 


 1966 July - 1967 March 


 1967 March - 1971 December 


 1972 - 1973 










 1978 January - June 


 1978 July - December 


 1979 January - June 


 1979 July - December 


 1980 January - June 


 1980 July - December 


 1981 January - June 


 1981 July - December 


 1982 January - June 


 1982 July - December 


 1983 January - June 


 1983 July - December 


 1984 January - June 


 1984 July - December 


 1985 January - June 


 1985 July - December 


 1986 October - December 


 1987 January - April 


 1982 January - June 


 1982 July - December 


 1983 January - May 


 1983 June - December 


 1984 January - June 


 1984 July - December 


 1985 January - May 


 1985 June - December 




 1987 January - 1988 March 


 1988 April 


 1997 August-2004 October 


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Series VI: Biographical Files 1957-1978 


Abramson, Stephen 

Series I Box 1

Abromson, Morton 

Adams, John 

Addona, Antoinette 

Adelsperger, Walter 

Adotte, George 

Ahlberg, Evelyn 

Agarmala, Vinod 

Ahmad, Imtiaz 

Aitken, Janet 

Akeroyd, Joanne 

Akerstein, Louise 

Alanen, Jack D. 

Alba, Immaculata 

Albert, Robert 

Albertson, Vaughn 

Alibion, Robert 

Alexander, Robert 

Alexander, S. 

Allabnek, Steven 

Allen, John 

Allen, Shirley 

Allie, John David 

Alpers, Robert 

Altmeyer, Tom 

Amayo, Dr. Ralph 

Amdur, Millard J. 

Amendola, Bonaventure 

Ammons, Elizabeth 

Ammons, Mark 

Amundsen, Lawrence 

Anaghostakis, Christopher 

Anderson, Clara 

Anderson, Jackie Wlater 

Anderson, Ronald J. 

Andrews, Daniel K. 

Andrews, Max 

Appel, Hansgunter 

Apperson, Ronald 

Archibald, Thomas L. 

Arms, Frank 

Armentana, Dominic 

Armstrong, Marguerite 

Arnold, William 

Arrington, Dale 

Ash, Dr. Christopher 

Asherman, George 

Aschlock, Peter D. 

Asmundsson, Mrs. Rijor 

Asselini, Claire 

Atallah, Sana 

Ater, Daniel 

Atkyns, Robert 

Audette, Louis 

Augsburger, Jerry 

Austin, Joseph 

Averill, Donald 

Axelrod, Saul 

Axman, Donald 

Bacchus, Wilfred 

Baccus, R. Gileen 

Backlund, Arley 

Bacon, Marilyn 

Baginski, Leonard 

Bahnson, Claus 

Bailey, Brian 

Baird, Archibald 

Baker, Dr. Irving 

Baker, Col. Warren 

Baldauf, Richard 

Baldwin, Dewitt 

Baley, James 

Ball, L. Andrew 

Banning, Kent 

Banning, Jerald 

Barakant, Fred 

Barry, Philip 

Barry, Herbert III 

Barston, Allen 

Bartholomew, Edward Jr. 

Barton, Bruce 

Baskin, Abraham 

Bates, Theodore 

Batti, John 

Baumon-Neumayer, Tatjana 

Baumsten, Ida 

Beam, Burton 

Beatini, Marie 

Becker, Dr. Robert 

Behan, David 

Bell, Earl 

Beltran, Mary Jane 

Benjamin, Jeanne 

Benson, Maj. Donald 

Bentley, Bruce 

Benton, Eileen 

Bernard, Bruce 

Bernardi, Vincent 

Bernstein, Emil 

Berry, Edward 

Berthovax, Paul 

Beshle, Richard 

Battacharya, Samir Kumar 

Bibbee, Dr. Richard 

Bidwell, Gloria 

Biederman, Ronald 

Bieszad, Jean 

Bissell, Linda 

Blackwell, Henry 

Blanchard, James 

Blankenburg, Richard Moore 

Blechner, Dr. Jack 

Bliss, Donald 

Blocker, Robert 

Boak, Florence 

Bobb, Arthur 

Bobrove, Arthur 

Boelke, Jane 

Boettingen, Edward 

Bogan, Larry 

Boggard, Ronald 

Bok, William 

Boland, John 

Boland Walter 

Boota, Marcella Spann 

Borrero, Michael 

Bosmajian, Haig 

Bosworth, Karl 

Bowden, Francine 

Bozzuto, James 

Bramblett, Jerry 

Brandon, Capt. Eddie 

Braun, Molly F. 

Bray, June 

Breen, Joseph 

Breen, Lee Holcolmbe 

Breetz, William Jr. 

Breinich, John 

Brennan, James 

Breslow, Richard 

Bretti, Richard 

Brick, James 

Brinnin, John 

Brissman, Lily 

Brndhurst, Allan 

Brock, C. Raymond 

Broden, Barry 

Brodtkorb, Paul Jr. 

Brotman, Michael 

Brown, Catherine Havens 

Brown, David Lile 

Brown, Doris 

Brown, Gary 

Brown, Mrs. Helen G. 

Brown, Henry 

Brown, Patrick 

Brown, William 

Bronnell, James 

Bronnell, Sam 

Brubaker, Mary Susan 

Bruch, Frank 

Brumbach, Joseph 

Brunell, Louise 

Buddington, Barbara 

Buggaef, Alexis 

Bunt, George 

Burke, Brian 

Buss, James 

Burke, Harold 

Burnight, Robert 

Butler, Ernest 

Butterfield, William 

Byrnes, Capt. Vincent. Jr. 


Cagnon, Maurice 

Series I Box 2

Callender, Marie 

Calvert, Anne Stuart 

Camp, Leon Raymond 

Camp, W. H. 

Campbell, George Stuart 

Cancro, Robert 

Capron, Elizabeth 

Cardner, Mary Ellen 

Carey, Roberta A. 

Carloni, Luigi 

Carlsen, James 

Carlson, Julie 

Carney, Larry 

Carpentieri, Ida 

Carr, Karen 

Carroll, Murray 

Casey, Murray Joseph 

Casler, Lt. Frederick 

Castaldi, Cosmo 

Caster, Robert 

Caswell, Hal 

Cattanach, David 

Ceccarelli, Romolo 

Chadbourne, Juan 

Chambers, Helen 

Chameides, Leon 

Chandler, John 

Chandler, Margaret 

Chandler, Warren 

Chang, Charity 

Chapin, Frank 

Chapple, Wendy 

Chase, Howard 

Chen, Hsing-Yao 

Cheney, William Fitch 

Chiburis, Edward F. 

Chimini, Leroy 

Chimietenski, Gail 

Choate, Jerry 

Choduhury, Leo 

Churchill, Thomas 

Cibrochi, Georgette 

Ciola, Dr. Benjamin 

Clack, Mrs. Alice 

Clair, Capt. Carl 

Clark, Borbala 

Clark, Hector 

Clark, Theresa 

Clark, William C. 

Clark, William R. 

Clay, Vidal 

Clayborne, David 

Clayton, Manfred 

Close, Dr. Darwin 

Clough, L. Bradley 

Coachman, Winfield 

Cobb, William 

Cobb, Dorothy 

Coe, Charlotte 

Cohen, Arnon 

Cohen, Cheryl 

Cohen, Dr. Floyd 

Colburn, Susan 

Colby, Clarence, Jr. 

Cole, P.D.H. 

Coleman, Nancy 

Collier, Alan Graham 

Collier, Mary 

Collins, Dr. Duane R. 

Collins, John 

Colton, Dr. Ethan T. III 

Comella, Vincent 

Condron, Edward 

Coniam, Charles 

Contessa, Barbara 

Conzemius, Rosemary 

Cooker, Harry S. 

Coon, Geraldine 

Cooper, Anthony 

Miss Coppino 

Corbett, Roger 

Corcoran, A Wayne 

Corcoran, Gerald 

Corliss, John 

Corliss, William 

Cornell, Donald 

Cornish, Roger 

Corrigan, Marjorie 

Corson, Peter 

Corwin, Arthur 

Cosenza, Benjamin 

Costas, John 

Costanini, Arthur 

Cotter, Paul 

Courter, Monte 

Covey, Irene 

Cowan, Thaddeus 

Craddock, Roy 

Crain, Alan 

Crane, Carlson 

Crawford, Charles 

Crane, Carl 

Cronin, Daniel 

Crompton, Richard 

Cross, Dr. Herbert 

Crossman, Bradford 

Crowne, Douglas 

Cruse, Victor 

Cummings, Robert 

Cummings, Robert J. 

Cummings, Thomas 

Cuperman, Pedro 

Curl, David 

Curle, Harold 

Cushman, Bigelow 

Curry, Thomas F. 

Curtis, Dr. Lawrence 

Cutts, Norm 

Daley, James S. 

Dalton, Clare 

Damjanor, Ivan 

Dammers, Robin 

Dan, Robert 

Dane, Jeffrey 

Danforth, Susan 

Darrow, Diane 

Darwin, Roy Jr. 

Davids, Resa 

Davidson, Thomas 

Davidson, William 

Davis, Carole 

Davis, Katherine 

Davis, Wendell 

Dawson, Robert 

Dean, David 

Decker, Frederick 

DeCorrevont, Col. Leon 

Decoursey, Russell 

Defulrio, Eugine 

Dehenes, Richard 

Deininger, Robert 

Dekay, Col. Richard 

Delegre, Alain 

Deluca, Virginia 

Dents, Robert 

Dennis, Joseph Jr. 

Desrosiers, Richard 

Dest, Harry Jr. 

Deutsch, Joel 

Devre, Robert 

Deupree, Annie Jo 

Deveraux, Capt. R. A. 

Dewey, Arthur 

DiCecco, Mrs. Marie G. Jr. 

Dicenzo, Robert 

Dickerson, Ronald 

Dickie, Peggy Ann 

Dickson, John 

Didier, Maureen C. 

DiFilippo, Francine 

Dimler, Thomas 

Dinegar, Caroline 

Diner, Alexander 

Dinsmore, Jean 

Dirlam, Juel 

DiRocco, Pat 

Dixon, James K. 

Dizikes, John 

Doane, Raymond 

Dodd, Martina 

Dodge, Homer 

Doherty, Michael 

Dolyak, Frank 

Donadello, Gloria 

Donahue, Raymond 

Donovan, Peter 

Dorbin, Sanford 


Dorbuck, Anthony 

Series I Box 3

Dougherty, William 

Dowd, Leonard 

Doyle, Dr. F.L. 

Doyle, Grace 

Doyle, Warner 

Duncan, Roy 

Dragat, John 

Drake, Thelbert 

Drehen, John 

Driscoll, Paul 

Duffy, John 

Dugas, James 

Dunlop, John P. Jr. 

Dunn, John M. 

Dye, Ella 

Dye, Scott 

Early, Edward 

Ebbin, Mrs. Marilyn 

Eblen, Jack 

Eckerlin, Ralph 

Edens, Dr. David 

Edwards, Melvin 

Ehrenpreis, Charles 

Eisenbach, Rabbi Shalom 

Elliot, Ethel Mary 

Elliot, Orville 

Ellison, Gaythe Sodoski 

Ellsworth, Dianne 

Ellsworth, James Dennis 

Emmel, Hildegard 

Endrich, Frederick 

Engelhardt, Dean Lee 

Ephrath, Aryl 

Epstein, Donald 

Epstein, Rhoda 

Ergin, Florence 

Ericson, Jon 

Estes, James 

Erarts, Barbara 

Eukers, Mary 

Evans, John 

Everett, Miriam 

Ezban, Selim 

Fabrikant, Jacob 

Fagan, Aligia 

Fahm, Lottie 

Fairweather, Robert 

Faksh, Mahmud 

Fallows, Marjorie 

Farling, Myrtlegene 

Farnsworth, Bill 

Faulkner, Sylvia 

Fawcett, Jacqueline 

Fedorczyk, Viola 

Feeney, Marian 

Feldman, Chester 

Feldstone, Charles 

Felsenfeld, Herbert 

Fenstermacher, Helen 

Ferguson, Charles 

Fernandez, Pelayo 

Ferrar, Carl 

Ferrill, Mitchell 

Fersh, George 

Feverman, Zolton 

Fields, David 

Findlay, Merlin III 

Finlay, Bill 

Fiondella, Mario 

Fischer, Carl 

Fischer, Mary 

Fischer, David 

Fischer, Jean 

Fischer, William 

Fishman, David 

Fitch, Robert 

Fitzpatrick, James 

Flanagan, Douglas Jr. 

Fleming, David 

Fletcher, Charles 

Focht, Thodore 

Fonda, Charles 

Foote, Roberta 

Fontaine, Patrick Jr. 

Forbis, Roger 

Ford, Joe Taylor 

Foresti, Roy Jr. 

Forscher, Louise 

Forslund, Morris 

Forst, Arthur 

Forte, Elsie 

Forzano, Richard 

Foster, John 

Fowler, Irving 

Fox, Douglas 

France, George 

France, Ruth 

Frank, Roland 

Franks, Francis 

Franz, David 

Frazier, Monte 

French, Mildred 

Freidmann, Dr. Felix 

Fridshal, Donald 

Friedler, Betty 

Friedmean, Norman 

Friedman, Gilbert 

Froning, Glenn 

Fulcher, Audrey 

Fuller, James 

Furshpan, Anita 

Galloway, James 

Gadbois, Stuart 

Gaffney, John 

Gall, Marshall 

Galetti, Pierre 

Galvin, Robert 

Ganotz, Theodore 

Garfunkel, Frank 

Garber, Herbert 

Garrigue, Jean 

Garvine, Richard 

Gatling, Wade 

Gaunya, William 

Gauvin, Jane 

Geach, Barbara 

Gebhardt, Fred 

Gebner, Martin 

Genser, Patricia 

Geoghan, Robert 

Gebris, Joseph 

George, Frances 

Gerhard, George 

Gersherberg, Irving 

Getz, Lowell 

Gilikin, James 

Gilman, Ralph 

Gimpel, Bronislaw 

Girard, Arthur 

Glove, Helen 

Griffen, Robert 

Gladstone, Herbert 

Glass, Manuel 

Glazier, Lynn 

Gleason, John 

Godar, Thomas 

Gold, Robert 

Goldberg, Arthur 

Goldblatt, Peter 

Goldman, Bruce 

Gonczaow, Ladislas 

Gooch, Brison 

Goode, R. W. 

Goodman, Earl Jr. 

Goodman, John 

Gostein, Henry 

Goodwillie, Richard 

Gordon, Harold 

Gordon, Michael 

Gordon, Michael W. 

Goss, Jean 

Goss, William 

Gusslee, David 

Gottlieb, Roger 

Govoni, Laura 

Grandon, John 

Grasso, John 

Gratzer, Miklos 

Gray, John 

Gerbel, Martin 

Greef, Albert 

Green, Joyce 

Greene, Kenneth 

Greenspan, Marshall 

Greenwood, Mary 

Greer, Hugh 

Greiner, Donald 

Gresozyk, Edwin 

Griffen, Harold 

Grinnell, Jacque 

Grisebach, Hans 

Grissmer, John 

Griswold, Wilber 

Gromho, Gerald 

Gritter, Roy 

Gris, Elliott 

Grossfen, Ralph 

Groth, Joyce 

Groff, William 

Gruses, Theodore 

Guillor, Jean 

Guiney, Himey M. 

Gunther-Stein, Dagmar 

Gunzer, Richard 

Gurshi, Barbara 

Gushep, Mary 

Guftanson, Reuben 


Haleron, Harold 

Series I Box 4

Haber, Michael 

Hadley, Jerry 

Hadley, Robert 

Halbasch, Keith 

Halp, Harold 

Hal, Margaret 

Hall, James 

Halloran, Thomas 

Halmes, Terry 

Hamel, Mary 

Hamilton, Milton 

Hamilton, William 

Hancock, Jim 

Hand, Frederick 

Haskins, Olan 

Hansborough, Louis 

Hansell, Roger 

Hansman, Eugene 

Haraden, Paul 

Harasymi, Shu 

Harbaugh, Joseph 

Harbarge, William 

Harder, Peter 

Harlestoa, Jerome 

Harmon, Leon 

Harms, Larry 

Harndom, George 

Harper, Walter 

Harrell, Bill 

Harrington, James 

Harrington, Robert 

Harris, Donald 

Harris, Robert 

Harrison, Robert 

Harshberger, Richard 

Hart, Alan 

Harth, Dorothea 

Hartman, Betty 

Hartman, Stephan 

Harvey, David 

Harwell, Joseph 

Hastings, Frank 

Hetch, Geoffrey 

Hauser, Fred 

Hawker, John 

Hawkins, Arthur 

Hawthorne, Ruth 

Hayes, Evelyn 

Hazen, Stanley 

Hejna, Robert 

Heald, Judith 

Heath, Brian 

Hedberg, David 

Hegrad, Flemming 

Hegenberger, William 

Hefner, Charles 

Hegner, Brenda 

Hellman, Arthur 

Helmboldt, Charles 

Helmboldt, Marie 

Hendrich, Georgina 

Hennen, Urbane 

Herman, James 

Herrman, Arthur 

Hermann, Virginia 

Hesperheide, Henry 

Hess, Jon 

Heyd, Allen 

Hibbard, Bernice 

Higginbotham, Ronald 

Hilberg, John 

Hill, John 

Hill, Bob 

Hiner, Leo 

Hinhel, Martha 

Hintz, Ray 

Hinman, Lynn 

Hirsh, Judith 

Hirshbard, Marilyn 

Hollman, Elward 

Hitt, Sam 

Houghton, Raymond 

Hobard, Jean 

Hochbeiser, Louis 

Hochman, Larry 

Hodnett, Frank 

Hoffman, Dorothy 

Hoffman, Edith 

Hogan, Marjory 

Hogan, Peter 

Hohnadel, David 

Holcombe, Lee 

Holeceb, John 

Holman, Harold 

Holsinger, James 

Holzer, Thomas 

Holzman, Robert 

Hopkins, Thomas 

Horpor, Harold 

Howard, Franklin 

Howard, Louis 

Hoyer, John 

Hughes, Charles 

Huizinga, Harry 

Huhill, Peter 

Hulse, Judith 

Hultin, Jill 

Hunt Allan 

Hunt, Martin 

Humphrey, George 

Humphrey, Eugene 

Humphrey, Winnifred 

Hunt, Sara 

Hunter, Russell 

Hunter, Margaret 

Hunter, Ruth 

Hutchinson, Richard 

Hyder, Kate 

Ierardo, Domenick 

Ilmet, Ivor 

Infante, Mary Sue 

Ingman, Stan 

Inman, Marjorie 

Irish, Wilmot W. 

Irvine, Lynn Jr. 

Irving, Brian 

Ives, John 

Ivry, Barbara 

Izzo, Donato Maria 

Jackson, Joseph 

Jackson, Melvin 

Jacobs, Martin 

Jacobs, Susan 

Jacobson, David 

Jaffe, Marten 

Jalai, Mehrdad 

James, Susan 

James, Byron 

Jannke, Paul 

Jarmoc, Edwin 

Jenkins, G. Franklin 

Jennings, Walter 

Jensen, Robert 

Jewart, Russell 

Jodaitis, Peter 

Johnson, Claude 

Johnson, Henry 

Johnson, James 

Johnson, Jean Ellen 

Johnson, Louise 

Jolie, Norman 

Johnston, James Richard 

Jones, Ellen S. 

Jones, J. S. Peter 

Jones, Robert S. 

Jones, Rodney R. 

Jones, Thomas Evan 

Jordan, Ann 

Jordan, Dr. Gary 

Jordan, Neal 

Jordan, Ronald Joseph 

Jordon, Vera 

Jorgens, jack 

Katz, Alfred 

Kaehrle, William 

Kahn, Lynda 

Kahn, Michael 

Kaiser, Julian 

Kammer, Harold 

Kanter, Harry 

Kaplan, Frank 

Kapuler, Alan Mitchell 

Kaseman, Charlotte 

Kasperson, Roger 

Katz, Alfred 

Kaufman, Violet 

Kays, John 

Keefe, Josephine 

Klein, Seymour 

Keith, Jean 

Kelley, Francis 

Keller, Frank 

Kellog, Seth 

Kelley, William 

Kelsey, Seth 

Kempel, Leo 

Kendall, John 

Kendrick, John 

Kennedy, Mary Jane 

Kent, Donald 

Kenyon, Alan 

Keough, Frank 

Kevan, Patricia 

Kiley, Robert 

Kidder, Marilyn 

Kidder, Harold 

Killiam, Lewis 

Killory, J.F. 

Kim, Sang-Nam 

King, Allan 

King, Timothy 


Kinney, Jo Ann Smith 


Kinsman, Dave 

Kise, Leonard 

Kistler, J.W. 

Klee, Bruce 

Klein, Norman 

Klepas, Richard Lee 

Kiett, Donald 

Klinck, Ross 

Kline, Ernest 

Kline, Rufus 

Klebanan, Diane 

Klinman, Cynthia 

Kneisel, John 

Knepper, Alvin 

Knightly, Helene 

Knutson, Thomas 

Kochenburger, Ralph 

Koerner, Beverly 

Kohl, Ruth 

Koha, Hahs 

Kolakonski, Donald 

Koller, John 

Kopf, Martin 

Kopp, Thomas 

Korn, Paul 

Kornfeld, Joseph 

Kottman, Barbara Ann 

Kourias, Eustratioos 

Kowalczeuski, Audrzej 

Kozlozeuski, Audrzej 

Kozlowski, Gene Jr. 

Kramer, Harold 

Kranski, Patricia 

Krilov, Arthur 

Kritzman, George 

Kroch, Anthony 

Kroon, Catherine 

Kuck, Julius 

Kuhns, Patricia 

Kuskih, Anton 

Kuypers, Henricus 

Labovitz, Jeffrey Niles 

LaDuke, Jeanne 

Laflin, Jack 

Lafferty, Eugene 

La Gambina, Joseph 

Lahey, Henry 

Lache, Sheldon 

Lally, Elizabeth 

Lamb, Jack 

Lamson, George 

Landry, Eleanore 

Langler, Kenneth 

Lapan, Maureen Dr 

Laplante, Joseph 

Larson, Eric 

Lash, Warren 

Lattok, Agnes 

Lau, Thomas, Dr. 

Lauber, Capt. Robert 

Lauder, Jean 

Lauder, William Jr. 

Laudieri, Mario 

Lawler, Carroll 

Leacock, Seth 

Leaden, Robert 

Leary, James 

Leary, Paul 

Lee, Charles 

Lee, Tu-Lee 

Leese, Jason 

Legg, Bonnie 

Leggett, Dr. John 

Lehan, David 

Lehnert, Oswald 

Leighton, Helene 

Leland, Capt. David 

Leonard, Edward 

Leston, Dennis 

Levcowich, Tatiana 

Levenson, Rosaline 

Levenstein, Charles 

Levi, David Michael 

Levin, Edward 

Levine, Howard 

Levit, Donald 

Leonard, Donald 

Lerner, Irving 

Lerner, Max 

LeRoy, John B. 

Levit, Donald 

Devy, Burton 

Levy, Claude 

Lewandowski, F. H. 

Lewis, Phyllis 

Lewis, Robert 

Lewis, Theodore Jr. 

Leyser, Frederic 

Li, Shu Tung 

Lien, Charles 

Lietre, John 

Light, Robert 

Lillie, Capt. Marvin 

Lindgren, Allen 

Lindley, James 

Linke, Eugene 

Lippincott, Barbara 

Liss, Alan 

Listro, John 

Little, Dr. Virginia 

Littlefield, Neil 

Lockett, Jerry 

Lockwood, Patton 

Loeser, Charles 

Loewy, Arnold 

Loewy, Werner 

Loika, William 

London, Dr. Gardiner 

Londos, Constantine 

Long, Eugene 

Lorenzo, Donald 

Lowenstein, Sophie 

Lovejoy, Frederick 

Lubin, Barry 

Lucas, Jack 

Lucas-Lenard, Jean 

Luciani, Adair 

Machin, David 

Maclennan, Dorothy 

Madden, Gerald 

Manigan, Francis 

Madison, Patricia 

Mahan, Erwin 

Maher, Edward 

Maher, John 

Maier, Hans 

Main, Eleanore 

Maisto, Albert 

Malone, Thomas 

Mamer, John 

Mandel, David 

Mann, Bruce 

Mann, A. I. 

Mann, Wallace 

Manzi, Rita 

Marchok, Ann 

Marcotte, Michael 

Marcotte, Wayne 

Marcus, Maeva 

Maretzki, Thomas 

Markham, Jean 

Marlow, Wilma 

Marshek, Kurt 

Martin, Daniel 

Martin, David 

Mandell, Marion 

Maseda, Maria 

Masek, Karl 

Massion, Charles 

Masso, George 

Matkin, Noel 

Maxwell, James 

Maybury, Catherine 

Maroy, Mara 

McCalister, C. N. Scott 

McCaghy, Charles 

McCan, Margaret 

McCoy, James 

MacLeod, H. Patricia 

McCall, Joan 

McCarthy, Ross 

McClean, Michael 

McConkey, Francis 

McDougall, Edgar 

McEwen, William 

McFee, Wilhemina 

McGillivray, Patrick 

McIntire, Walter 

McKain, Elizabeth 

McKay, James 

McKee, Clyde 

McKee, kathleen 

McKenna, Constance 

McLaughlin, Robert 

McLeavey, Dennis 

McKinnon, Elizabeth 

McLeod, Patricai 

McLoughlin, Michael 

McMann, William 

McNallen, James 

McPherson, Gertrude 

McWilliams, Paul 

Medlinger, Norman 

Meigs, Walter 

Menco, Hans 

Menster, Michael 

Mercer, Emily 

Mercier, Dorothea 

Mermin, Joel 

Merrill, Stephen 

Merritt, Edward 

Merritt, Patricia 

Meskin, Stephen 

Mesnik, Eve 

Messier, Elaine 

Meyer, Joan 

Meyers, Herman 

Michener, Bryan 


Milhench, marian 

Series I Box 6

Miller, Ann 

Miller, Audrey 

Miller, Charles 

Miller, Lawrence 

Miller, Robert 

Minden, Mary 

Minghi, Julian 

Minnum, Edward 

Minutilo, David 

Mirsky, Aron 

Mitchell, John 

Mitterling, Lloyd 

Moeller, Fay 

Moers, Ellen 

Moffatt, David 

Moffett, Russell 

Mohammed, Hamdi 

Molton, Rev. Warren 

Momm, Albert 

Monahan, Audrey 

Monroe, Charles 

Montgomery, James 

Moudy, Harold 

Montgomery, S. John 

Monty, Percy 

Mouty, Joycy 

Moran, Conrad 

Moravcsik, Michael 

Morehead, R. 

Morgan, John 

Morgan, Max 

Morgan, Thomas 

Morrill, Shirley 

Morrison, Thomas 

Morse, Carole 

Motock, Eugenia 

Moulton, Verna 

Moyer, Ralph, Jr. 

Moyle, Wallace 

Mullen, Harry 

Munson, James 

Murphy, William 

Murstein, Dr. Bernard 

Must, Gustav 

Myers, Scott 

Magyvary, Joseph 

Nalwalk, Andrew 

Nash-Adler, Priscilla 

Nason, Doris 

Natterstad, jerry 

Neale, William III 

Neary, Mary 

Neill, Joseph 

Nelson, Allan 

Nelson, Donald 

Nelson, Frederick 

Nelson, Harland 

Nelson, Randolph 

Nelson, Thomas 

Nemarich, Alfred 

Nemergut, Paul Jr. 

Neves, Anthony 

Neville, Margaret 

Neville, Richard 

Neville, Robert 

Newcomb, Bradley 

Nicholson, Clara 

Niculescu, Vasiu 

Nielsen, Robert 

Nienstadt, Helmut 

Nofstker, Elizabeth 

Nolan, Michael 

Noll, Charles 

Norman, Richard 

Northern, Tamara 

Norton, Mary 

Nowotny, Hans 

Noyes, Julie 

Nutting, Bradley 

O'Brien, Rev. James 

O'Connell, William Jr. 

O'Connor, Rose Marie 

O'Donnell, Stephen 

O'Malley, Thomas 

Oestreich, Herbert 

Ohrall, Richard 

Oldenguist, Andrew 

Olderman, Raymond 

Oliver, Janet 

Olsen, Clarence 

Olson, Philip 

Olson, Owen 

O'Niell, Margaret 

Onjeme, Andrew 

Onkeliny, Claude 

Orensteen, Roger 

Orenstein, Harold 

Orr, Harry 

Orth, Paul 

Osborn, Grant 

Osborne, Richard 

Osgood, Lawrence 

Oshinsky, Leonard 

Ossen, Jeffrey 

Outersun, William 

Overton, Paul 

Owen, John 

Oxley, Leo 

Packer, Giles 

Padovano, Anthony 

Page, Joanna 

Palazotto, Anthony 

Palmer, Myrtle 

Palmer, Priscilla 

Paolino, Ronald 

Paone, Arthur 

Papeika, Janice 

Parker, Donald 

Papaconstantino, John 

Paris, Duv 

Parles, Carolyn 

Parton, Charles 

Patterson, Margaretta 

Patty, Delbert 

Pauli, Kenneth 

Paulsen, Frank 

Paulsen, Wolfgang 

Paulson, David 

Paulson, Morton 

Paulus, Dieter 

Payne, David 

Pearson, Richard 

Pease, Donald 

Peck, James 

Perret, Charles 

Perez, Carlos 

Perkins, Ruth 

Perlman, Charles 

Perna, Angelo 

Perregaux, Paul 

Perry, Herbert 

Perry, Shirley, Joyce 

Peters, Freda 

Peters, Leonard 

Peterson, H. Leroy 

Peterson, Ralph 

Peterson, Mayfield 

Petro, Dominic 

Petro, Stephen Jr. 

Phelan, Mary 

Phillips, John 

Phillips, Leigh 

Phillips, Richard 

Phillips, Thomas II 

Pichetti, B. W. 

Piland, Richard 

Pillai, N. Narayanu 

Pinsky, David 

Plastridge, Wayne 

Plumb, John 

Pocius Felix 

Poirier, Dr. Paul 

Polatnick, Jacob 

Pullak, Otto 

Pulonsky, Michael 

Pomeroy, James 

Ponasse-Lorris, Robert 

Pool, Daniel 

Pope, William 

Potgreter, Martha 

Potter, Capt. Frederick 

Potter, Robert 

Potz, Sgt. David 

Poners, michael 

Prakash, Inderjit 

Prasuhn, Alan 

Prior, George 

Pritzkau, Philo 

Prufumieri, Pierluigi 

Prothro, (Watts), Johnie 

Putzkel, Dr Max 


Qadir, Abdul 

Series I Box 7

Quade, Albert 

Quina, James, Brian 

Raab, Allen 

Radigan, Patricia 

Raffa, Joyce 

Rahn, Perry 

Raine, Brenda 

Rainford, Dorothy 

Ralson, Valery 

Ramanauskas, Sigita 

Ramanjaneya, G S. 

Ramberg, Hans 

Randolph, Dr W. Alan 

Rangel, Vicente 

Ranker, H. Joseph 

Ransom, Dr. Philip 

Rao, K Venkateswata 

Rathgeber, Susan 

Raymond, Elaine 

Razim, Shmuel 

Rea, R J 

Recht, Michael 

Reed, Diane Prezkop 

Reed, Roland 

Reed, William Jr. 

Reese, Christine 

Reeves, John 

Reffner, John 

Reich, Dr Alan 

Reid, Parlane 

Reilley, Robert 

Reilly, William Robert 

Reinfrank, Ralph 

Reis, Robert 

Resnick, Barbara 

Reynolds, Beatrice 

Reynolds, Charles 

Reynolds, Maureen 

Rice, David 

Rice, Edmund 

Rich, Anne 

Richard, Clyde, Jr. 

Richards, John 

Rick, Margaret 

Riihmaki, Barbara 

Rinaudo, Peter 

Rippey, Robert 

Rhodes, Richard II 

Rhomberg, Rudolf 

Rich, Louis 

Rigrodsky, Seymour 

Robarts, James 

Roberts, Helen 

Robertson, Paul 

Robin, Richard 

Robinson, George 

Robinson, John 

Robinson, Leonard 

Robinson, Patricia 

Robinson, William III 

Rodis, Nicholas 

Rodowskas, Christopher 

Rogers, Malcolm 

Rogge, Elizabeth 

Rollins, George 

Roman, Victor 

Ronfeld, Robert 

Rooney, Geraldine 

Rose, Benita 

Rosenbauer, Wallace 

Rosenwasser, Marie 

Roser, Albrecht 

Rosiene, Alan 

Rosini, Lawrence 

Rosinski, Edwin 

Ross, Calvin 

Ross, Raymund 

Ross, Samie 

Rottenberg, Daniel 

Rothenberg, Albert 

Roufosse, Theodore 

Roupas, Theodore 

Rouse, Jeanne 

Rousseau, Joseph Jr. 

Rowe, Edward 

Rowe, H. Gerard, Jr. 

Rowe, Lloyd 

Roy, Rob 

Rubin, Ben 

Rubins, Edward 

Ruegg, Alan 

Russo, Richard 

Ruth, Sara 

Rutigliano, Sam 

Ryan, Carolyn 

Ryan, Judith 

Sabino, Donald 

Sakuda, James 

Salas, Satunino 

Saler, Benson 

Salmon, E Dwight 

Sampson, Ronald 

Samuelson, H. 

Samuels, Joseph 

Sarenski, Joseph 

Saver, Ferdinand 

Sawick, Stanley 

Sawyer, Elizabeth 

Sawyer, Herbert Jr. 

Saxon, Arthur 

Scar, Janice 

Schaefer, Ronald 

Schattschneider, E. E. 

Scheidegger, Kenneth 

Schendel, Dr. Harold 

Schimph, William 

Schloss, Christine 

Schmidt, Herman 

Schoeplein, Kay 

Schramm, Rogert J. Jr. 

Schrueder, Edwin 

Schulze, Richard 

Schubert, Marcelle 

Schuck, Robert 

Schulze, Else 

Schuster, John 

Schwartz, Ruta 

Schwartzbach, Irving 

Schwink, Ilse 

Scory, Jane 

Scribner, William 

Scrivener, Wayne 

Seacrist, Joseph 

Sedlock, James 

Seagrave, Richard 

Seaver, Stanley 

Sechrist, Glenn 

Seely, Samuel 

Segroves, Kenneth 

Sekanovich, Daniel 

Selcow, Jay 

Setlow, Peter 

Selya, Roger 

Sendich, Munir 

Seretny, Linda 

Serota, Daniel 

Sespariak, Lawrence 

Shabel, Fred 

Shafer, nelson 

Shapiro, Herman 

Sharma, Nyantara 

Shay, Barbara 

Shea, Craig 

Shea Thomas 

Shedletsky, Leonard 

Sheehan, Bernard 

Sheehan, Kenneth 

Sheehan, T. Joseph. 

Shelly, Eugene 

Shepard, Julia 

Sherry, William 

Shire, Steven 

Shreve, Warren 

Shipman, Carol 

Shteyer, Arie 

Shure, Robert 

Siclari, Louis 

Sidman, Robert 

Silverman, Gerald 

Silvers, Ronald 

Simmons, James 

Simon, Michael 

Simonson, Heather 

Sinclair, Keith 

Sisca, Joseph 

Sistare, Willard 

Skipper, James 

Skribanowitz, Peter 

Slater, Paul 

Slowinski, Emil Jr. 

Slysz, William 

Small, Audrey 

Small, Donald 


Small, Norman 

Series I Box 8

Smith, Allan 

Smith, Clifford Jr. 

Smith, Daniel 

Smith, Douglas 

Smith, Ella 

Smith, Fred 

Smith, Gay 

Smith, Hugh 

Smith, Jerome 

Smith, Joan 

Smith, Maj. Linwood 

Smith Mary 

Smith, Paul 

Smith, Robert F. 

Smith, Robert S. 

Smith, Ruth 

Smith, Sidney 

Smith, Stanley 

Smith, Virginia 

Smith, William III 

Smolen, Joseph 

Sneideman, Harvey 

Snodgrass, R. J. 

Snyder, Eugene 

Snyder, Mary Ellen 

Snyder, Patricia 

Sofios, Nicholas 

Soifer, Arian 

Solomon, Morris 

Solomon, Stuart 

Song, J. A. 

Soulos, George 

Spann, Marcella 

Spaulding, Kenneth 

Spence, John Charles 

Spencer, Vivian 

Spengemann, Dr. William 

Speyer, Joseph 

Spitzer, Murray 

Squires, John 

Srivastava, Muni 

Staffen, Patricia 

Stage, Gerald 

Stanley, Eugene 

Stark, John 

Stasunias, Casey 

Stauvovsky, Linda 

Steck, Robert 

Steele, Karen 

Steinberger, Clarence 

Steinmann, John Francis 

Stenzel, Bonnie 

Stephan, Erich 

Stephens, G. Ross 

Stephenson, Lois 

Stepita-Klauco, Matej 

Stern, Jean 

Stern, Robert 

Stether, Henry 

Stevens, Barbara 

Stevens, Seth 

Stevick, Philip 

Stewart, Donald 

Stewart, Kenneth 

Stinchfield, Dr. Raymond 

Stinson, John Jr. 

Stires, Lloyd 

Stockwell, Dr. Edward 

Stoffel, Ronald 

Stolman, Deenah 

Stone, Sayard 

Stoughton, Robert 

Stoy, Robert Jr. 

Strand, Gerald 

Stratford, Eugene 

Strauss, Manuel 

Strauser, Richard 

Taylor, Clifford 

Taylor, Cynthia 

Taylor, Delores 

Taylor, Richard 

Raylor, Thomas 

Taylor, William 

Teasdale, Barbara 

Tewksbury, L. Blaire 

Tenney, Henry 

Thiebaux, H. Jean 

Thomas, Dr. Anthony 

Thomas, Daniel 

Thompson, Diane 

Thompson, Francis 

Thompson, George 

Thompson, Wendell 

Tetreault, Alice 

Thomas, Hugo 

Thoms, Richard 

Thorkelson, John 

Thurston, Robert 

Tichovskis, Heronims 

Timoschenko, Gregory 

Tingley, Katherine 

Tippy, Kenneth 

Todd, Christopher 

Toedt, Theodore 

Tong, Mary 

Toniolo, Giovanni 

Torgerson, Harold 

Torpay, Judith 

Totolis, Barbara 

Toutellot, Gair 

Trachtenberg, Stanley 

Tracy, Derrick 

Trail, John 

Trask, Owen 

Trautwein, Gerhard 

Trench, John 

Tipp, John 

Troiano, Robert 

Trovern-Trend, John 

True, Nancy 

Tryon, Ames Fox 

Tucci, George 

Tufts, Margaret Anne 

Tumavicus, J. W. 

Turcotte, Robert 

Turner, Milton 

Turner, Natalie 

Tuthill, lt. Gordon 

Twombly, Robert 

Underwood, Larry 

Unkel, Esther 

Uzoaru, Benjamin 

Vagell, John 

Waddell, Fred 

Wadsworth, Dwight 

Waggoner, Neva 

Walker, Colleen 

Walker, Florence 

Walsh, Robert 

Walter, Ronald 

Wampler, Eugene 

Wanat, helen 

Wandersee, Edward 

Ward, Vincent 

Wardwell, Douglas 

Warner, Percy III 

Warren, Alvin 

Watt, Richard 

Wenver, Edwin 

Weber, Robert 

Weckstein, Donald 

Wedberg, Stanley 

Weinberg, Sanford 

Weinstein, Sam 

Weinsberg, Fromu 

Seiss, Richard 

Weller, Leonard 

Wellwood, Arnold 

Welch, Betty Slocombs 

Welch, Stephen 

Wenus, Rosalio 

Werboff, Jack 

Whang, Robert 

Wheller, William 

Whitacre, W. 

White, Edward 

White, James, Leigh 

White, Warren 

Witney, Mary 

Whittaker, Frederick 

Wickney, Rugh 

Widmoyer, Fred 

Wiggins, William 

Wignall, David 

Wigton, George 

Wilcox, Howard 

Wilding, John Wilkes, Daniel 

Willete, Robert 

Williams, Carolyn 

Williams, Clarence 

Williams, Edward 

Williams, Henry 

Williams, Joan Dr. 

Williams, Robert 

Williams, Walter 

Wills, Franklin 

Wilson, Barry 

Wilson, Constance 

Wilson, Col. Franklin 

Wilson, Gary 


Wilson, M. Glen 


Wilson, John Oliver 

Wilson, Dr. Marian 

Wilson, Martha 

Wilson, O. Meredith 

Winters, Hilda Glasgow 

Wipfler, Heinz Carl 

Wise, Col. John 

Wogan, Michael 

Wolfe, Dale 

Wolfson, Iris 

Wolkonski, Rochelle 

Wood, Charlotte 

Wood, David 

Wood, J. Stuart 

Woodhull, George 

Wootton, Dorothy 

Wortman, Robert 

Wosenski, Fredrick 

Wright, Gene 

Wright, Phillip 

Wu, Henry 

Wverth, Dieter 

Wulf, Ronald 

Wyman, Edgar 

Yarbrough, Jean 

Young, Andrew 

Young, Robert 

Yost, S. William 

Young, C. Gilbert 

Younger, Jean 

Zebian, George 

Zorski, Henry K. 

Zoukis, Christo 

Zuboff, Arnold 

Zurier, Robert 

Zwerling, Stephen 

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Series VII: Morgue Files 1963-1984 



Series I Box 10

American Association of University Women 

Association of Governing Board of Universities and Colleges 

Boys and Girls State, 1967-1981 

College of the Virgin Islands 

Constitution Oak 

Council on Human Rights and Opportunities 

Energy crisis 

Hampton Institute Exchange Program 

Hurricane Belle 

UConn inauguration 

Merger, 1979 UB and UC 

Miss Connecticut 

UConn news clips 

Occasional papers 

Orientation for UConn employee 

Patricio, Rui, 1970 


Permanent Commission on the Status of Women 

Power outage 

Radiation, 1974-1975 

Selective service; draft 

Slaying victim, Paul Klein 

Storrs shopping center 

Swan Lake 

Teaching and Learning Committee 

Rocco Testa Case 

United State Information Agency 

University reorganization and development 

University of Bridgeport 

Vice Presidents, UConn 

Visiting Lecturers 

Visiting professors 

Water problems 


Weatherley slaying, 1969-1970 

Wellness center 

Winter, 1977-1978 

UConn Foundation, 1968-1979 

UConn Foundation Intern Program 

Alumni Association, 1971-1979 

Alumni Association; Annual Alumni Day 

Alumni Association; Connecticut Day 


Alumni Scholarships 

Series I Box 11

Outreach Program 

Faculty housing 

Faculty, promotions of 

Faculty/Staff Assistance Program 

University professors 

Toward an Allied Health Career Today (TAConnecticut) 

School of Business Administration 

Center for Real Estate and Urban Economic Studies, 1977-1979 

Center for Insurance Education and Research, 1968-1979 

Seminar on property and casualty insurance, School of Insurance 

Stamford MBA Program 

School of Education 

Sports and Leisure Studies, 1968-1979 

Reading-Language Arts Center 

Northeast Community Education Center, 1975-1978 

Henry Barnard Visiting Fellows 

Gentry School of Education Building Dedication 

Center for Open Education 


Adult Basic Education Institute 


School of Engineering 

Series I Box 12

American Society of Civil Engineers,  Connecticut section 

Fairfield University, School of Engineering, Arts-Engineering Program 

Civil Engineering, 1968-1979 

Civil Engineering reports 

School of Family Studies, 1968-1979 

School of Fine Arts, 1975-1978 

New England String Quartet, 1980 

New England String Quartet, 1974-1979 

Laurel String Quartet 

Connecticut Yankee Marching Arts Workshop 

Puppeteers of America Festival, 1970 August 16 - 21 

Nutmeg Summer Playhouse, 1977-1979 

Graduate School degrees, 1977 

Graduate School degrees, 1978 

Graduate education and research, U.S. Dept. of Health and Human Services: grants 


Ford Foundation Grant 

Series I Box 13

Eastman Kodak Company Grant 

Graduate education and research, Connecticut Research Commission Grant 

Graduate education and research, 1968-1975 

Graduate education and research: corrections program 

Health Center 

Visiting professors 

Legionnaire's disease research, 1976-1977 


School of Law 

Tiernan case 

Legal realist 

Moot court competition 

Law review, 1968-1975 

Legal clinic, 1976-1979 

Regional campuses 


Avery Point, 1965-1967 

Series I Box 13

Avery Point, 1968-1979 


Stamford, 1963-1976 

Series I Box 14

College of Liberal Arts and Sciences Chemistry, 1963-1979 

American Cyanamid lectures, 

Requests for English majors booklet 

English 101 

Foreign language-Romance & Classical Languages, 1968-1979 

National defense 

Pershing Rifles 

Military Day 

Air Force ROTC 

Center for Slavic and East European Studies, 1976-1979 

Center for Italian Studies 

Sociology, 1968-1979 

Urban semester 


School of Nursing 


School of Pharmacy, 1973-1976 

School of Social Work, 1968-1977 

Center for Human Resource Planning and Utilization 

LSD research 

Psychology building 

International Cheerleading Foundation 

Summer jazz clinic 

Courses by newspaper 

Connecticut State Labor Council, AFL-CIO 

Connecticut State Employee Association, CSEA conference 

International Association of Machinists Leadership School 

Graduate Engineering Program 

New England Training Center for the Deaf 

Institute of Public Service, 1975-1977 

Connecticut Government /IPS Newsletters 

Connecticut Town and City Finance Personnel Conference 

Development Administrators Training Program, 1974 

Development Administrators Training Program, 1976 

Grand List and tax rates 


News briefs, 1976-1978 

Series I Box 16

News sources directory, 1976-1977 

News sources, 1974-1975 

News sources directory, 1972-1973 

News sources, 1970-1971 

Public Service, Institute of 

Reorganization of Public Information Office, 1974 





Social Sciences Data Center 

Social Work, School of 

Society for Cross Cultural research 

State colleges 

State scene 

Story leads: press tour, 1966 -1980 September 



General Assembly Pre-session Legislators Conference 

Series I Box 17

Housing Code Administration Conference 

Municipal Training Program 

School for Connecticut town clerks 

Ski slope 

Student affairs and services: registrar's office, 1970-1976 

Student Commissaries, Department of 

Lester Shippee hall 

Harriet Stowe dormitory, 1979 

Student affairs & services: Student Facilities Task Force report 

Student leaves 

United Towers Organization (UTO) 

Amateur Radio Club, WILXV 

Blue Bike Program 

Commuters' Union 


College Bound Day 

Campus community carnival 

CONTAC Black Student Magazine 


Marijuana, 1977 

National defense training: military ball 

New England Minority Women Administrators (NEMWRA) 

Outmates, Inc. 

Pakistan Society of Connecticut 

Parachute club 

Students plant-in 

Puerto Rican Student Movement (PRSM) 

Racism on campus 


Renaissance Fair 

UConn Ski Racing club 

General note



Awards and Scholarships 

Series I Box 18

Inter-racial Scholarship Fund of W. Hartford 

William Kinnard, Jr. Scholarship 

Phillip Lauter Foundation Scholarship 

John Livieri Memorial Scholarship Fund 

Joseph Loughlin Memorial Scholarship 

Mansfield Volunteer Association Scholarship 

Sears & Roebuck Foundation 

WILI Scholarship 

Walter Williams Scholarship Fund 

Presidential Scholars 

Honors Program, 1964-1979 

Alpha Epsilon Phi 

Alpha Zeta Omega Fraternity 

Archons Honorary Society for Men, 

Beta Alpha Psi 

Chi Epsilon, National Civil Engineering Honorary Society 

Beta Sigma Gamma Fraternity 

Eta Kappa Nu, Honorary Electrical Engineering Society 

Kappa Delta Pi, honorary fraternity 

Kappa Kappa Psi 

Mortar Board, 

Phi Kappa Phi 1968-1979 

Phi Lambda Upsilon 

Phi Kappa Tau 

Pi Sigma Alpha 

Phi Sigma Delta 

Phi Sigma Kappa 

Pi Tau Sigma, honorary Mechanical Engineering Fraternity 

Sigma Pi Sigma 

Sigma Theta Tau 

TKE Chi Phi Fraternity 

Tau Delta Sigma 

Jorgensen Auditorium, 1979 

NERAC, 1968-1977 

Women's Center, 1975-1979 



Alumni office 

Series I Box 19

American Can Co.,  UConn Foundation 

Commencement degree list, 1985 

Catalog requests 

3 Cen. Speakers Centennial File, 1980-1981 

Centennial celebration 

Annual Report, university 

Annual Report, 1981 

Annual Report, 1983 

Annual Report to Governer 

Athletics, Division of 

Black Studies 

Board of Governors 

Board of Higher Education 

Board of Higher Education (cont.) 

Bachelor of General Studies 

Bakke case 

Ernest Boyer 

UConn briefs 

Business Administration, School of 

Civic Center roof collapse 

Collective bargaining 

Blanche Collins 

Commencement, 1983 


Commencement press materials, 1983 

Series I Box 20

Commencement, 1985 

Coordinating council 

Connecticut Public TV 

Connecticut Magazine 


Economic Development, State Dept. of 

Senior Development staff 

Development Committee staff, 

Editorial Review & Assignment Board 

Fact Digest, 1977 

Fact Digest, 1978 

Fact Digest, 1979, 1980-1981 

Fact Digest, 1981 

Fact Digest, 1982 

Fact Digest, 1983-1984 

Financial Aid letter 

Food services 

Higher Education, Commission on 

Historical report 

In Service training 

Inner college 


Inauguration, John DiBiaggio 

Laurel Club 

Legislature, State of Connecticut 

Maps, UConn 

Massachusetts, University of 

National Womens Studies Association 

New England Board of Higher Education 


Marine Science Institute, 1968-1974 

Series I Box 21

Institute of Water Resources, 1971-1974 

Institute of Material Science, 1968-1974 

Institute of Material Science, 1975-1979 

Yearender's, 1967-1976 

Yearender's, 1977 

Yearender's, 1978 

Yearender's, 1979 

Yearender's, 1975-1976 

Dean's List 

Dean's List, 1976 

Dean's List, 1977 

Dean's List, 1978, Spring 


Dean's List, 1979 

Series I Box 22

Dean's List, 1979, Spring 

Dean's List, 1980 

Dean's List, 1980, Spring 

Dean's List, 1981 

Dean's List, 1982 

Dean's List, 1982, Fall 

Dean's List, 1982, Spring 

Dean's List, 1983 

Dean's List, 1983, Fall 

Dean's List, 1984 



Series I Box 23


University Senate, 1984-1985 

Capital Press Room reporters, list of 

New England Society of Newspaper Editors 

Student Welfare Committee 

Division of Housing and Food Services 


Student Union 

Series I Box 23

Technical Service Center 

The 3 R's 

SB 842 - tuition, 1981 

University Senate, 1974-1976 

University of Connecticut Foundation 

University Patents, Inc. 


Publications Department 

Faculty tenure 

Urban Semester 

Urban Academy 

Urban Semester 

Urban Studies, Institute of 


Veterinary School Proposal 

Video III, 1981 

Water Resources, Institute of 

Year End Round Up 

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Series VIII: University Presidents undated, 1935-1973 


Albert Jorgensen 

Series I Box 24

Biography   (2 folders)

Commencement Address 

Convocation: 25th Anniversary 

Correspondence   (2 folders)

News releases   (2 folders)

Presidency, 1935-1946 

Presidency, 1956-1957 

Welcome messages 

Homer Babbidge 

Advisory Committee on Physically Handicapped 

Annual report 

Babbidge, Homer   (6 folders)

Babbidge, Homer, 1962-1963 

Babbidge, Homer, 1973 



Commission on University Governance 

Series I Box 25

Committee on Long-Range Growth 

Easter Egg hunt 

Lecture series 

Letters, 1963 

Long-Range Finance Planning Committee 


Presidential Search Advisory Committee 

Press tours 


Retirement   (2 folders)

Speeches, 1962-1963   (2 folders)

Speeches, 1964-1966   (2 folders)

Speeches, 1967-1969 

Speeches, 1970-1972 

UConn Under Babbidge 

United Nations Day 

Views on UConn 

Weekly calendar 

Glenn Ferguson 

Ferguson, Glenn W.,   (4 folders)

Ferguson, Patricia 

Newsclip File 



Series I Box 26



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